Xanadu is White Bread dad, i'm bisexual

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  • I don't think we are supposed to post links in the outbox chat so here feralfront.com/thread/2604715-chatting-about-tatting/
  • Hello there
  • hey
  • This just in; This Xan is my Xan and I love her very much. Also, if I see anything nice and shiny and pretty, I'm buying it. Because shiny.
  • This Xan is the most lovely and adorable Xan to ever Xan. Praise Xan for her lovable Xaniness. Hurt this Xan and face my wrath.
  • I have a question,do my replies go through or do I have to bump them every time? Because I know sometimes they don't go through XD
  • You been hit by
    You been struck by
    A smooth criminal
  • Ello, do I need to bump the threads
  • Hiya
  • Seeeeennnpppaaaiii doth thou haveth discord
  • Is thou alive
  • Hey there owo
    Since all the threads are dying out, would you be interested in doing a private rp with me?
    • Honestly depends on the topic, because I'm super picky. X3
    • X3
      Did you watch 'The Oasis'? Because if ha did maybe we could plot something along those lines? If not you can pick. Im down for anything actually. Jut not video games please. I'm a noob at video games D
    • I don't really watch TV much. The most I really watch is YouTube. I have literally no muse, so you probably don't want me planning a thread tbh.
    • XD it's okay. I just watched it today, it's about VR. Watch the trailer and you'll get kinda the gist of it. If not you choose something. I'm down for literally anything.
    • We could do kind of a Warriors thing, if you'd be into that.
  • omg my sims mobile is broken becuase my dan and hil sims were ab e to have a aby and i name it dil
  • Hey everything okay It aseems everytime I ask about starting an rp with you you leave or quite responding. Did I do somethign to you or are you busy if your busy send me a response on pm
  • hi xan feeling better
  • Xan post?
  • I just sent you the link to the thread . Viper or whichever the other human you have would be the human raised by faires youd of cours e be playing your bae jaundissimo and ill be playing cupid. Y ou cold make callie the human if you want. Im also playing goldie babe as the other who isnt human but looks liek it. the pair are tasked with trainging them to be fairy god parents becuase Juandissimo was a good fairy god parents and cupid ecuase he only does one thing ayear and unlike easter ande christmas that have big presents and a massive amount of people to deal with he has not much to do with his army of cherubs doign kost of the hard work.
  • Legs legs whats on the menu legs legs whats on the menu legs lol also Wanted ot tell ya tomorrow Ima e dressing up as jaundissimo like you wanted.
  • I just read vipers bio and oh my God he is cute not to mention perfect but didn't you tell me he was a hermaphrodite that makes me 10 times more adorable I'm so course you're not going for the literal meaning and and are going for the realistic scientific 1 in which case he is still slightly more durable than before we must plot with Viper now that is if you want to or we could have been or whatever the name of your other guy is to really want to part with you and this time it won't be Phan septiplier unless you want it that way
  • Are you busy right now or am I being a bother Reno because I saw your Instagram and nearly died of Happy because of your cat and you that legs they've had me cracking up too hard I almost fell
  • Lol i didn't expect jem to kiss ty like that in their thread, anyway how's life
  • Are you okay please tell me you were not part of that group yesterday if you want please respond to this I am worried sick about you
    • I wasn't, don't worry. I'm alive.
    • Oh thank God I'm glad what part of it shooting group I was scared to death that I've lost my buddy do you want to play
    • Can we RP I miss you


  • *pops up dancing*
    How u r?
  • So, I posted an idea on viper and Caspian thread
  • Xan babe can we rp im ored af
  • Xan babe can we rp
  • Throws kittes and trashcans at Xan I miss you could you lease pos tin our thread please I nee dyour aweness and besides dyler phan and jeo Phil not ot mention I thoguht to add Tiny! Dan
  • You have a cult for Styxx so I think you are more likely to take over the world XD
  • Hey Xan how ar eyou doing wanna get back to the dyler