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  • may the gods smile upon feralfront
  • okay dang i left and feralfront got big and ugly that's cool i guess?
  • hey milkyy why are u so cool and also handsome
    • idk i'm just naturally great and also amazing B^)
    • milkyy why are you a dweeb
    • oh i don't know rebs, but you sure are cool and shizz. why, thank you milkyy! it's always nice to hear words of kindness from my followers. <3
    • "...krod, are they crazy?"
      "I think so, but don't stare krod, its not polite."
  • hilow
  • day 1056: my profile no longer says i am female, i pray to the feralfront gods now
  • w hee ze
    • do you need assistance
    • not anymore. weird experience with sugar dont ask
    • sounds fun
  • day 234: my account still says i am female, i still want to die
  • hey I haven't seen you in a while. hope you're doing okay. <3
    • just dying lmao
      i've been busy since its like the last two months of school before graduation
      plus depression
    • i hope things get better for you
    • thanks bb <3
  • abeeeel it's rebs i need your help. can you add a white background to my avatar? i had to resize it so here's the image
    • the link is broke :(
    • okay hold on lemme see what i can do.
      edit;; try this.
      double edit;; wait no not that hold on
      triple edit rip;; this one.
    • i don't have my software on my school computer and i can't access imgur so i'll have to do this when i get home just a heads up -_____________________-
    • that's cool. ^.^
    • ALSO. are the sketches in your art shop free cause I'm thinking about requesting something. I mean it says it's free i think but i'm easily confused.
  • Hey you're gay and I love you. Don't make me kick u off this site young man.
  • If you do something s weird way does that make it the Milky Way
    • ew it's Kody
    • yes you're correct
      my way or the highway, kiddo
  • @staff
    fix my got dam profile i ain't female what da hell
  • snuff
  • //whispers
    go look at that Friends ?? post, your recent post
    might want to edit that Cx
    • welcome to the movie crew
      here you can get LAID
      i'm kms
    • i am EFFIN DYING
  • someone looks up to you
    dont cha feel all fuzzy and warm inside
    • very
      but only bc i hate myself
      makes me feel mcspecial inside my mcheart
    • no dont hate yourself youre an awesome person.
    • psshhh... yeah Right
    • milkyyyy lemme love u
    • //opens arms
      bring the Love
  • ay
    are you gonna make the movie thread yet??
    i've been dying to do so
  • //rubs self all over ur wall :u
    • aww i just cleaned that
    • 2 bad so sad
    • now you're gonna clean it u fart
    • ugh fine
      //grabs blow torch
      //i mean grabs cleaning supplies
    • i've got my eye on you, buttmuncher
  • my profile says im female and i cant change it i hate my life