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  • Hey! I saw that you liked my post for my Pokemon RP thread. I was wondering if you wanted to RP, I could make a new thread for the two of us to do something based on that idea.
    • Yeah, but I wouldn't mind if the roles were switched (I being a gym leader and you being the traveling trainer) or we could do something else. How about we discuss in PMs?
  • Heads up. I'm making threads based off of certain plots by others involving supernaturals and I'll be tagging you.
  • You get my tag for a plotting corner?
  • Bump, yerself. And my latest idea can involve a young woman observing a supernatural creature.
  • Do you like RWBY??
    • ...
    • I was just curious since your user name has "White Fang" in it. :0
    • I made this account back when the website was WCRPG. And I do know RWBY, but I haven't watched it in a long while.
  • Hey, would you want to private rp with me at some time?
    • Sure. What would it be about?
      (I don't mind something like the Campania arc from BB)
    • Thats for us to plot. TO THE COMVERSATIONS
  • Thank you for the like ^^
  • Anybody like Scott Pilgrim vs The World?
    Just asking~
    • I've never seen it myself, but my friend will let me read his graphic novel on it.
      This whole thing has a graphic novel, a movie, and a game.
    • did you just start a conversation with yourself?
    • ...
    • ...
      I'm saying things.
      btw, favorite ost of Persona 5?
    • Life Will Change is my favorite.