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  • *peeks up* owo so what kind of RPs do you do Casph?
  • you okay hon? i'm just the concerned friend, not trying to push you into anything! i don't want to come across as bossy ^^;;
  • Maybe we could make a new one? ?
  • Hey. So I can't get onto our thread because the site is being a biotch to me. So here; ;

    ​Alex was silent, letting him relax as he let his own thoughts distract him from their situation.

    Marle made a gentle noise in agreement to his words, bending his head to kiss his ear before silently slipping out from under Orion and headed for the front of the cabin. He needed a little fresh air, and a walk could do him well.

    Alex eased into silence as his father left, drowning his thoughts with other thoughts.
  • The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars for Ori + Mars/Lo