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The winner of the latest giveaway is: Chara (Undertale)!! Congratulations!

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  • I'm sad Fuel lost almost every single game. :c
    • I have hope for them this stage maybe, with the new coaching staff
    • Yeah. Hopefully.
  • swedish fish ARE the best
    (when it comes to gummies, at least ;-) )
    • i just rlly like swedish fish dude
    • you have good taste
      it's been soo long since I've had them but they are soo guud
  • cha ?? im?? screaming ??
    you own the "housewife radio" character ? ?? ?
    bless u my child
    • yes i do own the bab and am giving her angst but i love her
      thank you mother for the bless
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're an incredible human being! have a nice day!