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  • *actually sobbing* i fOUND THE TOLKIEN FANDOM-
    edit for a teeeeny bit more coherency: HI THERE!!!! i saw your username and nearly lost it, jesus christ i am deeply entrenched in the world of tolkien, it's kind of an obsession???? OOF
    • Hi! It's always so wonderful to meet other Tolkien fans! (Re: others on this site---if you haven't met her already, NotAPebble is also very much into Tolkien, and also pretty great in general.)
    • i've never met her! although i do see her comment on the wall below me :3
  • Wow. Long time no talk. Had a dream last night where I remembered this site and all the RPs I left unfinished and decided it was worth showing back up and trying to resurrect some dead RPs. You down for bringing back wandering souls?
    • Oh! Hi! I'm so sorry; I haven't checked this site in ages and didn't even see this until now. But yes, I'd be completely and totally down for that!
    • Awesome! And no sweat, I’ve been busy with work and haven’t checked for a hot minute either. Lemme see if I can find the actual rp!
  • Hey..don't know if you remember me. We did a thread together back in I think 2014. It was a one on one between my character Aria and your character Matteo. I have been in a writey(not a word, I know) mood lately and I started to write a story that was based on that thread we did. I really liked that thread we did, even though we never finished it, and I wanted to sort of rewrite it in my own way. The first chapter is pretty much done and I was going to go on another site that is for posting stories and writings to get advice and such, but I wanted to ask you something first. Even though it was a while back, you don't mind if I write a story based off of that do you? I'm not using Matteo specifically, but I did use some parts of him like the supernatural part of his backstory and the moving towns for this new male character. I didn't want to claim him as my own since he was based on Matteo, but I wanted to see if that was okay with you?
    Also, I haven't been on this site in...well..a while, and I wanted to get on and maybe talk to some old friends. :)
    • Ah, hello again! Sorry for taking this long to get back to you. You are certainly welcome to write whatever you please; I've used different threads in the past to road-test some story elements, and am always happy to hear that something has proved useful in one way or another.
    • Thank you so much! Matteo's past with supernatural beings always coming after him and his parents inspired me with this new character. I actually finished the first chapter and am about to start writing the second one. If you ever want to read it then just let me know. :)
  • So, what kinds of things do you like to write? ^.^
    • On my own, or on this site?
    • on your own.
    • Prose. Mostly short stories, or scenes from longer pieces, although I'm about halfway through the first draft of a fantasy novel.
    • Sounds fancier than what I do. I just write short stories, poems, sonnets, songs,,