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  • Yo vexxy! sorry to disturb you but i was just going to ask if Feliks could tell Ryu in perhaps a open thread about his contract with Sollux. Me and Yaka have some plots involving that so it would help alot if you wanted to do that ^^ Sol will not found this out until Ryu spill it out to him because draaaama cx
    • Hey Seina, that'd be fine, I might wait a little while for Feliks to confront Ryu about it (not purposefully, I've just had a rough week due to irl stuff ^^;) but I'll be interested to see what goes down when he does spill the beans cx
    • That's totally fine, we can wait for as long as you found necessery c; But once you feel up for it could just send a notice to Yakan so she knows when to look out for that thread.
    • Alright then, cheers c: