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  • <3
  • heeey Minnie! <3
    • heeeeey! Great to hear from you again. <3

      Sorry for going into hibernation. How is everything?
    • everything is dandy! i got lost in the woods the other day so that was wild, took me hours to find my way back. c’: i keep leaving the trails cause i’m a curious moron.

      how’ve you been?
    • oh jesus that sounds terrifying. good thing I never go outside //silent weeping

      i've been keeping myself busy with community theater work, and got a little too invested in it this year. other than that, i'm just glad all the christmas shopping is behind me now, lol.
  • *keeps scooting*
    • *rises from a puddle of goo*

      You dare summon the queen of annual inactivity?
    • i dare o:< you bootiful hooman u
    • aw shucks, you just did a friendly.

      the swamp monster accepts your friendly, and gives you 1 very nice in return.
  • *scootscootscoot*
  • no stop marry me instead why would you do this
  • marry me u lil hoe
    • gladly, I just so happen to be in an open relationship with my anime body pillow.
    • what's the pillow's name
    • Salty Tit
    • bootiful.
  • why do I exist