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  • Oh? A cat as a president would be me of course! *licks butt*
  • Heloooooooooooooooooooooo!*jumps**faceplants**wonders what a cat as a president would be like*
  • (Static) *zzt* *wrrr*... This message may be a bit delayed based on the process in which it was delivered. I am currently lost in space, so all contact to me may get here late or get jumbled about on the way here and just come out static. I don't know when I'll find earth again, but when I do, I'll let you all know. I just wanted to let everyone know this before any confusion arose, and I am deeply sorry for any that may have occurred. Nickeera Foster, signing off... *zzt* *bzz* *wrr* (static)
  • *fades back into existence* *looks around* *sees that Donald Trump is still the president* *fades back out of existence*
  • Sup guys... Feel free to say whatever the f*ck you want on my wall... Just the randomest sh*t... Stuff like that not only makes me laugh but also fuels my crazy brain... SO LET'S BE CRAZY TOGETHER PEOPLE!! LET ALL CRAZY PEOPLE UNITE!!
    • Btw, sorry if the cussing bothers you, but it just helped better get my point acrossed... And if you don't like me cussing then why are you looking at my profile, following me, then posting on my wall? Hmm? XD