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  • Never gonna forget the RPs you've helped me learn to do in the Past. Glad to be back and with my muse once again.
    • I'm so glad you're back, it is good to see you around again :)
    decay i love u with my whole heart
  • /lays here/

    i miss you fam!
    • we totally need to rp again together some time ;0
    • Yesssss! Where you RPing these days?
    • mainly in extended! right now i got three characters who im gonna keep focus on and try to keep it casual
    • Nice! Where in extended are you? I want to stalk all your characters
  • *throws spaghetti*

    Ily slug!!!!
  • hOwteth does know thine title, if ye don't minde'th my askings , m'lady?
    • it's all good, i've just seen you around the site before. though, i can't remember your characters off the top of my head ?
    • Riddle, Ryewhisker, Brook, aaaaanddd Maplefur!!! Oh and also duskfeather but hes kinda dead.
    • Maplefur sounds familiar
    • Dark Clan.
    • Yeah I think I remember seeing them around, but I don't think I had a character at the same time as you
  • //curls up on wall,, comfy
    • *gasps* a wild scar *snaps a photo* beautiful
  • *pokes you*
  • *rolls all over dream's wall*
    ur wall is plain
    — java
    • Ayy what's up
    • Nothing much. Just trying to be active with char's and leading. Hbu?
    • Same. Thinking about brining Kate back but idk. I'm mostly in trad clan now