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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
  • Hey sunni, it's been awhile since we talked! Hope you're doing well ^^
  • hey there!
    • hey! sorry for such a late reply; i almost never check this site
    • hey it's fine
    • hey, do you mind contacting me on discord. i never check this site and it really want to egt back in touch with you. here's my info: Sunni#7335
  • SNRPG just got a bank! I'm so excited! <3
  • I literally cannot find your rp website XD My computer lost the link or something, and Yahoo is no help at all (I would use google, but my computer's weird and insists yahoo... i dunno, halp XD)
  • what the hell
  • if i smiled with my teeth, i bet you believe me. if i smile with my teeth, i think I believe me
  • low-key no pressure. just hang with me and my weather.
  • is your custom title a reference to "carry on"
  • four hundred thirty-four profile hits
    sweet c:
  • hey bud. I was thinking since Denos deactivated the thread and her account, do you know any other Clans we can join and sort of continue on with our characters from SnowClan?
    • I've actually been wanting to make a new Clan; we could put them there!
    • I wish we could, but we've already all moved to OakClan with the characters and the plots a few days ago unfortunately. :(
    • Oh, okay then! I think I'll take my Finchy boo in a different direction.
    • Alrighty. :3 Nyx was actually wondering if it was alright for her character Bluefur and Bulletfire to eventually become mates. Considering you're doing something else with Finchpaw, that would be okay? :)
    • Of course that would be okay! He's your character after all! That actually gives me a plot idea though: Bulletfire is about to propose to Finchpaw when tells him that she's moving Clans to be with a cat who claims to be her family. We could do a private thread for it, if you'd like.
  • Sonive heard about your RP website, are Darclan an Lightclan the only clans in it? Just wondering, because there were no posts in either of them. I joined, and I want to start RPing there real soon!
    • Hey there! Thank you for the joining!

      The site had fallen into a slump, so the old Clans were replaced. The reason why there was no post is simple: there was no one to post in them! Embarrassing, really .3.

      Anyways, now that you've joined roleplay can continue! For a while it was just me!

      I will have guides to both Clans posted shortly!

      Thank you so much for joining and saving my site! ♡
    • haha, np! It looks really cool, and I hope others join soon!
    • Thank you so much! I hope others join as well; I've worked very hard on it!

      For now, the most we can do to attract members is to advertise where possible and tell our friends!
  • Hey. ^^; It's been really quite a while, and I'm not sure if you remember me (I remember you very well...) But I just wanted to check in!
    • Oh my God, Fireblade!!! Jesus, it's been years! How ya been?
    • Indeed! I'm doing pretty good- and you??
    • I'm doing great! I've actually got my own roleplay site going on, so that's pretty fun.

      Anything new with you?
    • Awesome!

      Well, I'm definitely different, and I've changed a lot.

      Unfortunately, I am no longer really into Warrior Cats. I've moved on into other fandoms -anime-
    • So we've both changed? That's good; growth is pretty sweet sometimes.

      I'm not into the books, but I still enjoy the roleplay, if that makes sense cx I'm really into The Walking Dead though!
  • Hey guys, come check out this awesome Clan!
  • //nudges ur sig
    i love you
    i joined your site
    • Hey, thanks boo! That makes me feel real good, ya know! If you need anything in return, message me! I owe ya one, bud! <3
    • no problem. :^)
  • yo sunbab would you be okay if i used heatherheart for a nine lives for snakehiss? i don't know if you still rp her, or if she is dead or...

    just asking, feel free to say no!
  • Fml, this is a roleplaying site, not social media! God, why don't staff ever listen to us?
  • Wtf?!