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  • Hey howdy! Do you think you'll be able to get around to completing your characters on our thread?…-survive-reboot-sign-ups/
  • I LOVE MST3K!!!!!!
    • Ikr! Who's your favorite host?
    • Hmmm....I like Joel, but this new season of MST3K Jonah does a great job (not to mention the references for the new season are more up to date, so I understand them better). But since started it all, I have to say he's my favorite.
    • Yeah, my dad and I started watching them after we ran out of dumb movies ourselves, so he introduced them to me. My favorite was actually the Mike era, though I didn't really like Pearl. (Although I didn't like the mads either.)
      And my dad did have to explain a lot of the references in the older versions, and season 11 definitely has more modern pop culture.
  • ​Oh my gosh XD I cant draw humans. Can you draw my character as a human, with ears and two tails XD?
    • Of course! Any other information you need can be sent via PM, otherwise, I'll get to work!
    • Thank you ! :D
    • Wait, I don't know your character's gender! I've been drawing a guy this whole time!
    • Omg XD she's a girl owo