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    • i’ll check it out!
  • hey, is your profile pic that one fox pic i drew for you forever ago? just curious bc it looks familiar lmao
    • another friend drew it for me i thought ?? although my memory might be mixed up ?? i can ask her later when she wakes up lol.
    • i was looking at your icon and i was like "why... does that look so familiar" so it thought i might ask
    • rip every time i’m on she’s offline. this might take a while.
    • oofie
  • Hey remember me
    I'm trying to be active again but it's so HARD
    • lee oml of course i remember you
      how’ve you been? c:
    • oh pretty decent, working at pizza hut is awesome
      how about you?
    • just helping pay bills lol. i’m gonna be moving somewhere new soon so that’s pretty exciting! then again, there’s the packing/unpacking and i’m definitely not looking forward to that chaos,,
  • REBS
    i lov u
    also congrats on staffness and stuff
    • milkyyyyy i’ve missed you! && thank you !! <33 ily2
    • <3 <3 <3
      i missed you too!! good to talk to you again my friend
  • You're a staff member?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • -pokes head through screen-
    im not stalking you, I'm just asking if you want to do a rp with me?
    -grins and leaves-
    • Yo!
      I’ve lost all my muse to roleplay, I’m sorry. </3
      What kind of rps do you usually do?
  • rolls in here gently
    • eW UNSANITARY >;c
  • sits down aGREssivly
    • aGREssivly offers you frosted tea cakes
    • aGREssivly takes and eats even more aGREssivly
  • I’m headed to Florida for vacation so I won’t be as active for a week, but I’ll still be checking the site every (or every other) night! Feel free to send me a Conversation with any questions or if you wanna chat. c:
    pls i’m a lonely smol
  • Oml you became a staff
    My lil rebs has grown so much since I left ;w;
    • !! Tiny! Omg, how’ve you been ?!
    • Pretty diddly darn fine, I see you're equally so!
  • ily folks 🖤
  • Whoa since when are you a staff member? That's awesome!
    • Hey Lee! It’s been almost a month now, I think? It’s good to see you again!
  • --sets this here-- ▲
    • I have been blessed. o’:
      / pats triangle
  • hi my name is pounce and i endorse this product
  • hi rebs its death from the skycrew discord i've finally come to kill you ;3
    • o heck, what’s up? o: i didn’t know you were on ff !!
    • yea just getting back to using it.
    • cool, welcome back. if you have any questions let me know!
    • ok
  • happy new year everyone !!
  • i cant believe i haven't followed you until now what have i been doing with my life
    • hello my fav triangle
    • hallo : D
      I have becme a new triangle. i am space triangle now
    • you have transcended o: bless u child
  • You had a severe lack of Fenway on your wall so I fixed it.
  • *butt s c o o t s on your wall*
  • what, you egg
  • Hello! 'Tis I, Norn.
    • !! Hey there. <3
  • i think i see a wild rebs huehue
    • h isses and scuttles into the tall grass
    • you will not escape me this time >:00

      / cocks waffle gun and showers you with love and affection
    • / slowly weakens as the aroma of waffles overwhelms me
      / screeches
      / sits and noms the waffles and asks for syrup
    • / gives syrup
      "a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down"
      / stuffs a spoon full of sugar in your face and medicine
  • Rebs is feelin' like a big bang <3
    • <3 are you a fellow Mother Mother fan? o:
      that’s one of my favorite songs!
    • hehe I really like that song! <3 I've only heard one other song by them tbh. Both I found from warriors PMVs months and months ago (as I get most of my fave songs from these days xD) and I adore them both <33
    • here they are if you wanna watch them, but you probably already have xD
    • That’s how I discovered them too! Lemme guess, was it Slip Away?
    • Hey, nice! ;D Little Pistol. The two songs are so different I almost can't believe they're from the same band!
  • <3
  • PSA for my fellow Hamilton trash, the youtuber szin does some hella awesome animatics!
  • who is that? oh, that's just rebs being awesome. B^)
    • who is that? oh, just star being her usual rad self. c;
    • ;))) just us bein super cool.
  • 🐟
    • Quite fishy indeed! o: glub glub
  • lol bree is back hiii
    • omggg waddup ?! I've missed u