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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
    • It does look interesting. Though, could you give me an insight to the plot?
    • Okay! Where to begin...
      Basically, when Flame first arrived at the manor, Ciel didn't know about him. Sebastian and the other servants kept him a secret from Ciel. However, Ciel soon found out. He banished Flame from Phantomhive grounds. Sebastian visited Flame, and Ciel caught him in the act. He punished Sebastian by forcing him to not leave the manor. Ciel got in a bit of trouble, and Flame risked his life to rescue him. However, bound by a promise, he brought Ciel home and left. Where the plot starts, Ciel just sent Sebastian to tell Flame he was allowed to stay at the manor. Flame swore his loyalty, and began his new life as a Phantomhive.
    • Okay cool. Would you want me to play as Ciel or?
    • You can play as Ciel. Just one thing about the relationship between Flame and Ciel: Flame likes Ciel more than Ciel knows. Flame may often suprise Ciel with acts of kindness and loyalty.
    • Also, I think we could use a few OCs
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  • Saw wha tyou put n the chatbox. Just wanted t let ou know tha tyour always welcome to send me a pm if you fel you need it. Goldei babe is here to lsiten
    • Same here Dark, you're not alone in this. Don't give up, you can do this, I know you can.
  • Yo: You gonna join us soon?
  • Yo: You gonna join us soon?
  • *tries to seductively wink* hey there, heard you were lookin for a nerd x cool dudeo rp
  • *raises hand* I'm interested in the criminal living with a random stranger plot. X3
    • Cool!! Basically what I was thinking is said criminal just picks a random house and the occupant (which I kinda wanna play) is like the nicest person ever??
    • Awesome. What type of criminal did you have in mind?
    • Serial killer
    • Hmmm... Alright, I think I have a character for that.
    • Cool. I can make a thread real fast?
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    • do you like the anime kill la kill ?
    • Haven't seen it
    • what have you seen?
    • Black butler, vampire knight, death note, free!, kuroko no basket, please teacher/please twins, chobits