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  • Saw wha tyou put n the chatbox. Just wanted t let ou know tha tyour always welcome to send me a pm if you fel you need it. Goldei babe is here to lsiten
    • Same here Dark, you're not alone in this. Don't give up, you can do this, I know you can.
  • Hey! :3 Would you like to do a roleplay?
    • What kind?
    • Romance? Maybe forbidden romance. And do you roleplay male? I'm not very skilled at those, and if we did rp I would totally blow the muse xD
    • Romance I’m good with. I usually rp females, but I can rp males. It just makes my muse drop a bit faster if the plot doesn’t go on as planned
    • I can't roleplay males for anything lol xD But I'll have to find a good plot then
    • Shall I pm you?
  • Yo: You gonna join us soon?
  • Yo: You gonna join us soon?
  • *tries to seductively wink* hey there, heard you were lookin for a nerd x cool dudeo rp
  • *raises hand* I'm interested in the criminal living with a random stranger plot. X3
    • Cool!! Basically what I was thinking is said criminal just picks a random house and the occupant (which I kinda wanna play) is like the nicest person ever??
    • Awesome. What type of criminal did you have in mind?
    • Serial killer
    • Hmmm... Alright, I think I have a character for that.
    • Cool. I can make a thread real fast?
  • Sup
  • hey wanna rp?
    • We can yea what do you wanna rp
    • do you like the anime kill la kill ?
    • Haven't seen it
    • what have you seen?
    • Black butler, vampire knight, death note, free!, kuroko no basket, please teacher/please twins, chobits