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  • *Comes in and writes 'Anti was here' with sharpie over the wall before leaving*
    • i actually watch the actual youtube dude too, irionically enough
    • (Its bendy on my Non. Trad. Cats account XD)
    • eeeeeeyyyyyy SKYKIT
    • Skykits dead officially now, Lillypaw is too :T The leader of the clans they were in won't even aknowledge them as characters so im kinda out in that sense.
    • poop. did you ever try to put them on the registry?
  • Le art is done, let me know if you want to see it.
  • bump the duskcloud thread.
    • i forget if i replied to it, blame the 5 week chem class for that. i should be able to find it eaisly enough! txs fir tge reminder- my memory is terrible xD
    • np. Maybe i should start a new one? after he started to like try and block her out?
    • Why would he do that?? ?
    • oh hi! and eh, if its his character he can do that. currently im having dream struggling with the sickness and her need to help as much as possible
    • cos duskfeather has trust issues. also note this is prior to the sickness. During the sixkness he'll be extremely nice