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The winners of the latest giveaway are: Rose Petals and Azeda!! Congratulations!

The next giveaway is for Dragonball Fighter Z! Check here for more info!
The winner of the latest giveaway is: Chara (Undertale)!! Congratulations!

The next giveaway is for Vampyre! Check here for more info!
  • Hey you haven’t been on in a few days and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay!
    • I'm still alive, I'm extremely sick and haven't been able to do anything for a while. Currently hospital bound until I get better.
    • oh no! I hope you feel better soon dude. I’ll tell Kyley that’s why you haven’t been on so she doesn’t delete your character or something.
    • Ah she already knows, she asked me if I was doing alright
    • Cool beans
    • You feeling better? Asking more so because ya know I care!
  • Do you like Tazihounds art? Because I've been dying to do a role play based on anime wolves X3
    • Are you kidding I love her art! She's one of my favorite artist. But I'd definitely do a RP based on anime wolves.
    • Same! Would you like to create one together? We can both be Admins ;)
    • I'd love to, would you like to create it tonight I could brain storm up some ideas so we'd have a plot
    • Yeah I'll work on it right now! Here I'm going to start a brainstorming conversation.
  • Hi! I thought you might like this thread I made! feralfront.com/thread/2514131-…ups-semi-advance-advance/
    • Thanks I just checked it out, I'll make my 2 forms soon
    • Perfect!
  • Well I'm kinda busy these days so I don't know if I'll be on this site anymore.