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  • If i do recall correctly you are my old go to for like EVERYTHING... its me Kyley hun c: <3
    • HOLY SHIT! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! I haven't seen you in like forever
    • haha! i know it's been toooo fuckin' long! and well life has been chaotic but it's okay, i'm pregnant as shit and trying to work things out with my ex fiance soooo i mean its okay i guess. HOW BOUT YOU THO!?
    • Ah well just dealin with family shit, balancing two jobs, saving up money to give my girlfriend a surprise visit, probably gonna have surgery coming up soon so over all fine I suppose.
    • Awww how cute. Wish tyler would surprise me like that. The only time he does is when he comes to bug me at work. Or surprise ne with flowers and starbucks but drinks it all before i get to it lolol ugh men. But thats good hun. Glad your doing okay.
    • You to, glad you're back on here, I really missed and worried about you
  • Hey do you do Pafp threads?
    • Of course, I do most Pafp rps, are you interested in doing one with me?
    • Of course. I need some new partners because Ive just lost my main one because she just cut all ties with me over me wanting to rp with her..
      So honestly I'm crying and have no plot ideas whatso ever but I know you rp with David and that means your good :)
    • Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I hope I can do something to make thinks better for you or at least cheer you up! What do you rp most or rather what are you most interested in/passionate about? I am very flexible with just about anything and can come up with plot ideas after thinking for a few moments :)
    • Sorry I camera off a bit. Strong there it happened just as I was talking to you -_- I'll be fine but I'm open to everything I normally do supernatural stuff so I'd rather do something a bit more human and realistic with some dark themes?
    • Don't worry about it hun if ever you need a set of eyes and fingers to help with your worries then I am your man ^^ Absolutely, I enjoy any dark themed rps, so a realistic human rp with a dark theme...hmmm what are you comfortable with within a rp, murder, rape, intense gore, etc?
  • On the Knollclan rp thread is it okay to reply to your most recent post or do you want me to let other people reply? I just didn't know if you were okay with the back and forth replies
    • I’m totally fine with you responding back if you’d like ^^
  • Dude I’m so bored there’s literally nothing going on 😫
    • I know right, I’m waiting for Des to respond to my thread but I’m thinking about creating a new thread possibly just between myself and two other people if you’re interested?
    • Sure! What’s it going to be about though?
    • Suesai ~ Highly sexual yet aggressive fishcat race that have nearly been hunted down to extinction by other races
    • That’s something I’ve never heard of before but I’m down for it!
    • Cool! 😁 I’m guessing you’re aiming towards a female character?
  • Does lola like charles? Because I’m probably gonna have him go for someone else :3 just warning you.
    • Don't know yet but that's up to you if you want to go after someone else.
    • Ok
  • Hey do you by any chance have discord? I think it'd be fun to chat
    • I use to but I got rid of it, I can make a new account if you’d like?
    • Oh you don't have to! I just wanted to be able to chat even when we aren't roleplaying c: it's your call if you want to get it again
    • It’s no biggie, it’s N0ctum#4754
    • Sent! My user on there is the same as here
    • I added you
  • Could we plot a romance between Elijah and Lola? Once I finish him :3
    • I’m keeping Lola open towards anyone who’s seeking for her attention. If I feel like there’s good chemistry between her and another persons character then I’ll go with that feeling.
    • Sounds good!
    • Do you think they might have good chemistry?
    • I dunno we’ll just have to see in the RP, I’m being open minded with him and Charles
  • Hey!!! Welcome back!!! I was wondering if you’d like to jump in on a new thread? feralfront.com/thread/2587866-…imoja-we-are-one-jump-in/ If not that’s torally fine. Happy to see you’re ok!
    • Hey what's up Jay! I'm pretty much already full on my roleplay list but I'll check it out and see if I can squeeze it in if I'm interested.
  • Welcome back, N0ctum!

    I have created another thread with the same concept to the Fantasy War thread here: feralfront.com/thread/2581086-…e-needed-fight-the-world/ . For this, you can use the same characters or make new ones, that is your choice.
    • Ah thanks for the invite ThePrice! And thank you for the welcome back! I'll check it out and see if I can squeeze it within my list.
  • Woah hey dude! How you been?
    • Hey what's up! I just got back to this site on Wednesday after taking a break, I'm doing good I suppose how are you?
    • I’m good! I was a little worried after you disappeared but glad to see you’re okay
    • Yeah I just needed some alone time, my depression got really bad and I got extremely sick to where I lost over 30 pounds within half a month but yeah I’m glad you’re doing good.
    • Wow I’m glad you’re doing better now. On another note if you’re ever up for continuing or thread or just want someone tot all to hit me up!
    • What was the thread that we were doing btw? My interest for werewolves has picked up again though it’s not like the “friendly werewolf boy next door” I’ve kinda hooked on the classics where they go out on killing rampages and stuff like that. But I can’t remember if that was you or someone else who was into that kind of thing as well...
  • Hey there, just wanted to see if you wanted to plot up a relationship between Soleil and Fenris? I like their dynamic a lot
    • Of course! What do you have in mind? Like a close friendship or a friendship that leads into them sharing romantic feelings?
    • I was thinking it could start as just a good friendship but maybe something happens where one saves anothers life or they both get trapped somewhere together and have to survive which leads to them developing romantic feelings. Of course I am open to ideas though!
    • Yeah I'm totally open to that. Soleil can be calculating but if someone she's close with or cares about is in danger she can become reckless to help avert who or whatever attention onto herself to lure it away I suppose. But maybe Fenris or Soleil could get captured by some empire lackeys and either one has rescue the other before they get to the empire sort of thing? But yeah I'm open to anything, I'd love to see where their relationship goes : )
    • Ooh, that sounds really good! I like that. Should Fenris rescue Soleil or should it be the other way around?
    • Doesn't really matter to me I'm cool with either one though I don't know how the rpers will react cause with real wolves if the alpha shows signs of weakness other males may try to usurp him for his rank so if he gets captured he could be considered weak by his pack especially if he's rescued by a subordinate female but that's just my thought but it would be pretty funny to see how Soleil would react in either situation. If she was captured they would receive a string of profanities but if she was rescuing Fenris she would enjoy torturing/slowly killing each one cause they kidnapped her alpha/friend but also because of her past but that's up to you, I'm totally fine with either one.
  • Hey you haven’t been on in a few days and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay!
    • I'm still alive, I'm extremely sick and haven't been able to do anything for a while. Currently hospital bound until I get better.
    • oh no! I hope you feel better soon dude. I’ll tell Kyley that’s why you haven’t been on so she doesn’t delete your character or something.
    • Ah she already knows, she asked me if I was doing alright
    • Cool beans
    • You feeling better? Asking more so because ya know I care!
  • Do you like Tazihounds art? Because I've been dying to do a role play based on anime wolves X3
    • Are you kidding I love her art! She's one of my favorite artist. But I'd definitely do a RP based on anime wolves.
    • Same! Would you like to create one together? We can both be Admins ;)
    • I'd love to, would you like to create it tonight I could brain storm up some ideas so we'd have a plot
    • Yeah I'll work on it right now! Here I'm going to start a brainstorming conversation.
  • Hi! I thought you might like this thread I made! feralfront.com/thread/2514131-…ups-semi-advance-advance/
    • Thanks I just checked it out, I'll make my 2 forms soon
    • Perfect!
  • Well I'm kinda busy these days so I don't know if I'll be on this site anymore.