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  • Boop. You still alive?
    • Yes? Barely? I ended up catching a cold, and I'd rather not feed you a bunch of mumbo-jumbo instead of a post.
    • Okay. Just let me know if you end up having to disappear like that in the future so I’m not just refreshing constantly. Anyways, how bad do you feel right now?
    • I've had a scratchy throat for the past three hours, and I've almost sneezed enough times to cause permanent damage to my computer. Why?
    • Yeesh... that sounds unpleasant. I just want to make sure you’re okay. Focus on resting up.
    • I was doing that anyway. ^^' I'll do my best to reply by the end of the weekend, alright?
  • Fun fact

    You can see team sssn in the vol 2 opening for a split second
    • You didn't know that?
      They were put there intentionally.
      -needs to watch V5 now-
    • I didn't know that rifp

      I can't watch any of vol 5 till my bff comes over because we wanna blind react to however much is out when she comes over xD
    • Good luck with that.
      I can't wait for the V5 soundtrack, tbh. The Path to Isolation is my jam.
    • XD all I request is if team sssn(minus sun) appear lemme know pls XD
    • So, Ssn, since Sun's gonna appear anyways?
  • E y

    Since it seems ppl don't want to do the rwbyxkh rp with the lovely plot, you wanna do it in a pm between us two? I can take two peeps, and you can take two, if you want to :V
    • I could, but... I'm a little busy with a bunch of roleplays with a buddy of mine on here, so... Myeeh...
    • Ah, it's ok xD I can wait til you aren't swamped
    • It might be a while, honestly. Not only do I have three threads going here, but Dei's also back sporadically, and... Yeah...
  • N i c e PfP-
    • ...What?
    • Your profile picture- it's Penny from RWBY right? I t-
    • Oh. Yeah, it is! I've been cycling through a few Penny pictures for a while.
      You like RWBY?
    • X3 I'm a fan of RWBY, yes, but I tend to procrastinate XD
    • Oh, so you're like me. What episode are you on? Or have you finished the series?
  • Love your avatar and siggy if your ever interested in a KH thread let me know ^^ I got several old ones I can link you to for plot suggestions
  • Terra + Flower Crown = More Fab Terra
    • Indeed. But Terra hardly needed the help of the flower crown.
      It fits him, though.
  • //sits
    • Dis my Wall now
    • Rebello, pls
      My wall is mine
      But you may sit here
  • Skyrim and Kingdom Hearts are fantastic *_* Just thought it necessary to drop by and say so, aha! :D
    • Skyrim with Kingdom Hearts mods is doubly fantastic! Nice to know I'm not the only one here who likes both! ^.^
  • SoAmerterasu?

    Hello? I'm sorry for not continuing the thread. I managed to get my KHU working again though so we can continue the thread if you like.
    • Oh, it's fine. I was starting to get worried, but I understand. Good news is you got it working before the 0AP campaign ended! ^.^
      If you'd like me to, I can go bump the thread.
    • Oh yes please!
      Though it's still telling me access denied. People have been telling me the same thing but I have an idea.

      Edit the thread, take it from private to hidden. That way people can't see it but I don't need an invite to access it. Just a direct link.
    • Alright. If you still have the link, go on and try it again.
  • KHUX? Also how did you add music to your profile?
    • Are these both questions about what they are?
      To add music to your profile, you go into 'profile customization' and put in an mp3 that's less than a certain size. I don't remember the exact number.
      But what about KHUX?
    • Your picture its of team Vulpes if I remember correctly
    • Indeed. But it was more in reference to the Foreteller. I'm actually part of the Leopardos union.
      You actually play?
    • Yeah ^_^ Love the Game
    • Cool! What union are you in, out of pure curiosity?
  • I replied to the thread. Man, this is chaos. Umm here's the link:
  • Sorry for the lack of replies on the other threads, wanna keep roleplaying?…d-is-a-big-place-private/
    • You actually went and found the threads... I'm shocked, but thank you. I'll go reply. Also, the first one's link is here:
    • what happened to "The Brightest Star in the Darkest Night?" I just pressed: 'Post' and now it's saying that I'm not authorized to post in the thread or even look at it. I tried using the link you sent, but no luck. You having the same problems?
    • I'll check the settings, but your post went through...
    • It did? Try bumping the thread or something, see if I can get to it again? I can't access it even from the 'watched threads' clickie tab thing (I don't know what else to call it xD)
    • "Clickie tab thing." I like that. I'll alter the settings, and you can try again then, okay?