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  • Sorry but, why did you follow me?
    • You seemed nice?
    • Okay that's all I was wondering.
      Nice to meet you.
      I do try to be nice.
  • hey whisper, how's it going?
  • so what kinda rp are you craving? i can do a bit of everything ^^
    • Well, I do a lot of different things too. We could do a 1x1 or if you want, you can join my thread that's just starting.
  • Would it be alright (in the lion rp) if after the king dies, my queen falls for Jua?
  • what's your 3 person thread?
    • A girl loses her memory in an accident and doesn't remember her bf, so the old bf she broke up with is trying to get back with her. You would be the current bf Who is trying to get her to fall in love with him again
    • wait so im confused, the boyfriend she has forgotten, or the one she is with currently?
    • She broke up with her first bf. Now she has a new bf, but she doesn't remember this one. She only remembers the first one, but doesn't remember breaking up
    • Oh ok so am I playing the first ng or the forgotten one
    • The current one who she forgot. His name is Matthew
  • ayyyy
    What up other me
  • Okay, this is totally random and you don't know me, but I LOVE the song in your signature! It's very beautiful.
  • I was wondering if Chalice could possibly become Sakari’s pups father? If not it’s totally fine I just have some plot ideas.
    • Maybe. Their actual father is a wolf, but I guess someone could sort of adopt them. I hadn't really thought about it yet. What kind of plots were you thinking?
    • I was thinking he could fall in love with Sakari. Then either another female falls for him or Sakari might get closer to another male, making him thinks she loves the other male. Then maybe something could happen to bring the two together, like they go on a hunting trip and something happens ( idk what yet.) yeah that’s what I was thinking. Since Chalice is quiet the flirt it would be surprising if he settled down with a mate.
    • This is all a little before and a lot after he finds out she is pregnant. Does that sound alright? If you want to do this little plot of mine feel free to add or take away things from my idea.
    • That's pretty cool! I definitely want someone to fall in love with her, I just haven't decided who
  • Yours was frostfur, we were a power clan. Awhile ago
    • Hmm, I don't think I've ever had a character named Frostfur. Maybe it's another Whisper. Oh well :)
  • I'm back
    • Do you remember who our characters were? That might help a bit
  • Heyo
  • Hey if you need someone to plot with in Murkyclan Im open to it
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a lovely human being! have a nice day!
  • I am making a new roleplay about humans thought you might be interested check it out feralfront.com/thread/2523114-…t-like-it-sign-up-thread/