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  • oshawott was my first pokemon
  • Cool name i just read the story not too long ago.
    • I love his story
    • Ive read a lot of stories but his is one of the better ones ive read.:)
    • Hell yeah
    • I found the story because of a song one of my favorite music based youtubers made. "The heart has value"I believe it was called.and I was like 'Welp I should probably read the story before I do this' and I have to admit I definitely don't regret doing so.:)
    • :3
  • Hi Hobo if you are up for it, do you wanna rp with me?
    • Yeah :)
    • Great :)
    • What were u thinking?
    • I was thinking a vampire x human thread, where that one human has the power to kill the strongest vampire but the human doesn't know about his/her power yet and the vampire tries to capture the human and later on kill him/her before the human gets her/his chance to do anything but as so the vampire and the human slowly starts to get feelings for each other.
    • Awesome!