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  • Thread?
    • sorry for taking so long!! I'm getting the kinks sorted out since I want the story to flow and get it ready. How good are you at descriptions?
    • Im alright at them.
  • Would you want to rp at some point? I am not as advanced as some other people on this site, but I still think im decent
    • What sort of thread do you have in mind?
    • romance
    • I'm up for it! What idea or plot do you have?
    • i usally copy paste plots from online
    • XD well tell me when you have a plot in mind
  • I found you, LeiLei!!! Its Jerry.
    • I have a bad memory ;-; What thread did I do with you?
    • I have you on Skype ;-;. Its Dark God
    • oh yeah!! I deleted Skype a while ago ;-; I got a new phone and forgot to download skype. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!!1