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  • Fyi I just sent you a friend request on skype with my new account, I lost my password to my old one. c,:
    • yeah, I saw, lol. I hope you're able to keep this password around! <3
  • hello sorry to be irritating but i saw you were active in traditional-riverclan and i was wondering if riverclan and windclan were allies or enemies?
    • I'm sorry, but I don't rp in the traditional clans. I know that in the past they were allied groups, but I can do a quick check for you if you want just to make sure.

      And you're not irritating, don't worry about it <3
    • oh okay i mustve misunderstood! no worries :-)
  • OMG a Missouri peep!!!! I'm from there
    • eyyyyy
      that's great! I live near KC, but go to Warrensburg for school
    • Oh I'm from southern Missouri down near Nixa and Springfeild
    • nice nice, I've been down by that way before, had family down there before they ended up moving up to where I'm at now
    • Oh thats cool
  • /lathers self in peanut butter and rubs all over ur wall
    • are you the king of the squirrels?
  • Nice avatar XD
  • hello mom
    i love you
  • I see Philip Defranco
  • Can you be Deer's sister and Immys mom
    Im trying to tie together family tree here
    • ye ye, I like that
      I'm finally someone's mom
    • alright cool.
      Umm, mind me asking... Whos the dad
      btw youre my aunt now
    • I have no idea who the dad would be
      um, is no. or sear in the family yet? I'm site married to both of them
    • Rebs is not, though they want to be. Is he the dad then?
    • what
      i never agreed to this
      do i not have a say in who my mom is?
  • meow meow i'm a cow
    • Beep beep, I'm a sheep
  • tikki its been like 2 years but!! this is tempy!!! and i wanted 2 say ILU AND I MISS U before i finally sign off like forever shhfdhfbs
    • AHHHH TEMPY!!! ILY AND I MISS YOU TOO!!! I know this is really late, but if you see this later on and want some contact info, I can share some with you over PM! <3
  • i miss yo face
    • I'm sorry I haven't been around! I've been busy with school </3 I miss you too !!
    • it's cool! i've just had way too much free time lately.
      i don't even do anything but chat on here.
    • Haha, that's basically all I do on here now. I used to have a bunch of free time for characters and stuff, but now I don't.
    • i'm watching my cousin clean the kitchen.
      ..should i get up and help.
      that would be the right thing to do.
      ..then again, this couch sure is comfortable. ^.^
    • I mean, if you like cleaning
      tbh I usually wouldn't help out :/
  • hai tikki. C:
    • yo!! <3
    • how's it going?
    • It's going good! How's it going with you?
    • doing dandy.
      wondering if it'd be worth it to take the last Smirnoff and face my cousin's wrath.
    • depends on how wrathful your cousin can be tbh, haha