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  • Hello bootiful human <33
    • oh my! Hello even more beautiful hooman! <3
  • Helloooooo! Would you be inerested in doing a private rp?
    • Hmm, yeah! I think i'd like to do one!
      What do you have in mind?
    • I have no idea whatsoever! :D
    • Great! Let's brainstorm together!
      What do you like to roleplay? :D
    • I do anything except for video games because I don't know any except minecraft and GTA, which im not allowed to play :D
    • cool! okay, so I mostly roleplay in fantasy and slice of life stuff.
      hmm, what are you comfortable rping? Like romance, gore, adventure, friendship?
  • writing a visual novel, so my replies will be distant or nonexistant. My apologies!
    If'd you'd like more info on the visual novel, please go to feralfront.com/thread/2581567-…-the-works-update-thread/
  • Yoo I don't know if you need any more rp partners, but if you do want to get involved with another, I'm here and interested ;)
    • eyy, I'd love to!
      I'm a tad busy rm with ACTs and some family stuff, but hmu if you have something in mind. <3
    • Oh man it's that time for ACT I totally forgot. I'll send you some plots later and maybe we could plan on picking up when things calm down for both of us in general?
    • Definitely! I look forward to plotting once the world has decided to give us a break! lol
    • Agreed!! <3
  • hello <3
    • why hello there! *Wink wonk*
  • Wassup buttercup. I got kicked out of boot camp.
    • I'm well, a bit of family trouble and a hella hard crush on someone from my school but fine lmao

      Also What?? Really???
      Omg! Eld!
    • Oh jeez you're crushing hard on someone? XD That's interesting
    • ikr?? and I've never talked to him?
  • hullo bootiful hooman
    • oh my! hullo to you too, fellow bootiful hooman
  • this wall is forever and eternally protected by blue
    this is my child Do Not harm pls
    • *Puts up protective barrier over comment*
      Comment protection services
  • Thanks for offering to help. So I definitely want to steer it in a non-traditional way and have different breeds of actual wild cats. Snow leopards, bob cats, lynxes? Idk. It will probably be in a mountain/snow terrain.
    • That sounds pretty neat! Do you have any other ideas on where you want to start?
      Like, the land is mountainous and snowy, so maybe they live in an abandoned temple, or small town?
    • I definitely want them to be star oriented. Maybe we can take this to PM and I can explain more of my ideas?
    • Sounds good, would you like me to pm you or do you want to create the Pm?
  • I just have to say your avatar is so pretteh
    • Why thank you! <33
      I quite like your's too! she's very familiar...
    • I'll give you a hint.. Panty And ____
      That show was lit!
      She's Kneesocks! oh wow!
    • Yep xD my favorite
    • She was soo cool!
      I lowkey miss Pant and Stocking...

      [Stocking auto corrects to Stalking?? wut? Phone why?]
  • Heyo
  • oro is such a cutie i love her - blue
    • Blue is a sweet-bean and il her more! - Oro
  • Hello! Feel free to comment or reply to anything here! I will be deleting all comments after they are replied to, or if it looks too cluttered. I'm open to PMs if you need something or have something you want to share in private.

    - Busy with school, after school, and some other things.

    OPEN TO:
    - PM's
    - RP invites
    - Controversial rps; Gore, violence, etc...
    - Semi-Advanced to Advanced RPs
    - Art requests [private, please don't flood me]

    - Most feline rps [pending]
    - BxG isn't my strong suit
    - School/Slice-Of-Life rps
    - Vampire/werewolf X human [too cliché in my opinion]
    - One liner RPs