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  • The minute I saw your character me and Laika both fell in love with him!
    • Thank you! I just got the idea for him and just thought, eh, why not? ^^
  • Psst! Can you reply to Manchester pretty pwease?
    • Hahaha, funny how you sent that the moment I signed up on my own! :3

      I hope Ari's past is alright? And her in general?
    • Yep
  • :)
  • Just saying but I read your latest post on the Shinu pack and damn are you a good writer. That was such a plot twist. I'm still reeling after it oml
  • Im going to be creating a character named Kaden in " Are we Humans or are we Wolves." He is a loner that will be found all bloody and beaten up. I was wondering if Arya could possibly have a romance with him? I was hoping they might become mates?
    • Sounds interesting! But we'll have to see... maybe there'll even be some love-drama if Damien and Arya becomes a thing! ^^
    • Oh maybe he could fall in love with her, in the end Kaden and Arya become mates... but before that Damien and Arya start dating.
  • I made a thread that I think you'd like. The character's kinda like Alwyn but with a different past…ump-in-from-this-torment/