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  • Hey, I noticed you're one of the more active RPers in the pokemon threads, so I was wondering if you'd have any interest in the RP that I put up there. I started with somebody else, but I'd really like to do a second thread with somebody more active just so I can really get into it.
    • I'd be more than delighted to partake in an RP, especially since I seem to be in a lull of activity in regards to my current threads. (Also it's getting kinda lonely being one of 4 or 5 people holding up the Pokemon section...) If you could be kindly enough to give me a quick run-down of the plot, then we can get started!
    • The general idea is that my character, Drake (or I can make him a female if you prefer playing male characters - I want to leave open a love possibility and I'm most comfortable RPing hetero couples) is a young gym leader that is absolutely itching to get out of the gym and go off and adventure. So, he somehow meets your character(probably at the gym, but idc), who is currently touring/exploring the regions, and eventually, Drake decides to ask if he can tag along. The following would be the average adventure story, fighting whatever bad guys are in whatever region they're in, little bit of controversy over Drake abandoning his gym, and building their friendship/relationship whichever way it goes :)
    • Honestly seems like a fun story to take on. Im assuming Drake would be somewhere in Hoenn (since the Player's dad is a Gym Leader in those games) but other than that I'd be itching to give this one a spin!
    • Oh - and Drake’s specialty is Dragon-Types, as his family are dragon-type breeders. My story was that he’d already been on one journey in Sinnoh, and returned home to challenge the gyms and such and it was decided that he’d be given a gym after showing his “skill”. So I also had him have two separate teams; a gym team and a travel team, if that makes sense. And initially I actually had him placed in Unova, but Hoenn is good too because he wants to meet Rayquaza(being a dragon lover and all)!
    • Funny you mention Unova, since the character I'd use is a Unovan native. She's another person's character from another thread I'm currently in (got permission to use her ofc) but I think she'd fit in just fine
  • Wanna RP? Ive got premade Pokemon plots
  • How do ya feel about superpowered beings?
    • Eh, not much of a fan of superhero or superpower stuff
  • ...A-HA! Would a name like "Bodil" fit the Pokemon world?
  • Hmm...How doest thou feel about fantasy-medieval plot idea?
    • I'm perfectly down for one depending on what exactly you mean...
  • I'm so bored and I know we kinda lost our other threads you think we could do another together?
    • well, the lucario/trainer plot is kinda scrapped after i found someone else (who admittedly helped flesh it out into a proper story) so... ideas?
    • So that's why you never responded to the thread...........
    • :/
    • Ah it's ok. I understand! Though I don't really have any ideas
  • How do you feel about fantasy? Like dragons and fairies and stuff?
  • Sorry I'm just grounded
  • Hey dude I was wondering if you wanted to do a private thread about the crazy adventures of a Mimikyu (me) and an Aron (you)
  • ..... Hi Aron. I'm not sure if you remember me but we used to roleplay... I forgot what xD

    EDIT: it was that Wolf RP!! My white wolf remember??