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  • knk got a new member ?
  • listen i always knew i'd be an attractive silver fox but going gray at seventeen isn't what i had in mind
    • it's not even grey hair, it's white. life couldn't even give me the dignity of cool grey hair, i get white wiry strands in my eyebrows. unbelievable.
  • boy oh boy i sure do love being unable to be completely honest with anyone due to inability to trust, really healthy
  • me: watches voltron
    dad: is that--
    me: linus from the peanuts
    dad: oh ok
    • idk who he was gonna say
  • when you're trying to read the aeneid and this woman's work comes on so you start crying silently and ppl wonder why you're crying over the aeneid
    • dido: dies

      kate bush: Give me these moments back
      Give them back to me
      Give me that little kiss
      Give me your hand

      me: silently sobbing

      dad: walks by

      me: pretends i'm crying over dido

      dad: leaves
  • google does voicing a peanuts character as a kid make you set for life
  • i wanna go to nycc
  • four years ago I would spend HOURS watching cosplay skit videos?? like percy jackson, snk, free, all that stuff, completely obsessed ??? lately a few cosplay videos for a certain. new fandom. have been in my recommended videos so i thought, eh, i used to love this shit, maybe i'll watch a bit. lord, i couldn't get past five seconds without cringing. oh my god. i'm still reeling
  • tododokidokiiiiiiiii i miss you
  • FUCK whenever i hear shiro i go "huh he sounds familiar" but bc i only see ppl talking about keaton in terms of spiderman (??) i was like "hmm maybe this is just deja vu" since i don't watch those animated superhero movies but NOW i realize keaton was hercules djsjdjddi everything makes sense now i know i'm not crazy
    • sigh I've always been shit at identifying voices but my dad and sister are really good at it. i'll be watching somethin and dad will come in like 'oh that's [[random ass actor]]' meanwhile if youre not, like, vic mignogna idk who you are
    • WAIT HE'S LINUS???
    • wait imma see if he does anime
  • whenever i feel like coming out to my mom she says or does some dumb hurtful shit and i wonder how i could be so stupid :/
  • anyway f(x) deserves better. listen to butterfly, ending page, paper heart, airplane
    • actually listen to the entire pink tape and red light albums. kpop masterpieces
  • so i finally watched that vld you're welcome video and??? they all can sing????? fuck game show episodes where's the musical ep??
  • i have no idea what tf is going on with free but i like the dude who looks like a makoharu lovechild
  • sgjdjrssdf I should stop reading all these cute fluff fics i'm gonna be so disappointed when the season drops and **** dies
    • me: knows bury your gays is happening
      also me: wow i can't wait to watch ****** get married and live long happy lives
    • journalists who've watched the new season: yeah fans are gonna be disappointed by what happens to ****
      me: oh boy i can't wait for **** to get a happy ending
    • sjsjsjsjshsjsjs im not delusional like i know he only exists as a plot point i just am tired of the bury your gays trope
    • fuck less than twelve hours?? i'm not fucking ready
    • wow I can't believe **** died
  • is your therapist supposed to forget everything about you every appointment? i feel like i'm reciting my life story all over again whenever i see her
  • is this free or mean girls
    • i almost forgot how savage free can get
  • i was never this miserable when i was weightlifting
    • this kettlebell. just isn't enough.
    • yeah i could do bodyweight exercises but i only ever got the release from lifting
    • box squats,,,,,,, clean and press,,,,,,,,god yes
  • if i stopped expecting things in return then i'd do a lot less things for people
  • damn throwback to when people actually read my wall
  • "you have to tell ppl what you want bc they can't read your mind"


    "stop burdening people with your own selfish desires"

    • (basically my brain 24/7)
    • I mean I'm pretty good at being low maintenance but I just silently seethe over the fact that ppl can't read my mind
    • "just speak up and say what you want" i'm not in the mood to make a fool of myself
    • this is why i'll most likely never get a gf and tbh i'm fine with that, one less person to disappoint
  • i create all these fantasy worlds in my head where i'm well liked and sociable and everyone loves me. waking up is hard
  • well guess i better watch voltron
    • i started watching it forever ago but now that i know That Thing i need to like. binge it before the new season comes out
    • only like 50 eps? i watched both fma series in like two weeks this is nothing
    • well damn i have to """study""" for a """test""" to get into """college""" to get a """job""" so i can only watch voltron at night after studying huh
    • damn three eps in and there’s already a plot twist
    • thing is my mom watches with me so if she's too tired or busy i can't watch smh I'll never be ready in time for the new season at this rate
  • a few more hours until I turn 17,,,, i only got a few dollars
    • yea I'm turning (say the name!) seventeen een een
  • wish I lived alone
  • man I just saw some spoilers and if rin chooses this white blond guy over sousuke i'm quitting
    • i'm joking but still idk who this 'mikhail' dude is idk what role he's gonna play but rin. rin, my dude, you got a tall dark and handsome man waitin for you back home don't get frisky with random australians
    • mikhail's a fucking creep wtf in what world is "nice muscles ;)" an appropriate way to introduce yourself. glad rin's not taking any of his shit
  • webseries have the best one liners. will anything beat "just cause i love you doesn't mean i have to like you" ??
    • or "sometimes things that are expensive are worse" ??
  • kyoani, wrapping up free s3: hmmm what other sports are the kids into these days
    kyoani: ....
    kyoani: archery