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Let's Share! has (finally) launched! Our first article is a World of Tanks Guide by Enderclaw!
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  • Yo?
  • Ever heard of Round The Twist?
  • Where have you been
    • With family and had no phone and no access to laptop
  • *poke*
  • *Stalks Goldie*
    (Happy Birthday)
  • Cards Against Humanity, my friend?
    • Im in so long as theres no video or voice chat involved
    • There isn't. Here's the link. The password is hopeisawesome
    • Moneybags bailed on us
    • lol well I kinda stopped bc im not good at hits or even know how to play so...
    • it's a card game where you fill in the blank with the most funny card you have to complete the one that is given
  • Hello, Goldie!
    Would like to join this feralfront.com/thread/2581086-…tID=91711586#post91711586 ?
  • whaaaaaaaaaat I like your theme song );3
    • Why thank you. I found it becuase I was watchign 50 birds 50 states. It singign about how awesome washington state is as song buty the state bird of washington state bird The American Godlfinch who in the video is known as Mc Goldie rocker the Goldfinch
    • Oh

      okay XD
    • lol what di dyou think it was about?
    • Idk XD
    • lol yeah I saw it once fell in love and thats why i e been Goldei state for the longest time. I modified the character into m own oc an made him an avianthrope.
  • Platonic thread set in the Riordanverse where a demigod girl (My Character) and *maybe* a friend meet a mythological creature in Australia.
    • I liek that idea can mine be a demigod to?
    • Sure! Heck, they could have a parent from the Aboriginal pantheon, if there is one.
    • I dont think ther eis one but I still liek the idea becuase maybe mine(Whoes never seen outside of italy cause he romeo and never knew any world aside for m venice) and your girl end eup in austrillia becuase shes showign him teh rest of teh world and the y eventually meet up with a bunyip or ayhamarahoo
    • Hmm...

      Also: Listening to Waltzing Matilda.
    • Yes im not the only one also maybe instead maybe mien could be a multultu or somehting
  • Hey! I've got more ideas concerning funny types of wereanimals.
    • 0ooooooh please share im always int eh market for more were animals I have ltos liek matilda and my avianthroe babes goldie and gianu(hes a penguin goldies a goldfinch) and wererabbits and were lions and were llamas
    • I JUST had the idea to make Rocky a Wererhino.
    • I loe it this will allow us to expand hte plot and hte universe
    • Actually, I should make him a Gillman. I also have a anthropomorphic dragon I wish to use.
    • awesome feel free to add them i can always add otehrs to this thread myself
  • hey, don't really know you, but washington rocks. i live there. it's the best state
    • pretty awesome that someone else think so a few of my favorite things are from Washington like Microsoft and cyan and Goldie who is a representation of the Washington state bird who is a representation of the Washington state bird of American goldfinch
  • Hey, do you want another rp?
  • hi wanna rp?
    • Yes I do any plot ideas you had in mind?
    • what anime do you like?
    • I like all kindea but I like chobits a lot and sailor moon and inuyasha and yrui on ice not so food with that one but I love it none the less
  • Hey? Sorry ^^ just curious if you're still playing on the pack of yore -- there's someone who joined with a similar rp style like yours and I thought you might be able to interact with the character of hers
    • Yeah Ill post a bit later I didnt leave Bridge was gone so i was trying to avoid leaving them behind
  • hey hon, i got your sidebar thing aha ^^;;
    • aww seems everyones getting mine and ive found it three times already
    • aha its okay
    • hey hows your muse for stuff im bored and need more rps I was htinking we could do soemhting with a werebird maybe
    • well my muse is kinda dead atm, i mainly have muse for one character but the person im rping with is rlly busy
    • Oh poo
  • In case you couldn't see my response, I didn't get the thread. No indication, message or something else.
  • thanks for making the sidebar item! :)
  • Nice custom sidebar you made m8 :)
    • why thank you I wanted something that matched the style of the site and the colours so it would be soothing and not clash to much so it would be gentle calming and simple. I didnt want something to flashy an the fs on it show its feralfront and how much i love the site i may not have been able to donate cash but any thing i can donate i want to
    • Its amazingly simplistic. You did a beautiful job on it.
    • thanks M8
  • Where did you come up with the idea of ash? Im generally curious
    • Excuse me which rp are you meaning if its the orphanage thread the ida is based a bit on a mix of teh winter silder meets Ash fromt eh movie sing if its teh avengers thread same thing and same goes for the superhero thread if its the school thread than the idea came out becuase i jsut loe the movie sing. Same goes for my profile Im obsesssed or rather still obsessed but a it less obsessed with teh movie sing and my favorie te harecter in teh iflm Ash
    • I see, so you didn't. Create her? Bummer. I liked the idea.
    • Well i sort of did but not really its more of a mashup but i have other compeltely original charries ive made
    • I was hoping ash was original, but yeah. Anyways, i didn't really get to meet many of your characters
    • Well I tend to make my charries ocs a lot based on other things. Though if you want compeltely original with no relation to anything out there you might try interacting with my charecter Justin nine times out of ten hes a neko or neko vampire hybrid or neko king depending on whats needed
  • Hey, do you want for ash and tal to have unrequited feelings? Because she could be head over heels for con but still remember ash and maybe make for a friendship (maybe with benefits) between them?
    • Hey? Sorry I don't want to bug you if you're mad at me ^^;;
    • i love the idea
    • Okay ^^ (there might be an opening for ash to kind of play a prank on tomma with Ifrit and um yeah ^^;;)
    • yesh
    • Boop
  • Hey Ash. I saw that your leaving...
    • I think i will i feel out of place in the thread but im not sure if i want to bcuase ive invested to much time and effort into ash and ama
    • I know that feeling. I guess you should first look through what has happened while you were gone before deciding whether or not to stay. You have my missed a lot of important things.
    • okay ill look first
  • eyyy!
  • I like that Ash managed to get up there, but how? Gem climbed the building.
    • Ash followed him Ash basially thinks of gem as a big brother and follows him any and everywhere as for how she used some of her quills to hep stick herself up there
    • Hmm... Want to have her been in his hood?
    • Because even in an RP, having a baby climb a building gives me all sorts of bad vibes.
    • lol oh
    • That a yes, or a no?