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  • Hey, it's me: Riri's alternate account. I gotta say: Is there also proof that I shouldn't be worried about the world ending in twelve years 'cause of the climate? I heard I shouldn't in a YouTube video (list25's video about shocking things that aren't actually as dangerous as you thought).
  • *Flops*
    Good night
  • gsjshdjev I love you so much Red ahhhh
    • aaaa i love you too!!!!
    • Your charries and art literally make me die, you piece of perfection <3
  • Bro i joined this shxit in 2011 and it was fun af. Everyone was doin the traditional warriors roleplay and all that. I left for like three years and now it seems that everything changed. Do people still do traditional rp, or is it dead?
    • welcome back my peep!!! but yes, actually trad is probably one of the most active parts of the site! im in windclan and bloodclan mostly myself haha - if you have any questions about trad im happy to help you!
  • I feel old coming back online. But. How does one find the posts? I can't go anywhere but Watched threads.
    • hey so sorry this is so late fjsdkafsda

      are you still having that problem?
  • do you have any clue about why feralfront had gone under so many changes these past years
    • hiya, sorry it took so long to get back to ya! but the biggest reason for the change is that a couple years ago they switched servers to a new host, meaning everything changed with it. but i guess everything else just has been changes the admins felt would improve the site
    • but yeah, i know how different it is than how it was in the past. are you learning it all okay or do you have questions?
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