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  • Thank you, you beautiful, beautiful man.
    • hi there! im assuming your talking about going and deleting all the stolen artwork? if so yeah no problem, im just doing what i need to/what's right. i will say though that ive seen a lot of things that you posted, which if you didn't mean to steal them i would suggest going through your account and deleting all the stolen artwork! it would help us a ton, and at least in my eyes it would really help your chances of not getting in big trouble fjjflkdsa
    • Hi, thanks for understanding. Yeah that’s exactly what I meant. I honestly didn’t mean to steal it. I just did what I thought everyone else was doing, though I know that’s no excuse. I’m currently going through my account and deleting all artwork I have posted for image claims. I feel immensely guilty for what I have done and I am sorry. Is there anything else I can do to help out?
    • yeah, no i totally understand and i totally believe that you meant no ill will about it -- from what ive seen you really seem like a good person. and trying to fix this as soon as it's coming to light also supports that. the biggest problem here ik /was/ that everyone was just doing what everyone else was doing, and continued to do so bc we as staff did nothing, and that's on us. but we have to deal with it now. and it's good that your feeling guilty! again it means that you didn't mean to do this.

      for what you can do, tbh just going through your whole account as far back as you can is probs one of the best thing you can do. you could also probably spread the word just a bit to your friends, to make sure that there's no stolen artwork (ie, work that was done by you, commissioned by you, or states explicit permission to use) on their posts, if there is delete it, if there IS legal artwork to edit in proof that it is so we'll know and leave it alone, and to just in the future stay away from any art that isn't yours to use! thank you so much for trying to help, i do appreciate it a lot.
    • Thanks, I really needed to hear that. Its just that I’m one of the younger members of FF (in age, not how long I’ve been on the site), so stuff like this terrifies me. I (mostly) don’t care what the artists decide to do to me, but moreso what they do to my parents and family, since they didn’t do anything wrong. I was just a dumb teen going on here for fun. Additionally, I’m not trying to bash the artists by saying this. While I do understand that it was a misunderstanding on the FF users’ parts, I am on DA’s side 100%, and they seem like rational people. Its just all the legal talk that freaks me out.
  • Hey, it's me: Riri's alternate account. I gotta say: Is there also proof that I shouldn't be worried about the world ending in twelve years 'cause of the climate? I heard I shouldn't in a YouTube video (list25's video about shocking things that aren't actually as dangerous as you thought).
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    Good night
  • gsjshdjev I love you so much Red ahhhh
  • Bro i joined this shxit in 2011 and it was fun af. Everyone was doin the traditional warriors roleplay and all that. I left for like three years and now it seems that everything changed. Do people still do traditional rp, or is it dead?
    • welcome back my peep!!! but yes, actually trad is probably one of the most active parts of the site! im in windclan and bloodclan mostly myself haha - if you have any questions about trad im happy to help you!
  • I feel old coming back online. But. How does one find the posts? I can't go anywhere but Watched threads.
    • hey so sorry this is so late fjsdkafsda

      are you still having that problem?
  • do you have any clue about why feralfront had gone under so many changes these past years
    • hiya, sorry it took so long to get back to ya! but the biggest reason for the change is that a couple years ago they switched servers to a new host, meaning everything changed with it. but i guess everything else just has been changes the admins felt would improve the site
    • but yeah, i know how different it is than how it was in the past. are you learning it all okay or do you have questions?
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