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  • Is it alright if my character(s) come(s) from Alola?
  • Hmm...Plot idea based around the concept from the Adventures games (Mobians in a human world).
    • I have a pre-planned concept for Adventure 2(I have a serious dislike for SA1 for a number of reasons), based off of my imaginations while watching Sonic X.
    • Cool! Can I hear/join it?
    • I haven't made it into a thread, but the concept is basically a young Fox the Brave(as Red the Fox, his real name) trying to evade Eggman during the events of the SA2 arc of Sonic X. During the events of SA2 itself, my concept is a sort-of teenaged Red working under Eggman and suffering constant physical abuse whenever Eggman flies into a rage, as well as constantly unnerved by the mysterious Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • E'X'cuse me for asking, but I just wondered, because... You know... I'm a moron XD
  • So, Tai... Do you like Mega Charizard, if so... wh'Y'
    • It was the first Mega I really liked when it was revealed. Mega Charizard X has grown on me, but I like this 'un more. I made the protagonist of one of my early Pokemon stories on Quotev a Mega Charizard Y. After bouncing from one name and pic to another(when I stopped calling myself Greninja Lover), I stuck with this one.
  • "Pokemon Heroes" {Pokemon + Sonic Heroes}; What say you?
    • Sure. In some of my Sonic threads, I tend to include Pokemon as well as Sonic since that's basically my fandom in a nutshell.
    • It'll involve four team of trainers. Each themed after...Something.
    • Here's my Quotev profile so you can get an idea about what my fanfic series focuses on. My stories on my Published Page are sorted from Newest to Oldest.
  • Here's the rp thread to Surviving Shadows:…ic-au-rp-sign-ups-inside/