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  • Could I join your wolf kingdom?
  • Gonna be honest; that profile pic makes me want to create a thread, but I don’t know what it would completely be about.
    • Well honestly maybe you could do a sheep thread, or some kind prey animal. Then there’s an actual predator in the group that’s able to disguise itself.
    • I considered doing that, but I wasn’t sure if that’d be too goofy to be taken seriously.
    • Hm not if it’s written well. It could even be wolves Or a prey animal. Cause either way the creature can take on any form and is deadly.
    • Maybe. I thought of three ideas revolving around this “sheep and wolves” idea if you’d like to hear them. I want to know which one I should make. I’ll probably end up making all of them, but I want to know which one I should make first.

      1. Prior to the thread, a wolf finds an abandoned lamb in the forest and decides to take it in as its own. The thread would be about the daily life of a wolf pack and a lamb whom they raised, who now thinks they are a wolf, and how this pack deals with prejudice from other surrounding territories.
      2. In order to infiltrate a nearby flock of sheep, a wolf is tasked by their pack to visit the Pool of Souls, an ancient and magical lake that allows the user to change their form. The wolf uses it to turn into a sheep and join the herd, however, the spell only lasts during the day, which means every night the wolf will be changed back to normal until the sun rises again. Now the wolf has to pretend to be a member of this flock without being caught, but they're also slowly beginning to care for their new herd.
      3. On a farm by a forest lives three clans. The first is a sheep herd who occupies the grasslands that connects the woods and the farmlands, and who try to survive against predators. The second is a dog pack whose job it is to protect them from being eaten. The third is a wolf pack that lives in the forest who seeks to hunt down the sheep while also learning how to fight back against the dogs. The thread will be about the struggles between these three parties and the going-Ons in between them.

      Sorry to pelt you with all of this. Just wanted some advice as this has been on my mind for a while.
    • Those all seem really interesting! I think the second and third idea would draw more attention.
  • U still joining the maximum ride rp
  • Just FYI I’m waiting on Levi before replying to Lapis :P
  • Could Thanatos have claimed Heather?
  • Hey are you still gonna join in the elemental pack thread?
    • Ah yes! I should have my forms finished today.
    • Awsome thanks then I'll add you to the first page
  • Can Bunny bump into Rhea on accident? It's gonna be funny I promise
  • Hi ;-;
    • Hello (:
    • So how's it going
    • Pretty well what about you.
    • Good also I was wondering if you would like to join my anime high school rp thread
    • Sure! Send me the link or @ me and I’ll join.
  • What do you think of Thanatos fighting over the princess, Angel? Or maybe Issatari?
    • I could see that. I haven’t had anyone ask to plot with him yet. So he’s free game.
    • Coolio! I was thinking of him becoming overprotective of the young princess, and since age doesn't matter sort of likes her?
    • I could see that.
  • Would you like to make a rp?
    • Sure what kind did you have in mind?
    • Maybe wolf or dog?
    • Sounds good to me. There’s not to many of those active right now.
    • Or do you prefer horse? I would rather like a wolf pack, maybe a wolf pack with dogs in it?
    • I like the idea of wolf pack with some dogs in it.
  • Is that A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing by Set It Off I see in your custom title? o:
    Or did you just pick that randomly
    • It's by Set It Off they are one of my favorite bands.
    • Mine too!
    • Set It Off is mine and my boyfriend's favorite band besides I Prevail
    • They are great. Another song of theirs I like is Distance Disturbs me.
    • I listen to I Prevail too! Sadly I don't know but a few songs from that band so if you guys got song suggestions lemme know.
  • Hey :3 I replied to our thread, since Friday. Just thought I'd let you know- ((I've only been inactive due to school))
    • Hey! I know you probably have a lot of other threads going on atm but don't forget about ours! (I've been inactive due to work and summer vacay)
  • Hi I know this is random since you have no clue who I am. I just wanted to say I love the custom title
  • Hi would you like to join a clan that I am making?
  • Hey, Been awhile!