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  • Is that A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing by Set It Off I see in your custom title? o:
    Or did you just pick that randomly
    • It's by Set It Off they are one of my favorite bands.
    • Mine too!
    • Set It Off is mine and my boyfriend's favorite band besides I Prevail
    • They are great. Another song of theirs I like is Distance Disturbs me.
    • I listen to I Prevail too! Sadly I don't know but a few songs from that band so if you guys got song suggestions lemme know.
  • Hey :3 I replied to our thread, since Friday. Just thought I'd let you know- ((I've only been inactive due to school))
    • Hey! I know you probably have a lot of other threads going on atm but don't forget about ours! (I've been inactive due to work and summer vacay)
  • Hi I know this is random since you have no clue who I am. I just wanted to say I love the custom title
  • Hi would you like to join a clan that I am making?
  • Hey, Been awhile!