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  • Would it be weird for me to use my purple teleporter in urban fantasy threads involving stuff like weres and vampires?
    • Like... just to use a teleporter? There are ways to do it magically. Like, use a magic circle and incantations to teleport someone. But idk what your purple teleporter is
    • I think you could make it work in an urban fantasy thread
    • Eh. It's like Nightcrawler's ability from X-Men.
    • I haven't read/seen anything like that. idk
  • What kind of plots do you do?
    • I'm just coming back to writing for the first time in a long time, so I'm very open, but I'm most interested in big dnd-esque fantasy plots, other fantasy things, and lgbtq+ rp. I feel like I could get into just about anything, though!
    • I have some ideas in mind, plus this:
    • I'm not sure I'm comfortable playing in an RP that involves bullying. But thanks for the offer! What are your other ideas?
    • Hmm...A lightly DnD styled plot where a human character goes among fantasy races and a fantasy plot where a nonhuman girl rescues a prince.
    • I think I prefer that second one! How would you like to play? It could start up as the rescue happens, or we could have one of us play the protagonist and the other play the "NPCs"