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  • hey wanna rp?
    • erm, sorry! i don't really know who you are??? nor why you contacted me???? plus i'm kind of perfectly content with my current rp, so sorry!
    • nvm
    • just asking if people wanna rp
  • new avatar what?
  • hey peppermint it's been a while.
    • ye, but im back with a meguca vengeance
    • lol anyway how have you been lately (it's been a while since I've been on this site)
    • i've been good! arting it up and living the dream (A.K.A Procrastination and Art)
    • nice. Hey do you still do pokemon roleplays? I'm trying to find someone to roleplay with (because everyone on Pokeheroes is offline atm)
    • not anymore! mostly focusing on danganronpa and, more recently, my magical girl verse
      plus its like 2am so no rp for me
  • *slings confetti bomb onto ur profile* you've been blessed with 7 years of good memes *rolls away on skateboard*
    • :o this is an utmost blessing, thank you my dude. i will cherish each and every mémé