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  • Would it be alright if Hiro and one of my Pegasi end up in a relationship?
    • I'd definitely be game for Hiro and Cecilia! Though I should probably note that Tigerclaw just asked if Crystal and Hiro could be an item. Would you want to do a triangle or would you prefer one on one?
    • Hmmm, one on one but it can begin as a love triangle?
    • Alright, I'll see what Tigerclaw wants to do, and we'll go from there!
  • Still interested in our threads?
    • Yes. I'm so sorry for any inactivity as of late. It has been positively crazy the past two weeks. -.- I'll get to them as soon as I can.
  • *pokes* hey Grassy
    • Yes?
    • Hi ^^ Made a few revamped threads if your still looking for links, also gotta reply to our convo :P
    • Cool. I definitely want to check those out. And I've actually already replied. I'm waiting on you. ^^
    • Last part was for me XD and yeah theres 5 threads I can link you to
    • Ooh. Lol! Okay, yeah, just send them to me.
  • Hey, just so ya know we're kind of waiting for you in the poke-thread. We didn't want to flood you or fang
    • Okay, thanks for telling me. I'll get to it as soon as I can!
    • No problem! I just noticed that you were on while we were doing things so I thought you might be dismissing it because it "didn't involve you"? And I guess we did go a little fast lol
    • Yeah, I was trying to keep up with it while multitasking, so I didn't quite get to responding in time. XD
    • lol it's fine :3 I personally just worked on conpleteling my pokedex, which is proving... very annoying. Also I passed out while playing my DS and I woke up with it dead so, hope I didn't loose too much
    • Eee... I hope you didn't lose too much. 0.0 That would be horrible. Good luck with your Pokedex! I'd help you out, but you're way ahead of me so I probably wouldn't be much help. XD