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  • hello. would you like to rp?
  • Hey!
    • Sorry, I was busy with school and couldn't focus on RPs
      What is it?
    • Can you please make it a bit longer, at least more than 3 sentences, I don't reply to one-liners or short responses because I can't exactly respond off of them
  • hello?
  • hey would you like to rp?
    • Sure, depends on what kind of rp
    • what kind do you do?
    • Wc (obviously), Pokemon, Anime, Fnaf, Osomatu-San, Hetalia, Mlp, Vocaloid, Creepypasta, Sonic, Elsword, Super Mario, SSBB, HTF, Touhou, Dogs, Cats, Wolves, Foxes, etc.
    • I'm also fine with doing BxB, GxG, BxG
    • okay how about bxg and anime
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a magnificent human being! have a nice day!