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  • Werewolf pack Madalena is Thylane Blondeau
  • yo lowkey german is funny. I'm learning it on Duolingo
  • Hey, why does your post day that Shattergaze is a Flamerunner?
  • Hey, noticed you tagged me in one of your character threads, sorry for being so inactive. I'd be glad to have a plot/romance between Jager and Melissa in the HoTM thread
  • Hello Tigerclaw!
    I believe that you sent a blank application on feralfront.com/thread/2581086-…tID=91717056#post91717056 . Did you copy it and hit submit by accident? Or do you want to your character to be mysterious?
  • I sent you the link in the bottom comment sorry if I seem present my computer sometines dosen't send things and I want to make you got it
    • I got it, don't worry 🙂 I was just waiting for you to post.
    • Oh okay sorry do you care what gender my character is?
    • Which do you prefer to play? I like playing females more, and I think I have no male characters in any of my threads except for the Scavengers where Jagged is a brother
    • I can play both though personally I see Muse A has a female but they can be male
    • Then can you be male? (Not all females are helpless x3)
  • Not sure you gor my reply but an private rp sounds like a fun thing to do since my the threads I have been trying to join are slowly dying.
  • Sorry to be bother! But I wanted to start drawing the pop and I was wondering if you could send me the file of your profile picture? I just need to see it in more detail and get the colors. Thank you!
    • It's okay!
      I'm sorry I can't send the link rn, I'm on mobile, but if you go on google and search 'Tigerclaw51731aj' and scroll down, you'll find me!

  • I'm new to all this so in order to Rp is there a place I need to go?
  • Hey so Darkfire here
  • !!! okay so before i logged off last night, i was doing a bit of research and found out about caracal x serval hybrids and they are???? so fricken cool??? so i was wondering if we could maybe plot something out between jaystar and talonstrike?

    i would completely understand if not <3
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