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  • How did you make your sig?
  • hey just wanna let you know that i love you as much as Kellen loves ice cream and that you are worth it and deserve happiness. okay thanks bye. <3
    • you are such a wonderful and amazing person and i love you as much as Cecilia loves Kellen lol. YOU are worth it, my friend. YOU deserve happiness and i rlly want to give you a hugggg
  • Hello! I was wondering if you'd be interested in playing the male role on an romance thread of mine? If so I'll send you the link!
  • Want me to make our thread?
    • Sure, if you're up for it! I'll post my plot idea on that thread then, but I do like yours!
  • hi there, just wanted to say that you're a spectacular human being! have a nice day!
    • Thank you! You're a wonderful person as well, and I hope you have a great day too!