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  • Tbh Cloudwhisker kits would be adorable.

    Rye's a reddish orange tabby and Cloud's a greyish brown tabby right?
    • Yep!
      Their kits would/will be the best cause they'll be the kits of the two most outcasted cats in the Clan by their own decision the kids will be like...what did we do?
    • Yes but their kits would be like super genius artistic kiddos because Ryewhiskers kind of dumb, but has a big heart, and he will gently push their children to be smarter than he was for sure. And also yeah i wanted ro spoo you with the beginning of the thread lol. We could have her not pregnant and they're just being paranoid now though.
    • I was like WHO KILLED HER? WAS IT ME?

      I'm totally down for them to have kits rn if you're down too. They can also be mad paranoid cause that's what they do

      i also accidentally made the post just long enough to where you can't see the other stuff unless you scroll down, and was like "oh yeah, time to get SPOOKED."

      No rye 10/10 wants to have kiddos with cloud and will totally be a stay at home dad. And or vice versa. He will be 100/10. Best dad.
    • And also Skyclan needs some happiness rn and kits make everything noice.