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  • Helloooooo
    • Hello random person
    • Im making a manga RP and was wondering if you were interested
    • Depends on what it is about
    • Ok so your a high school student and you live school life and you also can be a hybrid like a cat or wolf there's also romance
    • I kinda based it off this one app I had
  • Idea! Based loosely off the one we're currently doing.
    • Go on
    • Also inspired by Rhapsody and other fairytales, our characters meet in the woods. And...Well...Feel drawn to one another, even though they don't know who they are.
    • Sounds interesting
  • Hey you know how you made that thread about the human prince who has to hang out with a bunch of monster princesses in order to find out which will be his bride? Well I have a similar idea to that if you’re interested. I might not do it, but I wanna know what you think.
    • Sounds interesting. Would need more of a explanation but does sound interesting.
    • It’s basically where, for thousands of years, no one has heard from the mythical dragons, the gods of this fantasy land who stay dormant up in the clouds, until one day, where they sent the princess of the dragons to find who will be her spouse. Now, she has to go to school on earth and choose between the southern heir to the fire elves, the northern heir to the ice elves, the western heir to the earth elves, or the eastern heir to the water elves. I say heir, as I’m open to both princes and princesses. What do you think? I wasn’t 100% sure on the idea. Just a thought. I also thought it would be interesting if each of the elves’ personalities coincided with their elements. I was also considering making each heir a different race, though I’m kind of leaning more towards the idea of them being elves.
    • It sounds like it would be fun. All elves would make it interesting and more different. I could see it being a lot of fun as fire would most likely be a very angry one.
    • Lol, yeah. I imagine it would be something where the fire elf would be the hot headed one, the ice elf would be the cold and dismissive one, and the earth elf would be the chill, kind one. Not sure about the water elf. Anyways, thanks! Do you know anyone who might be interested? I usually like getting a group of people together before I make the thread, just so I won’t waste my time making a thread no one joins.
    • That is a good question. I'm interested and I'll ask around from my other threads.
  • Howdy, I'm ForeverYoung2004's alternate account. Would you like to plot?
  • whoops I found you again-
    *tackle hugs*
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  • Whassup!....
  • when youre waiting for luna to respond...
  • i found your demon rp thread and NONE of the posts are missing…demons-and-now-humans-rp/