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    • Seems interesting! Though, I'm not completely well versed on the Warrior Cats universe.
  • Hey, wanna make a wolf RP with me?
  • Hey, you mind if I use your idea for the furry princess in the one thread to use in another thread?
    • Sure! What's your idea? I'm intrigued.
    • I was just going to use that idea, to some extent of being a princess in another thread and I just wanted your premission
    • Are you talking about my idea for her Backstory?
    • And the lore of the kingdom she lives in?
    • Ill try not to because I know you worked hard on it, I was just talking about the idea of a form changing furry that is a princess. Not sure why I asked in the first place
  • Hi.
  • Actually, scratch that. I'm playing a female again.
  • Hmm...
  • Sure. What's your were thread about?
  • I has a were thread.. It's not too advance or nothing its just needs some members or so, I'll bump wihc and will post a move on reply if you want?
  • feralfront.com/thread/2529957-golden-wolf-journey-jump-in/

    Another thread I created might be interested in?
  • Recap:

    The lead hunter, Zion, led Arlo and Daisy (hunters) into the southern lands to scout out a good place to hunt for the pack as a whole later that month. They came upon a large moose covered in some sticky substance (assumed to be man-made at this point) that completely hid its scent and made it act strange. They go deeper into the southern lands and come across Mute, who cannot speak because her owner cut her vocal cords. She wasn't good at being stealthy. He tells Daisy to take Mute back to camp, so they split up.

    Meanwhile, Apex was kicked out of the Eastern pack (rivals of our pack) after challenging his alpha for his position. He is the former beta and was thrown out along with his daughter, Emil. He met a scout on patrol and told her off. Emil met another loner, Chevy, and became friends. The three soon started travelling together.

    Zion is attacked by a bear covered in the sticky substance despite not provoking it and kills it while Arlo bites its leg. The bear got in a huge swipe on Zion's flank, so he was nearly bleeding out on the forest floor. Arlo howled for help, so Tsura (the beta) and a patrol came looking for him. Emil, Chevy, and Apex heard the distressed howl and went to help as well. They meet up with Zion, tend to his wounds as best as they can, and start to carry him back to camp.

    The Omega runs out of camp alone and is killed by the brutal rogue, Mace, who is the mother of Blitz and Eclipse. Eclipse helps her mother with the kill but Blitz isn't like them and is off exploring. He is scolded by his sister, Eclipse, and goes to the pack to scout it out for the planned attack: lead an infected animal into camp and spin it so it looks like Blitz was warning them. He is to learn the pack's weaknesses so they can be exploited and Mace and Eclipse can attack the pack.

    All the dogs mourn the dead omega. All loners are accepted into the pack, but Mason (alpha male) doesn't trust Apex because he was an eastern pack beta. Now a patrol is being sent back into the southern lands to collect the dead bear, giving Blitz the opportunity he needs to lead an animal into camp.

    Found the recap you asked for btw cx
  • Do you have a traditional warrior cat? I have a Trad bloodclan kitty I'd like to have a forbidden friendship with xD
  • Didn't want to look like I was advertising xD

    I has a character named mute, she was brutally wounded by her owner so she cannot speak. Her life was built on being a hunter. In the thread she is in the world had gone to war and ended. She has a sister named Bambina she is the only dog who can read lips apparently xD so she understands Mute and speaks for her, she knows mute as Victoria which is the name they mother gave them. They got separated and such but I want them to find each other. Maybe Bambina can help mute or something plus we need some more folks.

    (King: alphas medic .. Another push thread I like xD I think you might like it? He is kinda similar to Jamongi xD )
    • Cool! I like it! I might consider it, it reminds me of a thread I made where the rabies virus mutated, and ended up killing all of the humans, and any animal infected turns feral. It's kind of like an animal zombie apocalypse, but it's kind of dead, pun not intended. Anyways, what's the name of your thread? Also, congrats on being the first person replying to my wall.
    • feralfront.com/thread/2515316-…gn-up-thread-dog-rp-open/

      not my thread but ones I've joined. The a look see if you like it, they are active.
    • Hi im JEFF
      Also lol yay im first!
    • Yaaaaaaay. Also, I might consider. Can I get a recap first, though?
    • Um, yeah I think so. I don't remember. Also, thanks for the recap! I might join. Lol, wouldn't it be cool if some of the loners joined together and made their own pack?