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  • I invited a few people and put an ad for greenglen in my signature to really drive the idea home, I hope that's okay
    • I love it I love it I love it! You’re the best, ali!
  • Would you be interested in joining any of my RPs?
  • How are you doing??!
    • I’m good! How about you?
    • I’m doing okay, hating banks and my dad is stressing me out but oh well. Haven’t heard or talked to in a while sooo yeah wanted to reach out lol
    • Thank you! That’s very nice of you! Sorry about all the stress.
    • Eh welcome to college. Ever heard of Carmen Sandiego
    • Yeah a bit. Sometimes I would watch it a bit as a kid. Why?
  • Hey I was wondering if you maybe wnated to do a wolf or other animal thread with me.
    • Sure seems interesting. What would it be about?
    • Well I do have a small group thread up now if you would be interested in checking that out. Moving any way from that so I am not slef promoting what animals are you interested in?
    • Mostly any type of canine or feline. I also enjoy doing things with more mythical animals like dragons.

      Also, what exactly is the group RP about?
    • I lean more towards canines and I also do enjoy mythical animals such as dragons. I have a few ideas maybe ofr a canine thread but nothing soild right now.

      The group rp is about a wolf pack that as escape a sanctuary they were living in and now are surving out in the wild.
    • Sounds intriguing enough. Let me know when you make it, or at least if you want any ideas.
  • Can I create the reindeer rp? Or are you going to?
    • I’m most likely going to if I have the chance. I was planning on doing it a bit before Christmas, but you can create it if you want. As long as you credit me.
  • feralfront.com/thread/2603996-…aracters-ms-coffee-fiend/

    As you can guess the personality is more notes and thoughts jotted down and while I have a picture, I just wrote down things I will be describing about my character in terms of his appearance later.
    • Aight, so I just read through your character’s form. (Sorry it took a while, I’ve been a bit busy.) I really like him and I think he’s good to go! Only few things are 1. Make sure that in the thread he’s time period accurate. I know you didn’t mention the period he was from, but just in case. 2. I did some research about Asians coming to America in the 1700s, and the only people who seem to have come from Asia were Filipino. However, I can make an adjustment for your and potential others’ characters. After all, I was planning on making my thread an AU of Earth where slavery was ended early and women can have any job they want to make the thread more diverse and free. 3. The only reason why I was hesitant in making the thread was because I don’t want it to be like my past threads where, after working so hard and so long to make it, barely anyone joins. If you really want to join the thread, help see if there’s anyone you know who may like it.

      (Sorry if that was long.)
    • Ms. Coffee Fiend? Are you still down for joining my colonial American supernatural thread? Its perfectly alright if you’re not. Just let me know. :)
    • At the moment not anymore, I am trying to clean up the aftermath of Christmas and what not but maybe after I organize some replies for the other threads I am in I will hop onto your thread if you have it up already :)
    • Alright, just wanted a clarification. Thanks!
  • You better be making that awesome reindeer thread rn!!!
    • Omg woah! (Jk) I’ll try to see if I can work on it. (With luck I’ll release it around Christmas.) I was just a bit busy and I have a couple of upcoming threads. Including a remake of a popuar threads that’s a few years in the making.

      (I’m glad you really like it though!)
    • Oh you’re totally fine I’m just hyped for Christmas
    • Nah its cool. I don’t mind making it. Also, the remake for a different thread I was telling you about, I feel like you’re really gonna like that one.
    • what is it?
    • Well its kind of dumb, but its a remake of an old popular thread I made called “The Four Animal Kingdoms of Animation” and it was about four different animal clans and their relationships with one another. They were each based off of different animated movies. There was Simba’s Lion Pride, Balto’s Wolf Pack, Bambi’s Deer Herd, and Spirit’s Horse Herd. It ended up dying but it got farther than some of my other threads and a lot of people wanted me to remake it, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m planning on adding more smaller kingdoms based on other animal movies, though sometimes finding some are a little hard.
  • Dang your profile picture gives me flashbacks to the old Warrior Cat RPG thing, do they still have that avatar creator or did they remove it?
    • Thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment. Nah they removed it. However, I found that they still have the Warrior Cat Avatar Maker thing on some website called Xanje. Someone told me about it so I used it to recreate my old avatar and here we are.
  • Hey, uh, I also have memories of when ff was more active. I found a new rp site styled off of WCRPG but it's all encompassing in terms of rp, but you have to buy powers, similar to the main game here. do you want a link to it? some threads are more active, of course haha
    • Perhaps. I already know that there some other sites that people are talking about like BareBones and Xanje. Even though I’m on the edge with FF, I’m not sure if I completely want to leave yet. But thanks anyways.
    • yea, no prob! I'm back and forth between them for sake of balance. the site is called Beasts of Beyond ^^
  • Just tagged ya into the "Quaintest Town" plot.
  • Hi! I wanted to let you know that I am waiting for your reply to the rp thread before I introduce Kiratha because, Camille asked “How much longer?” to her parents.
    • Sorry, I was aleep. Different time zones, you know?- Anyways, I’ll try to sew if I can respond today. I’ve been very busy lately.
    • Okay! That’s fine.
  • Hey, KairosLion!
    Are you still interested in the ‘To your every need’ thread?
    • Yep! Did we start it already?
    • Not yet
    • The thread is now up!
    • Nice, though I have a question. Who are the boy and the girl at the desk supposed to be? Is the girl at the desk my character? (Since my character’s the concierge.)
    • The guy and girl is supposed be Bill and Lydia Brisson.
  • Hey are you gonna reply to Mountain Base?
    • Oh yeah, sorry. I’ve just been really busy and in a bunch of places with no wifi.
  • I'm sorry.
  • That joke you made in the Chatbox, 10/10. One of my favorite scenes from Gravity Falls.
    • Thank you! Honestly though, Stan has some great lines. One of my personal favorites is, “Ready for some good family fun? Great! Now put on some blindfolds and get in my car!” A part of me wants that to be my yearbook quote.
    • I had forgotten about that one! Remember when he had Dipper and Mabel commit tax fraud or something and they went to jail for it? I can’t remember exactly what happened but it was great lmao.
    • Yeah! That’s from the same episode. I think it’s the scene where they’re looking back on their “family bonding time” with Stan, and then it cuts to a scene where Stan’s making them make fake money, before all three of them having to run away because the cops were coming. I miss that show severely.
    • Me too but I don’t think it’s coming back anytime soon. I’ve heard Alex Hirsch made a deal with Netflix to start doing shows with them instead of Disney, this time it’s going to be targeted more toward the adult audience.
  • I just got a manga/anime inspired idea. Elfen Lied?

    Also, should I bump our Wolf thread?
    • Haven’t heard of it, though I’m all ears.

      Also, sorry about the wolf thing. I was meaning to make a form for the wolf one, but I forgot as I was gone for a few weeks. Thanks for reminding me!
    • Okay!

      Look it up. It. Is. Gruesome! Like that Wolfen Crest I told ya about.

      Anyway, this thread has you as a scientist and mother to a 'mutant' child.
    • That kind of reminds me of a mutant thread I made but it died due to unfortunate circumstances. Might reboot it though.

      Also, I’d be down!
    • By the way, I have someone to play the father for my wolf children thread.
    • Awesome! One thread with this plotline involves said scientist and my child!character.

      And yeah, I saw.
  • While I'm making a sorta-reboot of your Nightingale thread, I'll make the family one on my other account.
  • Hey there! I saw you have a Zootopia rp up, would you like to do another?
    • Sure!
    • Awesome! I wasn't sure totally, what I had in mind. So you wanna plot? Or use the other plot?
    • Sure, I’d be glad to plot. I might even let you join my other Zootopia thread if the person currently tracking it is too inactive.
    • Glad to hear! I try to be pretty active, but nothing's caught my eye lately.

      I'm down for any plots really. Romance, action, etc. OwO
    • Well the person who joined hasn’t made their form in a few days. I might at the very least make a remake for you and I to be a part of. What do you say?
    • Seems interesting! Though, I'm not completely well versed on the Warrior Cats universe.
  • Hey, wanna make a wolf RP with me?
  • Hey, you mind if I use your idea for the furry princess in the one thread to use in another thread?
    • Sure! What's your idea? I'm intrigued.
    • I was just going to use that idea, to some extent of being a princess in another thread and I just wanted your premission
    • Are you talking about my idea for her Backstory?
    • And the lore of the kingdom she lives in?
    • Ill try not to because I know you worked hard on it, I was just talking about the idea of a form changing furry that is a princess. Not sure why I asked in the first place
  • Hi.
  • Actually, scratch that. I'm playing a female again.
  • Hmm...
  • Sure. What's your were thread about?
  • I has a were thread.. It's not too advance or nothing its just needs some members or so, I'll bump wihc and will post a move on reply if you want?
  • feralfront.com/thread/2529957-golden-wolf-journey-jump-in/

    Another thread I created might be interested in?
  • Recap:

    The lead hunter, Zion, led Arlo and Daisy (hunters) into the southern lands to scout out a good place to hunt for the pack as a whole later that month. They came upon a large moose covered in some sticky substance (assumed to be man-made at this point) that completely hid its scent and made it act strange. They go deeper into the southern lands and come across Mute, who cannot speak because her owner cut her vocal cords. She wasn't good at being stealthy. He tells Daisy to take Mute back to camp, so they split up.

    Meanwhile, Apex was kicked out of the Eastern pack (rivals of our pack) after challenging his alpha for his position. He is the former beta and was thrown out along with his daughter, Emil. He met a scout on patrol and told her off. Emil met another loner, Chevy, and became friends. The three soon started travelling together.

    Zion is attacked by a bear covered in the sticky substance despite not provoking it and kills it while Arlo bites its leg. The bear got in a huge swipe on Zion's flank, so he was nearly bleeding out on the forest floor. Arlo howled for help, so Tsura (the beta) and a patrol came looking for him. Emil, Chevy, and Apex heard the distressed howl and went to help as well. They meet up with Zion, tend to his wounds as best as they can, and start to carry him back to camp.

    The Omega runs out of camp alone and is killed by the brutal rogue, Mace, who is the mother of Blitz and Eclipse. Eclipse helps her mother with the kill but Blitz isn't like them and is off exploring. He is scolded by his sister, Eclipse, and goes to the pack to scout it out for the planned attack: lead an infected animal into camp and spin it so it looks like Blitz was warning them. He is to learn the pack's weaknesses so they can be exploited and Mace and Eclipse can attack the pack.

    All the dogs mourn the dead omega. All loners are accepted into the pack, but Mason (alpha male) doesn't trust Apex because he was an eastern pack beta. Now a patrol is being sent back into the southern lands to collect the dead bear, giving Blitz the opportunity he needs to lead an animal into camp.

    Found the recap you asked for btw cx