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  • hey there, do youo like lotr? We need some main characters before we jump into the rp further.
  • AYYYYY 60,000! Congrats fam 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Oh hey, you’re 41 posts away from 60,000! That’s many, in layman’s terms 😂
    • Hell yeah
      Also sorry for completely fucking losing all muse for our plot. And thread.
    • It’s chill! XD
    • 20 away fam XD I’m watching to condragulate you 😂😂
    • Oh cheers
    • You’ll get a really fancy done up message when you hit it 😂 I’m weird like that
  • Hey Freak (man I still feel rude saying that), I saw you weren't doing well on the chat box, do you mind me at all suggesting some people who would be glad to rp with you perhaps?
    • I would love that thank you so much. I'm just hurt and need a reason to stay here
    • Try either Mystery Dragon or David Tennant (unless if Dav is the one who hurt you? qwq)
      I'd suggest more, but a lot of my friends are gone or very busy.
    • ILL try mystery dragon because me and davids threads lose muse hard
    • Heres a hint the person who hurt me has a . At the end of their lowercase name and has commented on my wall.
      Enjoy :)
    • Ah I see, well Mys is a rather good RPer and very good with many things! Especially fantasy based rps, she's very into dragons and mythology :3
  • Hey! How are you?
  • Ok so here’s the plot: A human explorer crash lands on an alien planet. The human is fine, but the encounter these creatures called rainbownans that look like humans, except they have fur and come in a wide array of different colors. The human has to adapt to the new society he/she found her/himself in and work on getting back home.
    • It sounds intresting, but what if when they land they get captured by them and have to be asked a lot of questions before they accept her as one of them. But she doesn't feel quite like them so wants to head home but falls in love..so when shes about to leave the one shes in love with stops her?
    • Ok sounds gud
    • Can you make the thread? Im gonna be busy for the next three hours..
    • Sure
    • Thank you!
  • idea 1- Witch/Angel. An angel is assigned to protect a witch who is or will become the new white witch. A witch that can preform angelic level magic. The angel is assigned to protect them from the time they are born to the time they die. This will be protecting them from demon and evil of all likes that would love to get their hands on the witch and use them for their own personal gain.

    idea 2- Person A is driving down an old backroad late at night when a dog runs out and they end up hitting the dog. Person A freaks out and places the dog in their backseat and heads to the vet office, hoping to get in touch with a staff member. Once there they get out their vehicle and look in the backseat. Where once lay a dog, now laid a human being. Person B. Person B is a skin-walker and Person A is beyond confused but decides to take them home and treat them themselves. Things heat up when Person B reviles that they have hunters looking for them.

    Idea 3- Demon/Seral killer- Demon character is going around making deals, stealing souls, and leaving a trail of bodies knee deep where ever they go. Convinced they are unstable they end up setting their sits on Character B, but are stopped when they watch them broodily kill a young couple. Now in love with the blood soaked killer Demon character is hell bent on making them their new sidekick.

    (These are all just summed up. You can pick from them and i can change it and fix it to your liking and develop the plot more.
    • I really like option 2, I don't mind playing either!
    • Okay, i was wanting to play person B but if you want you can.
    • I can do A. Could you make the thread? Also is this going to be a BxG or GxG or even BxB
    • It doesn't matter with me. What ever your comfortable with.
    • I've been meaning for a good GxB
  • Hey bab, uhm just a quick warning. This weekend ill be waking up at 1am (my time) to leave for 8 days. Im leaving with a friend so I won't be as active. Though i will try to do what i can!
    • Oh have fun.
    • Ill be as active as i can x3
    • No go live and have fun..Just be safe. Ok?
    • I will, don't worry. x3 I have rod i have to get back to, I'm not leaving all our work behind. <3
  • Hey wanna plot up an rp for a thread? :'3
    • Hey want me to send a pm?
  • hih
  • Hey how are ypu? :3
  • Hey
    • Heyo what's up?
    • I was just wondering what type of roleplays you Do? :3
    • Humanish or supernatural or like apocalyptic stuff really. Normally either gxg or bxg

      Got a plot or idea you wanna develop? :)
    • Hmmm, I don't have a plot or anything yet but imma pm you ^^
    • Okie I'm about to do my nails so excuse me if I don't reply right away
  • Hi. Wondering if you still wanna rp with me..
  • Want to do a 1-on-1 RP?
  • good morning
  • hoi
  • Hey uh... I'm sorry if you don't wanna do the RP anymore, and I apologize for what happened. So um, you can delete this comment if you wanted to, but I just wanted to be polite and apologize for what happened.
    • I do want to continue it, just reply when you can ok? At least one post as its my birthday now. No hard feelings? :)
    • I did post though qwq the day you asked? I don't think it showed up for you thoughh oh and happy birthday!
    • You asked what to do with your Charri?
    • I posted after that
    • Oh sory Mind bumping it, It didn't show at all for me :)
  • Hey.. :)
  • Hello, I noticed you saying you have a some muses and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a roleplay with me? I'm pretty much into any kinds of roleplays as long as I understand what they mean of course lol but I'm pretty much on here all the time and am open for anything. If not its fine, just figured I would ask c: I don't really have anything in mind but yeah, up for anything
    • I would love to plot something with you! I'm literally on here whenever I can be at least a couple times a day. :)
    • Sweet! I'm up for anything you wanna do. It can be anime/TV show based, or we can just use our OCS and do something with them. I'm up for anything!
    • Alright why don't you go make a private thread while I think about a plot..
    • Alright, what section should I make it in? It also may take me a little as I need yo go clean up real quick
    • Tv based? And that's fine I'm about to have dindins
  • Would you like to roleplay?
    • I would love to, Send me a pm :)
  • I posted the link under our conversation on my page!
  • Hey I saw you were looking for new RPs to join in the shoutbox! If you like dog rps here is one I just made. It is unrealistic though (the dogs have super powers and fight demons hehe ^^')
    So you can check it out if you want! If not then that's fine too.

  • i'm so sorry i'm so impatient, but i was wondering if you would still actually like to start a new thread? c:
    • Its fine. Im sorry I forgot. School and new rps stole my attention. Of course i would like to start a new thread. Mind making it?
    • of course i wouldn't mind, and it's all good. i just really want to get back into the swing of things with this website lol. i'll go ahead and start a thread now c:
    • Thanks
  • Bumping for our thread :)
    (Just in case you lost it )
    • Sorry for being late. Been focused on this heated thread. And exams. Mind bumping the actual thread and ill respond ASAP :)
    • Alright!