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  • good morning
  • hoi
  • Hey uh... I'm sorry if you don't wanna do the RP anymore, and I apologize for what happened. So um, you can delete this comment if you wanted to, but I just wanted to be polite and apologize for what happened.
    • I do want to continue it, just reply when you can ok? At least one post as its my birthday now. No hard feelings? :)
    • I did post though qwq the day you asked? I don't think it showed up for you thoughh oh and happy birthday!
    • You asked what to do with your Charri?
    • I posted after that
    • Oh sory Mind bumping it, It didn't show at all for me :)
  • Hey.. :)
  • Hello, I noticed you saying you have a some muses and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a roleplay with me? I'm pretty much into any kinds of roleplays as long as I understand what they mean of course lol but I'm pretty much on here all the time and am open for anything. If not its fine, just figured I would ask c: I don't really have anything in mind but yeah, up for anything
    • I would love to plot something with you! I'm literally on here whenever I can be at least a couple times a day. :)
    • Sweet! I'm up for anything you wanna do. It can be anime/TV show based, or we can just use our OCS and do something with them. I'm up for anything!
    • Alright why don't you go make a private thread while I think about a plot..
    • Alright, what section should I make it in? It also may take me a little as I need yo go clean up real quick
    • Tv based? And that's fine I'm about to have dindins
  • Curious question Bird, but do you do BxB or GxG roleplays by chance?
    • I do, I wanna do more GxG though as I just finished a thread similar. Would you like to RP?
    • Hmm maybe, I was just curious n stuff. I never really do GxG, so I'm a bit rusty and inexperienced with it sadly XD
    • It's literally the same as Bxb just more emotional and stuff XD
    • MORE HORMONES! (Jk jk though we girld can be hormonal at points)
      XD And well, we have chesticles. Buuut that's about it.
    • Chesticles XD I'm using that now
  • Would you like to roleplay?
    • I would love to, Send me a pm :)
  • I posted the link under our conversation on my page!
  • Just a little random question, buuuut who's/who are your favorite character(s) from Night in the Woods?
    • Mae bea and Greg. How about yours?
    • Hmm, I like Mae, Bea, Greg, and Selmers. Angus isn't quite my favorite, but I like him a ton.
    • Angus is a bear of mysteries
    • Many many mysteries, a bit of an enigma in the story
    • Hard to draw as well
  • Hey I saw you were looking for new RPs to join in the shoutbox! If you like dog rps here is one I just made. It is unrealistic though (the dogs have super powers and fight demons hehe ^^')
    So you can check it out if you want! If not then that's fine too.

  • i'm so sorry i'm so impatient, but i was wondering if you would still actually like to start a new thread? c:
    • Its fine. Im sorry I forgot. School and new rps stole my attention. Of course i would like to start a new thread. Mind making it?
    • of course i wouldn't mind, and it's all good. i just really want to get back into the swing of things with this website lol. i'll go ahead and start a thread now c:
    • Thanks
  • Bumping for our thread :)
    (Just in case you lost it )
    • Sorry for being late. Been focused on this heated thread. And exams. Mind bumping the actual thread and ill respond ASAP :)
    • Alright!