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  • Helo there : D
  • Hey stranger :)
  • So are we doing the forbidden romance between the shecat and the fox?
    • Yes!
    • Cool, can you PM me? I already have too many PMs. Also, can I be the She Cat?
  • So, I saw your message about a one piece roleplay on the chat and I was wondering if you’re interested in not only doing that but to also add some romance elements to it.
    • yeah i am!
    • Great! So while I’m still remembering this at midnight my time, could the romance be between a fruit eater and a normal person?
    • Yeah I think that’s be really cool!
    • Cool, which role do you want and are you fine with doing bxg for the romance?
    • yes im fine with bxg. i'd probably refer rping the girl unless you really wanted to?
  • I'm not sure how I found you, but I did. I used to roleplay in Nettleclan. My name was Cursed. Nice to see you again, even if you don't remember me! xD
    • Hello! Hello! I'm pretty sure I do remember you!! How have you been??
  • I couldn't figure out how to message people rip me
    But I have the idea of my med cat- Jayshade -to have had a litter of kits about six moons ago, but the clan is confused as to why Ivystar was supportive of her and allowed her to keep her position within the clan. Perhaps she was...let's say assaulted and confided in Ivystar, and when it was later found out she was pregnant, they two became close friends and Ivy promised her she could keep her job?
    • Oooo! I think that'd be a great idea!! So the clan would know that the kits were Jayshade's correct or have I read that wrong?
    • Yes, they would know they are Jayshade's kits ^^
      They just don't know why Ivystar let her stay as a medicine cat
    • Gotcha! Gotcha!
      I like this! I'm excited now!!!
    • Could Ivystar act like an aunt to Jayshade's kits????
    • That would be totally fine!
      Also, would it potentially cause problems if Jayshade is a munchkin? I found the best picture, and I'm dying to use it for her, but it's fine if you'd rather I didn't. It would be interesting if she was, if only to further prove to the clan that she's an outsider lol
  • Hey friend!!
  • Hey Scarlet! You probably don't know me but we were friends on this site a few years back- remember Val?
    • Excuse me, do you really think I'd forget you, Val?
      Did your parents take down the firewall????
    • xD no, but we got a new computer, and I'm sixteen now instead of 11 so I'm not convinced they care anymore~ oh well, they don't have to know.

      don't get on much anyways, actually. I just kind of wanted to let you know that I live :DD and find out if you were alive too
    • Oh haha, yes I'm alive. I don't get on as much as I used to unfortunately. And plus, when I do get on, I typically just roleplay in Traditional ThunderClan since you can pop in and out as you please. (Scarletfox is my main character in there too.)

      So anything new with you?
    • Mm, not really, except that I've changed a lot since I was 11 xD And I can't get on much either, due to high school. Not a whole lot of time on my hands, lol xD
    • I understand. Yeah, I'm going through similar stuff that keeps me busy; I'm a freshman in college now and I'm working two jobs, so it cuts my roleplaying back by a lot so. Though, I do try to get on as much as possible. You'll see me on here late at night and on the weekends typically.
  • oh my goodness, you're still on here. i would have figured that you'd be gone by now! but, hi!
  • The discord server has been restarted. here is new link:
  • Wassup!!!!
    • WHISPER!!!!
    • What have you been up to? I haven't seen you in a long time
    • Well, I've been locked out of my account so that's why you haven't seen me.
      I just started my freshman year of college so I've been wrapped up in that.

      What have you been up to??? I haven't heard from you in a long time either!
  • Hey Scarlet! It's Ravenflight123 (I changed my username). How are things?
    • Hey there, Raven!!!
      Things are well! I'm sorry for the super late reply, i've kind of been locked out of my account this May.
    • oh! huh i wonder why!?
      lol its okee
    • It was because the the Two-Factor Authentication code wasn't accepting any of the codes I was putting in. But it's all fixed up now :)
      How have you been???
    • gooodddd
      i have tried- and failed- to create many a clan. for some reason they never stay active.... :(
    • Well, I'm back now, so maybe I could help you out?
  • Hey.....psst....wanna join a revamped 2017 version of my first ever FF thread?
    • Depending on what type of roleplay it is? Because there's some that I'm not very good at xD
    • Check my siggy its a clan
  • When ya see this message, please respond in FTF please :D Kinda need you lol
  • hiya friend<3 it's been a while~
    • It's been WAY too long
    • yeah ;_; i miss talking to you!! how have you been?
    • I've been pretty well; busy with college stuff and I've been traveling a bunch. How about you? How have you been Maddy?
    • I've been alright! It's been a bit rough with high school and what not, but I'm doing okay! ~and guess who's flirting like there is no tomorrow yeah it's me but i don't want to but it just happens and idk what i'm doing rip me~
    • Hahaha don't worry, I'm doing the same thing and I don't really know how I'm doing it, I'm just attracting guys. Though before that, I made the mistake of dating my best friend and well.....that didn't go to well when we broke up. Now he's like super pissed off at me even though he straight out told all his friends that he was going to break up with me. He blamed me for everything, which I'm like, "Dude, chill the **** down."
      But anyways, yeah, I'm now pretty flirtatious and I don't understand why.
  • Okay guys, it's time to bring back NettleClan on this new site.
    • Totally tried to revive it before the site change, but it failed miserably when the new site came to be

      Definitely up for it, really want to bring my charries back
    • Yeah, I think the new change is killing all the established clans at the moment, so I'm assuming the best option is to just make a clan on the new site and see if people are draw to it or not. We'll see.…-weakness-sign-up-thread/
    • All people have to do is search for the thread in the search bar and then bookmark it for future reference.
    • Oh okay, that works.
      I'm also making NettleClan a jump-in thread instead of having people make their forms and whatever, so just tell me on the thread (bc my pm aren't working) if you are taking a certain rank. I'll probably accept more leaders than usual if we get more people interested in the thread.