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  • I seriously thought you had lost interest in our thread when you didn't respond; I guess our PMD RP is back in business?

    Edit: typo's everywhere
    • Heh. More like I died for a few months
    • Roll 1d6 for saving throw; *gets a 1*

      Edit: d20, what am I doing???
  • Would it be weird for me to use ("hijack") an X-Men character from the comics for that plot? A girl by the name of Paige Guthrie/Husk.
    • Honestly, just change the name and it’ll be all good
  • You have a MCU X-Men plot?
  • Hey there~
    While we're waiting for The Game to have more people, are you interested in doing a private plot with me?
    • Sure what about?
    • I dunno X3
      I have to go have a shower now, but how about this. When I'm having a shower both you and I will rack our brains for ideas.

      You in?

      too late I'm already gone );D
    • Muse A and B were best friends and had done everything together until Muse A’s family one day suddenly pulled them from school, and forbid both Muses to contact each other. That was ten years ago and now both muses are around 24-26. They once again meet at a corner coffee shop where Muse B works. Muse A has powers that had radomly developed (both parents were superheroes and thought their child would be safe) and was taken away so they could train, but forbiden to ever become a hero. Muse B has had powers their entire lives but never told Muse A, they are the new hero watching over the city. Muse A wants to be a hero and finds Muse B in hero form and begs them to let them help. Muse B declines, until something groundbreaking happens (ex, aliens invade the city, a new villain shows up that has a track record of anhilating heroes,) and they need Muse A’s help.

      I’d be Muse A with a Non Binary Character. Most people have two powers if they have them but some are known to have as many as six
    • And back
    • Mk J'll be Muse B owo
  • Hey Aevus, it's Ink, I was wanting to know if the itsamiraculous proboard rp died. Because I did an announcement on there. I might remake the proboard if you decide not to come back. But just popping in and wanting to know. :3
    • I do think the board died. I remember one day trying to go to it and it not existing? I don’t know if I typoed or it was deleted, after that i really didn’t try going back. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to redoing it!
    • If it spares me the trouble we can just continue, here is the link:
      (Just telling you I tried messaging and stuffs on there.)
    • Okay. Weird. Maybe itbwas just my Internet hating me. Oh well. I’ll do my best to stay active this time!
    • Ok! Thank you! ;3
  • Suddenly, Aron
  • hello
  • hi!
  • Ey this is Sylphie right?
    Just making sure, don't want to mix up users lol
  • Emeraldfang? You're Aevus aren't you? It's me the person you did the ML RP with I foudn our thread.…-p/?pageNo=5#post89092831