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  • Hey Kal, would you mind if I used your Multiverse idea for a thread??
  • wow you're still on the site? i remember you from way back.
    • Eh, barely. I'm in, like, one roleplay.
    • I'm in 0. I just hang around the Welcome Board, Help Den, and the General now. c,:
    • That one RP is the only thread I post in.
    • alright you win.
  • Sup Kal, remember me? I was the terrible version of Spidey lol
    • Yeah, though, I'm not really all that present on the site these days so if you were wanting to RP I couldn't make any promises.
    • Nah I just wanted to say hello
  • your name reminds me of a type of lizard.
    or dragon.
    • Well I am a dragon furry so I guess that's good?
    • guess so.
      aw dragon furry. i have this image of a furry dragon..
      like in that movie Pete's Dragon
  • heyo.
    • Hey, sorry, got preoccupied and forgot to respond, lol.
    • it's cool. :^)
      how are you doing today?
    • Tired, jaded by all the drama surrounding the site change.
    • yeah, it's gotten old fast.
      the best thing you can do is to just not get involved with the spammers. report and move on.