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  • hey, can you please let me know how I can get my two cats accepted into fogclan?
    • If you read through some of the forms I’ve accepted, or even my forms (which admittedly aren’t my best), to see the standard being set, that might help
    • ok, so I look at your post and read it. I hope that is alright.
    • Is mine still not good enough?
  • Hi just a friendly reminder that a lack of posting in the hunger games thread will result in the death of your character, I've been pretty lenient so far but its been quite a while since you've posted- if you no longer wish to participate in the RP please let me know
  • Rp with me now
    • what am i rping with you? lmao
    • Tvd
      It's fine if you don't wanna but my threads are dead and I got muse for days
    • depends what u wanna rp haha
    • Well I think it be cool to have Damon X oc as the main relationship
    • who rping who? for reference, better at females lmao
  • Yes, the prosecution is ready.
  • Us englishmen must stick together on the runways! :)
    • YAAASSSSS wait what runways? Bc my first thought is drag race XD
    • What other runways are good enough than Rupauls..Pfft come on queen!
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