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  • look, it's not that I want to suffer.
    i just want to live without doing anything. — hitchcock

    When the boy sitting next to her stands up to go to the front of the room, Tsubaki panics a little when she realizes there's nobody between her and the…
  • anc

    Chara kept her polite smile as she stepped aside so that Prince Joffrey could walk between her and Taliya.
    "Your highnesses, if there's anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please let us or any of our other siblings know. We'll do what…
  • Jumpsuit

    Replied to the thread Automaton (Private w/ Jumpsuit).
    "Yeah," Hank mused, in a semi-detached manner. He'd been pondering that for a few minutes now. He knew it wasn't unheard of for the android to wander off, damn thing seemed to have a mind of his own most the time. It was just slightly alarming that he'd…
  • scar.

    Replied to the thread trad kids storage.
    ah I'll reply asap <33

    lmao yes he needs to kill said person. I'm trying to use the account and what a better way than to have the cat on there killed.

    dont worry tangy would literally sacrifice herself for lion <33

    Replied to the thread BUST YOUR KNEECAPS | open, intro.

    tigerkit's feathery-tufted ears flicked up excitedly as her dully pigmented green visionaries caught sight of rustpaw. "thanks again for the feather," she chirped, signaling with her marble tabby tail to the plume neatly tucked into the mossy
  • Insanityflame

    Replied to the thread ☁ mistclan - chat and plot ☁.
    About the adotable cats, excpecially Streampaw - maybe he died turing the time skip? Same with Dawnkit...I will make Rainkit later on....
  • Giichi Akifumi- False Reality
    Giichi nodded to Mr. Izumi, then took his seat back next to Red just in time to witness his huff after speaking with the jelly boy. Would it kill him to smile a bit? Despite Giichi's facial expression being as aloof as
  • nutfur !

    Replied to the thread THUNDERCLAN CENSUS.
    I think you might've missed me ^^
    ohhhhh you put me in warriors haha
  • Insanityflame

    Replied to the thread mistclan - roleplay.
    - female |36 | Queen | kits: Rainkit, Dawnkit, Nightkit | Crush/mate: locked (for now) | tags: Redberry, Sparrowgaze

    She smirkled at Redberry "Oh thank you dear" she meowed little bit of joking
  • illusion !

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    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ochako