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  • alyss in wonderland

    "I should probably go," the brunette nodded respectfully to Dustin's mother before exiting the room.
  • alyss in wonderland

    Virgil had his hands stuffed in his jean pockets as she strolled through the forest. He brought his phone out from his back pocket, switching on the flashlight so he knew that he wouldn't run into anything.
  • puppies1

    Replied to the thread The pack of moonlight Roleplay.
    Royark nods his head as everyone reluctantly pads away. He sits beside resika and starts to lap at kana's pelt. He notices that resika had started to dry her before anything was asked. 'hmm..that's got motherhood written all over it...I wonder if she…

    Replied to the thread SUNCLAN FALL CHOICE AWARDS!.
    this is now closed! results will be posted shortly.
  • aurum p. arbor

    It was deathly quiet where he stood, as he dreamed. The breeze aired his feathers but made no sound, and he shut one eye as it blew across his face. This was perfect, but too perfect.

    He was in a meadow, but everything was too bright, artificial –…
  • checkers

    honestly i would have just suggested roo's current signature but instead it says 'that sounds gay, i'm in' but w/e /s

    anyway sorry for the late reply, gonna put the thread up

    Replied to the thread EXILES MASS ADOPTS + HP TRYOUTS.

    「 watch and learn, i won't show you twice 」
    also lowkey gonna do this before i forget

    (Hidden Content)


  • Monika

    Replied to the thread The Emperors children.
    OC: I was trying to look for a form for Fujiwara and it turns out she doesn't have one. I guess that's what happens when you promote a minor character to a main player in the storyline eheheh...
    I should make a form for Fujiwara, just for funsies. One…
  • He was vaguely surprised she didn't comment on the eyes thing, but couldn't really find it in himself to care. He just wanted to get back to his hideout and store the food before it went bad. "Seriously why are you following me? I've been passing through…
  • Sky;;

    You're welcome! <3