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  • Bunnicula

    i know i need a real life but i feel like I betrayed ff

  • Bunnicula

    I started ork today. I had orentation

  • Laddius

    Yeet me off the roof the way i almsot did like an hours

  • ~PRIEST~

    My former GM was a jerk to half my co-workers

  • darkxros3x

    My general manager is an idiot.

  • Xanadu is White Bread

    I am u n w e l l. Oof

  • arthur morgan's beard

    “I am extremely responsible for my money” son...you bought 22 boxes of Girl Scout cookies...you can’t do that and be fiscally responsible at the same time

  • arthur morgan's beard

    he got like three or four boxes of every kind...im in love

  • paine.


  • arthur morgan's beard

    Tyler is a g lmaooo, I asked if they were all for him and he said “hell yeah they are”

  • arthur morgan's beard

    also I like Roseshade

  • arthur morgan's beard

    uhhh some kid named Tyler just ordered 100 dollars worth of Girl Scout cookies from our teacher, what a guy

  • pixi

    like flame would be bright, shade would be subdued

  • pixi

    they also kinda influence the appearance

  • pixi

    like roseflame sounds like somecat ambitious, but roseshade sounds like a xat whos kinda on the sidelines

  • pixi

    a name can decide a personality

  • pixi

    i think it depends on your character

  • darkxros3x


  • Fernheart

    Last time I ask: Roseflame or Roseshade?

  • WhiteTailTheWarrior


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  • deutschland

    Now he was all alone. He had taken Nymeria's age-old position and she had taken his. The German shepherd lifted his fading gaze up to Nymeria, seemingly making no response to his new status. He glanced down at his paws, noticing each weathered scar and…

    Replied to the thread LA DE DA DE DAY [AMBUSH TRAINING].
    He wasn't a fighter either. The tiger cub had just begun to reach the age where children usually began to focus on more serious training but it honestly sort of scared him. Especially given the bloody nature of his…

    Group of four. Border. Appear to be non-threatening.

    The intrusion of thoughts from his companion was a welcome distraction from thoughts that had started to take a darker turn, the realization that he was moving backwards in his mental process to…
  • rinaxbina

    Replied to the thread Private: Me And Galathynius.
    (Im gonna skip a post or two with Chris, he's doing his thing on stage, I wanna try and focus on Dylan for a sec)

    Dylan wasn't quite sure why he said what he did. Was it a date? Honestly he wasn't really sure, he hadn't given it that much thought. But…
  • kitten4life

    i get stressed over the smallest things *:・゚✦ my mistakes slowly eating at me



    "my names blurryface and i care what you think"

  • soleanna


    ✶ ✶ ✶ man i'm thriving for the amount of people in sky's thread are like:



    Posted the thread overdose (p, Breezepaw).

    I won't forget
    I will find you once again —
    Breezepaw !
    Cloudy just stared at the apprentice in front of her, not really quite sure what to say. She hadn't really been that well-informed about the whole apprentice/mentor thing, and having…
  • Ech0

    Like (Post)
    August is super gay but open for friendship plotting!
  • Ech0

    Like (Post)
    I'm here!
    I'll get on that list of deep dark fears to PM you in a little bit!

    leijon92 Nick is straight as well! He's super shy and dorky and is majorly loyal to the people he cares about! If you're interested ^_^

    Also, Shiloh's just all over the…
  • magpie.

    Replied to the thread plot with magpie.
    @fay yeZz please that would be cool besides mags already looks up to fay in that way so on the right track <33

    alastor please i need her to be scared a lil- would it be okay if magpie actually started to like him even though he scares her and is a…