MichaelA.Myers Greetings Mortals, Im the OFFICIAL Michael Myers of WCRPG

  • 2016
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, Reading thread Volatile Times (cp and slasher rp and signup)

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  • Nevermore -

    Hi we did the Eddie Gluskin x OC RP?

  • -reverie- -

    OMG Michael Myers!! I have definitely seen you around on the old site... Lowkey famous in my eyes. Hello!

    • MichaelA.Myers -

      Oh hello! ^^' oh I'm not famous at all

    • -reverie- -

      Shhhh yes you are don't deny it

    • MichaelA.Myers -

      No I am not...I'm just a normal rper

    • -reverie- -

      *sigh* okay okay WOULD LOVE to rp with you

    • MichaelA.Myers -

      Okay what would you like to rp

  • no one. -