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    if i were someone brave just image what i could do / overview — ☼☽

    leesha aeternum; 'lee' / biological born a female [her/she]

    shadow veil / nightwatcher / titles;duskchaser,sociable

    raised and lives in shadow veil / mentored by madrabbits

    birthday 12th march / six moons / ages realistic / aries

    member of the aeternum family / loyal & devoted to all aeternum members

    i could hit back and defend myself and maybe even you / relationships — ☼☽

    npc x npc; adopted by charlotte aeternum

    homosexual homoromantic / no crush / "hopeless romanticer"

    easily falls in love / have a bad habit to go out to 'strong' when having feelings for someone

    faithful partner / is very caring and affectionate towards her partner

    single; to young for a relationship / 1/2 of nothing

    easy to befriend; very open and friendly to be around

    friends; ver,riptide,hestia(developing),ace

    trusts; charlotte,ver,mercy,abbi,junepaw,madrabbits,strat.riptide,frenchie,ace

    distrusts; jadeite,shocktherapty,the exiles

    there's a chance a tiny chance, that you might smile again / apperance — ☼☽


    main color brown; white; tail tip, ear tips, stripes on both front legs, dots under eyes, dots on chest

    pale yellow eyes; have light pink pubils which makes her eyes look very unique/stunning

    slender built;fluffy tail and chest and have a slim face / takes the size of a wolf

    wears a red scarf

    INJURIES/ MENTAL HEALTH: " will be alright "

    crippled after getting her back spine broken by kukiko

    cause that's all that really ever mattered to me in the end / personality — ☼☽


    personality is a WIP at the moment, will add as times goes

    if i lived all alone you wouldn't have to deal with me / interaction — ☼☽

    physically very easy / mentally just as easy - have no battle experience

    unkown powers / undiscovered & unmastered / does not seem to have any yet

    telepathy[always active,does not know she have it],

    unkown how she will handle attacks / will get discovered over time

    mention LEESHA when attacking or if she is needed / played by Seina

    and you would be free of the troubles that i have to deal with / plots — ☼☽

    after a conflict with some npc's by reading thier minds she have started to secretly getting bullied by them.

    some unkown voice have started to speak inside of her head now and then talking in red texture. leesha is unaware of this voice hearing it like a bare whisper and it comes from her inner consciousness.

    - the voice have started to become more louder now, and seems to start influence leesha a bit more then before.

    after coming back from her capture in the exiles leesha have started to realise how dangeorus the world can be and have even asked to become an apprentice earlier so she can learn how to defend herself.

    currently got possessed by a unkown spirit but it dosen't seem like he have taken any control over her, and right now simple seems to live inside of her, not even leesha knows he is there.

    so i was thinking to cripple one of my characters, breaking thier back spine so they can't use thier back legs. I'm a bit hesitant about it even if i think that would be very interesting to roleplay since i have done it once before and found that rather challenging to do but in a good way, however because of the problem it will make to move them around ( the most problamatic thing to move them to places and interact in other threads) i'm just wondering if i would want to 'cure' them and make them able to walk again in the future would it be possible to do so with someone how had healing powers?.

    would they be able to cure thier broken legs and make them into function again?.

    i remember the whole way back when amour was in a love triangle drama between risencorpse and coppermine. i remember still very clearly how risen showed his affections to amour on valentine's day and coppermine arrived in with flowers he wanted to give amour but dropt them when he saw the two and heart broken left. so yeah i have followed amour's life in bloodclan during the old good days xD

    yo-yo i'm just wondering is there any chance that the sanctuary might ask for help with the cartel regarding Katherine's capture??

    I want Break to found out and since he is the Capo of the militia he will give them all the help they want and will go through hell and back just to get his great-aunt back c':


    -- finalstrike / 'finn' / real name unkown

    -- male / goes with 'he' pronouns / closed gay

    -- seven moons old physically / birthday unkown / ages realistic

    -- currently a loner, no rank / travels alone / no titles


    [ BIRTH, CURRENT ] -- CARACAL -- HEALTH _100_%


    -- accessories;



    -- important traits;


    -- npc × npc / three dead siblings

    -- ( adopted by no one ) no children

    -- crushes on no one / single

    -- trusts no one / friends no one / enemies with no one / etc?

    -- initiating fights? / provoking? / triggers?

    -- weapons? / using weapons offensively?

    -- permission for powerplay of nonviolent actions? / powerplay of nonviolent actions?


    -- misc

    -- misc

    -- misc

    alright got it, take your time with it then and don't feel any rush, just wasn't sure if you where aware of it or not.

    personally i found the cartel a bit dull at the moment since not much is happening like at all which drains my muse away with break but! it might just be me how thinks that and i'm fine with whatever really (:

    i like that idea! i don't think i was here during the sun event since i'm not sure what it was about but sounds fun! i think it would make the cartel some good for some events to be going on here, let me know if i can help with anything prefering it being small things though since i will be super busy next week thanks for a upcoming test i have in school i need to studie to, i also have been planning to make a human au party event to invite our associates too just for the fun of it.

    throwing break at ya

    i already likes his and Alea's interactions and think they could get along great, at first just joking around with one other and just being on friendly terms with one other but overtime this public friendliness develops and they actually start to care for one other as friends or even developing a brotherly bond ?? since Break is the Capo of the militia division he can also help Alea out anytime if he needs help to craft weapons or anything of the sort (or have ideas to improve the division) Break will be there hearing them out and helping him out.

    i can also offer Hebi(from the exiles) for some host service to help out with the cartels business a bit, Hebi have zero interest in any sexual contact though so he will hire Alea to be his night buddy at night to stay up and simple keep him company since Hebi suffers with really bad night terror and since he thinks he is dreaming everything and this world is created to trap him in this dream dosen't think agrelos is real and because of that won't think much of it to hang out with Alea since well he isn't real anyway. maybe some interesting plots as well could wake up from it like founding him when he is in the middle of one of his nightmares or just coming to realise that Hebi is a very lonely and broken person.

    YAKAN. i like that idea yakan! also i think you should update the guide there is alot of things that's outdated and is not correct anymore like thier enemies and the ranks, it might be confusing for the new members if they attack the exiles for example since they are still stated as thier enemy when they actually are in a business relationship with them now.

    i also think we should start some conflict with the cartel and some other clan that's have as little members as the cartel since right now thier only enemy is the sanguine ruins and they stand no chance against them so i think a conflict that could give them a new enemy might be nice with a clan how have the same activety as us so it will be a more even fight and battle. since the cartel is a mafia group i think some sort of conflict and fights might be fun without it becoming to overwhelming and to much for anyone.