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    we will look forward to have you guys here then (:

    also, for now i'm keeping a low profile to give Zeppelin's roleplayer a chance to step up but if they don't i will step up with my boy Breakout until Yakan arrives back.

    i'm quite sure we have a discord but at the same time i never join discord chats but i can see if i can found it if you guys wants to?




    parents; npc & npc | prince of the korin empire | has [6] siblings

    biological born a male/identifies as genderless ('they' pronouns only )

    — ageless | age unkown/never ask about his age | looks to be around 2 years

    self-claimed asexual / biromanticer | no current crush |single & not interested | #foreveralonesquard

    currently stays in the sanctuary(honor) & solaris kingdom(member) | no titles





    it's very difficult to achieve a honest and geunie friendship with fall even less so to keep it in a long run. they simple dosen't values friendship with people for any other reason then to use them as company to get some time passing by. they cannot see the purpose of having friends and have never ever given someone a honest chance to get to know them because fall honestly has no idea how to make friends even if they had wanted to. for them friendship are something they can use for thier own benefical sake or to use to help achieve thier goals which makes fallen's loyalty to them very fragile. however, if someone would mange to break through thier thick shell and reach down to thier heart it's very possible that fall would realise thier value to have them in thier life and if so will become a very loyal and trusted friend to them.


    fall dosen't believe in love. they think it's all a lie and wants nothing to do with it so will distance themself away from any potential love interest. because of this it makes it difficult to form any sort of romantic relationship with them and it's more likely for them to get turned down instead of embracing this feelings. they would also never date anyone just for the sake of it, if they ever would get themself into a relationship it would be for thier own winning sake such like higher thier own status or reputation. other then that fall simple can't see any other point with a relationship other from what it could give them in a long run. it's possible to get through this shield they have built up around them but it's not easy to win this ones heart and trust.



    ♀ — a mix breed between a kitsune & cheetah

    — bigger in size then from the catsune body; takes the size of a cheetah

    — well groomed and stunning beautiful fur, thin coat type, has one double tail

    — blonde colored fur with liliac pink colored orbs; has a black tail tip

    — thier wings are raven's black with golden paint along with stars shinning from them

    accessories nose piercing, piercings in the ears, black necklace with a golden star on it.

    perma injures none


    ♂ — a mix breed between a kitsune & domestic cat; looks more like a kitsune then a cat

    — bigger in size then some of his siblings; pretty much in the size of a medium dog (labrador/golden)

    — well groomed and beautiful fur, thin fur but thicker by the chest and with fluffy tails(has three)

    — cream colored fur with liliac/lavender colored orbs along with purple-blue marks

    — his wings are lavender/liliac,purple-blue and ivory with a glittering nuance

    — liliac pink colored orbs

    accessoriesa black necklace with three stars hanging from it, a black star pierce in both of his ears

    perma injures none




    POWERS [100%] telekinesis,teleportation,super senses,possession

    WEAPONS owns a katana, uses it only in battle

    — physically difficult | mentally medium | generally a skilled fighter

    — usual dosen't start fights | will protect himself | can show mercy

    — tag FALLENGRACE when attacking | can powerplay none violent actions

    yeah exactly! Ice is a hollow now sooo he does not really have a 'heart' but apart of him do want his heart back to be able to feel something again so?? who really knows cx

    and yes, if you can make that would be very much appreciated thank you <33

    yes i like this idea! and Ice is not much to attack Feliks either because he just don't wanna bother his time on him xD he thinks he is an annoying fly how will just keep coming back no matter how many times he smacks him, lol.

    Feliks could try to have a moral talk with him too? idk about you but i found threads like that very interesting.

    OMG SOCKS I HAVE MISSED YOU!! <33 *hugs you*

    i'm so happy you're back!


    Leesha looks amazing just the way she is

    thank you so much i'm going to cherish this prectious art for eternity <33

    *flies in here*

    Leesha?? :O

    she is a brown one-tailed kitsune.

    her art dump is HERE <33

    minus the necklace though since i have not decided if she shall have it or not, and when she will get it if so

    Yo guys!, just letting you know i finally decided to fix my deviantart so i could get back on there, you can now found me under the name QueenEsdeath or HERE i'll probably start to post there more often now (: