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Check out Ivoria in Agrelos! They are an evil backboard group situated on the waterway. Successful completion of a trial is required in order to join. We have a great OOC community and would love to have you!

    (That's fine. I'm in no rush myself, so definitely take all the time you need to sort out any life priorities and personal needs. They come first, after all! >;D )

    The sound of a voice was all it took for the "fire"-headed puff to finally thrust herself upright, in almost a casual, backward flip.

    "Huh, me?" Seth answered, with a raised brow, "No sweat, really. I'm fine."

    Honestly, she hadn't expected anyone to be here at all after taking the unexpected tumble. And all the energy she could have wasted being startled was already channeled into an escape from having her head in the sand. She could only deduce that maybe, JUST maybe, this was the figure that took her on that previous spin!

    Yet... jump to conclusions?

    Nahh, she wasn't about that life, so after a brief second or two taken to look over and regain eye-contact with her conversational partner...

    "Say, you new here or anything?" She then asked, carrying herself with a mild, confident smirk. "Name's Seth. I protect the Island time to time."

    She'd have invited a handshake, but the individual before her seemed to have enough an air of importance looming about that she refrained the... "formality", just in case.

    Barely read-able in her composure to the un-trained eye, something within still wanted to comment about that incredible speeding object or individual she just barely glimpsed. She, however, kept that under some wraps until further notice... It was truly fascinating, to say the least, and it made her already nifty Air Ride Machine look far inferior, as compared.

    (You're completely fine, no worries! ^^ )

    (AAAAAAAAAAA I'm SO sorry! I got super swamped with chores and things on an unexpected notice! <|D;;

    I'll still try and help keep this going, if I can! ^^; )

    The red star was mostly blazing around the premise, first passing into the forest, weaving among the trees...

    'Wonder if Leo's already on-duty...' thought its rider, noticing no immediate signs of their friend nearby.

    The star then exited into the open street, passing by two large, red land-forms guarded by fearsome fire dragons... Said beasts would never acknowledge anyone, but every time she passed by, she had the unspeakable sensation they were always aware of her presence. That alone was easy to shake off, however, considering this island was home. The street forced a right turn, where she almost pondered grabbing a quick bite at the Castle Hall, but dismissed it for now.

    In the short time she approached the shoreline, an unfamiliar figure registered in her upper peripherals, and her instantaneous turn to get a better look pressed the machine downward and stunted it into a violent bounce.


    As the red ride helplessly flipped over and nose-dove into the sand a ways off (shattering some coral along the way), so did she just two or more inches forward... Face-first into the pristine powder before her. ...Not even HALF the distance the thing slid!

    A muffled "AH, Good going, Seth..." was all that was uttered.

    This "Seth" would probably wave her feet a bit for leverage and promptly heft herself up again, as usual, but it was a slow enough day that she sort of found herself mentally "savoring the flavor of the sand" instead. As she did so, she idly listened to the gentle roll of the tide as she slowly sorted out her suddenly alert state-of-being.

    Still though, what in all of Pop Star...? If she stalled this long, she'd miss a second chance to glimpse whatever it was that threw her off-balance!

    Seth, reconsidering her current life choice, began waving her feet violently for that leverage she so desperately needed, just to get the heck up...


    I might be a bit rusty, but let's dive in, shall we? (my sister can just catch up, haha)

    (actually, in all seriousness, she also gave a green light when I asked in-person, so no worries there. XD)

    Waves crashed readily along the glimmering shoreline, as the sun had shone high above the island. The weather promised nothing but partial clouds, and it was somewhat quiet at this point in the day, save the occasional bird cry.

    Something about today had sort of an energy to it, at least to one particular individual, who carried herself with an air of complete confidence... Entirely relishing in what lightness the breeze had to offer! She idly leaned against a red machine which she almost blended right into, whose generally "metallic" surface material absorbed enough warmth to be comfy to sit upon, and not too hot to touch...

    Today would be fit for just about anything: A joyride, chill out on the coral-littered shoreline just a ways yonder... There was plenty of time left! Perhaps she could sign herself in for something more competitive, such as a race or a stadium match or...

    Either way, she wasn't too sure what she was in the mood for, but as luck had it, severe wanderlust took over for the time being... Even despite knowing this place like the back of her... stub of a hand. The fire-haired figure swung her feet over, twisted around by hand, and propped herself onto the very machine to start it up. Thrusters floating just off each side had risen slightly and fiercely flashed in the back, releasing a concentrated white-hot light just behind. That done, she leaned to her right, slowly turning so that the nose of the star, as it was roughly shaped, was no longer facing the fence of the platform she set to take off from. Immediately, she went, sharply slid, and turned left to the open air, at which point she would drop to the pinkish cobblestone below.

    What wonders would today hold?

    The red puffball smirked as she blazed the trails, simply raring to find out!

    (Hopefully it's not overwhelmingly open-ended to work with. Kinda wanted to leave it on an "anything can happen" note, for now, just to get things stirring. ^^; )

    (Actually, if there's anything we can do to make this less aimless over time (if need be), either of you can feel free to belt some ideas at me or something anytime. I'm "all ears" (or, well, EYES). )


    That's completely fine! Life Priorities come first, so I'm not too alarmed or anything. Thank you so much!

    (I'll be sure to let my sister (our other participant) know things are starting to get rolling. )

    Shall we get started? (I can totally be the one to start us off, if you guys want. I'm actually typing like crazy as we speak! XD )

    Okay, well, I guess this thread title is sorta misleading (many apologies), but I've been hoping for at least one more taker for my new Kirby Air Ride RP so it can at least take off... (And that this is the right place to put something like this to begin with (I don't know with any certainty, honestly), of course. <|D;; )

    Even if it does take off finally, it will still be open for any newcomers too, so definitely don't worry about that either or anything. ^^;

    For context, this RP takes place on the remote island that the game's City Trial mode takes place on, primarily.

    It's kind of loose, free, and presently a little plotless... but that can be formed along the way if desired.

    You can also pretty much RP as any character you desire within-universe (Canon (any Kirby game, even outside Air Ride), Fan-made, etc.) (and if desired, you can create an Air-Ride-purposed machine/object of your very own if any of the in-game ones are of zero interest).

    Anyway, I'm gonna just sit back and cross my fingers I guess. (And hopefully I didn't do anything wrong, just by posting something like this, idk... It's been "5-ever" since I was last on here)

    Happy RP-hunting, everyone! ^^

    That's completely fine! >;D

    Seth (Kilaida)

    Young Adult


    A red-hot puffball often boasting a confident, green-eyed grin or smirk, and "ablaze" with long, fire-colored hair.


    She's essentially a more limited version of Kirby, due to a curse in her family lineage. She CANNOT combine copy-abilities, and certain more powerful abilities may be UNAVAILABLE to her altogether... However, she can use friend abilities as seen in "Kirby: Star Allies".


    As the proud and determined head of the Turbo Team and City Trial's sworn protector, Seth has (thus far) really shown a lot of promise throughout life forging an identity of her very own! She may be somewhat of a carefree daredevil time to time, but she truly means well, and is very dedicated to her cause and protecting others from any harm!

    Air Ride Machine(s): Turbo Star

    Other: Presumably, she uses an item called the "Turbo Mirror" to copy abilities.... Leaving up for debate as to whether or not copying abilities occurs to her naturally as a legitimate power.

    Anyway, I'm probably only gonna start when there's more than just us, if that's alright.

    Welp, my other RP hasn't exactly taken off, so let's do something else entirely for a change! (That other one is still open, however, for those curious)

    I've decided to do kind of a Kirby Air Ride RP, just to see if it takes off better (Seriously, I haven't RP-ed in literal AGES). There isn't really a set plot, but I'm open to almost anything happening, honestly.

    So let's just get right into it!

    If I can think of anything else or need to fix anything, I'll certainly try to edit this post accordingly.

    Also, I'll be putting my forms in a different post from this one (unless, of course, a sign-up thread is suggested... in which case I'll give it a shot I guess! XP )

    Anyway, I hope some of you may at least consider joining! And if you do, I hope you can enjoy this RP to the fullest! ^^

    (Oh my goodness I didn't realize anyone had finally started I'm so sorry, AAAAAAA)

    (Here's my start, hopefully it isn't too far off the mark here or anything. Stuff I got from randomizers made Caliqua seem more like a wanderer so it wasn't easy to adapt her into the whole thing at first. I hope this approach will do just fine. (I mean, YIKES, how would a wanderer like her get a letter anyway? She's got no address!))

    A dusky-clad figure found her way into a strange place, and after emerging finally into the light... expecting darkness. She curiously gazed on into the narrow extent of this... metal shell... Places for many to seat themselves, all rolling along to who knows where along a presumably fixed path. It had been a while, now, and she had assumed making an exit while in motion would be a fatal mistake.

    Out the window was nothing like the ruins she had known. She had seen countless things... A vast and lively expanse of glimmering water, various plants she'd never seen, and even white-capped land protruding past the clouds! The tension of being stared or glanced at had easily washed away, each moment she looked past the glass keeping everyone in as they traveled.

    Suddenly, darkness had eaten the entire view, and the void cast had snapped her to her senses.

    What would she do here? And how much of a mistake would exploring this vessel be if she couldn't return home?

    At that point, a man carrying himself with an air of importance walked by. He was inspecting these people for slips of paper... Though she couldn't tell what for.

    "Tickets?" A slip was torn into segments; he kept a portion, nodding and stepping to the next pair of seats, "Tickets?" Same thing. "Tickets?" And again until....

    "Ma'am? Do you have a ticket?"

    "Tic...ket?" She faintly lifted a finger toward herself, to confirm she was being addressed.

    Indeed she was, "Yes, ticket. You need a ticket to board this train, ma'am. Are you new here--?" Her appearance stuck out-- blue complexion, pointed ears, maroon-ish hair, a strange eye... He was certain he didn't recognize it as anyone who initially boarded upon the previous stop, "How did you even get on??"

    "I... just... did?" She shook her head dismissively and asked, "Sorry-- am I missing something here? All I did was discover this odd metal structure, and find a weird entrance! I didn't expect to see any people here at all! I didn't even expect this"she gestured toward the floor, "to MOVE at all!"

    It was at this point he realized this was an entire stranger to the ways of perhaps more civilized structures and concepts. He wouldn't have known from a glance, as her clothes seemed to be an odd mix of armor, feathers, and overcoat nonsense, (and for all he knew, it could have been a cosplay) but he could see exactly where all this was coming from.

    Needless to say, he had to put his foot down. He didn't want to get into trouble with the higher-ups in his job.

    "Look, miss. I see this may just be new to you, but it takes a lot to get this stuff in order, and as such, you gotta pay for a ticket before boarding. I'll let you off at the next stop, alright?"

    The stranger panicked, "That could literally be anywhere! I'm already this far from home and I'll wind up LOST!"

    He raised a brow, "Where you from?"


    With an answer like that, all the man could do was sigh, and proceed to advise, "Look, just get yourself a job and somewhere to be. Maybe then you'll have what you need for people to help you out later."

    The train came to a stop.

    "Well, that's your stop. Good luck, kid. Don't let anyone catch you without a ticket next time."

    She nodded and made her way out...

    And found herself in large, yet crowded place.

    How would she go about this? Where would she begin? How far had she gone?

    Where... WAS home, exactly?

    Perhaps, for once?

    I’ve been losing a lot of hope lately for a topic I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a while now, and I’m not sure what I can do better or of I’m just... out of touch...

    Recently, I started an RP about a more non-existent or obscure thing (Under the Skin/Meiwaku Seijin: Panic Maker), the only more unrelenting RP itch I’ve been dying to satisfy for about a year so far...

    “That’s exactly it. Why not start a more commonly heard-of subject?”

    Lately, they haven’t really been the most promising; not easily allowing my mood for them to resurface as normal.

    Take for instance my flagship interest, Starfox. I wind up hefting loads I can’t carry, dropped on me by countless 1x1 partners on platform after platform and everything quickly goes stale, because they don’t provide enough of their own substance. Thus, RP-ing my own special interest has become far too discouraging altogether (especially since those habits are somewhat commonplace among its fanbase, and finding anyone not prone to letting it drop like a hot-pocket is not so easy).

    I believed getting back into group settings would reignite my RP fire (especially since I started off that way in my RP life over a decade back). And at the time up until now, I’d been obsessing over a nonexistent gem of a PS2 game, and thought it would make for a perfect setting or plot... For about a year I thought that, and even after modifying my blunders and starting a new thread fresh... Now I see it just may not be as I had hoped. For reasons I can’t place (aside the obvious obscurity).

    I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. I forget whether I was gonna make this thread a place for advice/critiques/encouragement, or if I was simply gonna make an interest check... (And if something of this unknown or “desperate” nature is against any rules or causing unrest, I can certainly take all this down. <X,(;; )

    ...Is it right for me to just give up? Or should I try much harder to hang onto the patience I’m struggling to keep together after so long?

    What does anyone here think?

    Caliqua Keronis
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Species: Uncertain
    Occupation: None so far...



    Powers/Abilities: Can withstand surprisingly cold temperatures, possibly even into the negatives. Is also able to manipulate gravity within a certain radius, or concentrated upon on a targeted object or individual (or few?). Can also occasionally manifest slightly detached wings onto her person, which maintain a white, iridescent crystalline Luna Moth appearance; these mysterious wings may prove to have various uses...

    Weapons: Some scythe, I guess. The reason for this is unclear.
    Weaknesses: Not too easily trusting, though I guess that has its pros as well. Also naively optimistic at times.

    --Caliqua's origins are largely unknown and unexplained. There's word of a woman who never returned from desert ruins after a comet or... SOMETHING hit, and perhaps, she may have answers behind such an event... Though it's long enough lost to time to no longer hold relevancy in others' lives.

    --Absolutely loves cherries, scorpions, and malachite. Hates mustard, roaches, and the color yellow.

    So, I've decided to just start fresh after almost a full year of no actual luck in getting this afloat. Hope nobody minds at all.

    I sincerely hope some of you may consider this time~!

    I highly encourage those who have never heard of this rather obscure gem to come and give this a try!

    It's a bit experimental, but it's not as "complicated" or "particular" as it may sound, rest assured.

    Well, hi there! ^^

    Age: Unknown, presumably young adult
    Species: A Butterfly...?
    Occupation: None truly noted.
    A small, fairy-like being with a mid-dark complexion, warm-violet eyes, and long, disheveled reddish hair as well as long, string-like bouncy antennae. Her arms and legs fade to a deep blue just before/through the elbows and knees, and her hands and feet are more like curled little leaves or vines (respectively)-- both completely capable of wrapping around some objects. Her wings are somewhat large against her, like a slightly unusually small birdwing, but have more of a swallowtail shape, and blue patterns reminiscent of a purple emperor with trace hints of red-spotted purple (especially by the lower wings). She wears a large, white, tulip-like dress that almost hardly passes the knees, and is seemingly "stained" in scattered, colorful patterns along the near-ends of them... whereas meanwhile, from roughly the waist up, the petals don a lightly-jagged, black pattern.
    Some minor healing (anything large-scale (be it the injury, target individual, or especially both) might take much more time and energy than bearable, so if she rushes or doesn't take breaks, she might pass out I guess).
    And a bit of "camouflage", so-to-speak, in which her body seems to take form of that of a legit butterfly, but her wings remain (to anyone well-versed in their butterflies, however, her "non-existent" wings would be a dead giveaway).
    Weapons: Unarmed, usually. Not formally trained in any weapon usage either.
    Weaknesses: Really small, so could be easily swatted by larger others, for instance.
    Found and raised by a mysterious lady... presumably a witch, so most she crosses paths with are a little cautious or feigning positivity around her... It partly explains why she "can't people". Either way, it hasn't set her back too much, it seems...
    Tends to like to explore a ton... perhaps even beyond reason?

    I might not start myself off straight away today, but I'll do my best NOT to leave this hanging! >;D

    I guess this is what I should have done first thing, but I'd never heard of the concept of interest check threads until just some time ago.

    I started this one RP based on a really obscure game a while back, but it didn't really get anywhere. I have since asked whether or not it was okay to try the same already-existing thread again to see if I'd have any luck this time... which has finally brought me here with an interest check of my own.

    Even if you haven't heard of the game, that's completely okay. I would highly encourage giving it a shot anyway if aliens and/or cartoonish mayhem interests you to whatever extent! There's really not too much to "have to get to know first" when it comes to this thing, honestly (though if you still have any questions anyway, I would be most happy to provide any needed answers). ^^

    Anyway, may as well cross my fingers over this and hope for the best!

    Have a wonderful day, people! >;D

    Does anyone know if there are some general rules regarding long-neglected topics and whether or not/under what conditions "dredging" is okay?

    Also, how long must a topic exist in dormancy until it is unacceptable to bring back under any circumstance, if at all applicable?

    I ask because I started an RP a time ago (October-November), but no one really was interested... And since I got back into it again, I feel that making a copy-paste of the same (and most-likely glazed-over yet again) topic, even all the way down to my "initiating post" (which I'd want to use) would be so robotic/annoying of me and utterly pointless, but I don't want to just "bring it back to the top" to give it one last chance if it's clearly not allowed or anything.

    So what do I need to know, and what would anyone recommend I do?

    Any tips would be great...

    (//RIP Very well then. ))

    Today was sunny, and thankfully school was out for dismissal. A uniform-clad girl emerged toward the heart of the city.

    The same faces kept passing on by, she could recognize every one of them by now, whether she knew their names or not. Today was like any other, so far. She would ascend some steps and check if anything new was on display at the movie theater.

    In passing, either nothing was of interest, or had already been seen or stale. "G-G-G-Girl" and this other thing with a generic "tuxedo-dude and other chick" on the poster were supposedly the "hottest new things out there now", but not her cup of tea. There was no way she'd invite anyone she knew to hang with her there, for the weekend.

    She descended the steps at the opposite end of the theater, and left herself to wander. There wasn't much she could think of to do, but just in case today would be the day something exciting would happen... She simply refused to head straight home just yet!

    In untouched nature, just beyond the city, There so happened to be a peculiar tree... Or so this being hoped any passer by would think, as they themself carefully made their way toward the city... Being extra careful not to alert any beach-goers.

    However, the one in red swim-gear, "chilling" with a snoozing friend by a photographer, was the only one to turn her somewhat red head now and again. Though so far, no cover had been truly blown, to this one's own awareness. The ginger's friend kept telling her to relax, not convinced of her suspicion, and kept laying there under the sun's rays, face-down. She insisted, however, that it wasn't just rustling... There were branches that didn't belong every instance she had turned! Switching from one tree to another!

    Though every time... The plant remained still. They didn't exactly always have to look to know when and whether or not the earthling's gaze was averted either. Their quiet self had grown very accustomed to slinking around almost their entire life!

    "Would you listen to me, just this once?" She frustratedly whined, "Something. Is. OUT THERE! I just know it!"

    "Well then, why don't you investigate it?" The woman gave an annoyed sigh, knowing that if she had to do this next thing, it was highly likely nothing would come up, "If it is something, you can come back, fetch me, and point it out, and I'll act accordingly."

    The first one huffed, "Fine then, I'll do it myself and prove it to you. No creature on Earth would be made of those mysterious branches!"

    The lady stretched briefly, somewhat lightly groaning, but did not budge, "It's probably some kid messing around, if you find them, I'll call their parents to come pick them up."

    So she frowned and saw herself off. Of course an off-duty cop wouldn't help! Surely she'd find something in the brush, she just knew it!

    ((Hm.... maybe nevermind about the waiting, what do you think?  (I just find it severely awkward to RP only with someone who literally lives under the same roof as me and hoped at least one other passer by would take interest, though, ngl ) (Also I don't know if double-posting is even okay, so many most sincere apologies people!! <X(;; )

    And if so... Should I start, maybe? Or do you want to? ))

    The solace between classes was enough to get someone else to wonder freely. A red puffball knew she'd been here at least a small handful of a while, hoping the faculty remained fully aware she only intended to take this job temporarily. Many students, however, behaved as though she was here to stay and thoroughly enjoyed the class... What would she tell them, when the time would come, and how would they take it?

    Her sharp, green gaze then glanced to a door that lead back to the building from the courtyard, almost purposely breaking her line of thought. Her class wouldn't begin for some twenty minutes. Maybe a walk would cool her ever-running head awhile. No facial expression throughout this time onward had reflected the gears turning within. It was primarily very blank, and nowhere near negative.