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    Roman nodded a little at the confirmation. Hopefully he wasn't annoying Atticus with all of that. He felt like he would need a little here and there considering how it was in the past. The racer made a mental note that maybe he should lighten up and trust Atticus. He was positive that he was going to be different from the others. "Oh, racing. Well... I guess I was always interested in it. Sometimes my dad took me to watch them when he was still with my mom. Then after I ran away and I would sometimes stay up to watch them for a few years then Travis came along and he was in the scene with a few buddies then they let me try it. It turned out that I was pretty good at it," Roman informed happily. "I built my bike and got out of what I was doing at the time so I think racing is just something I'm meant to do." He adored racing, finding it to be one of the things he was good at other than hooking up with guys and stealing their wallets when they fell asleep.

    The shorter man noticed the hand offered to him and happily took it. He laced their fingers together and gave a quick squeeze. He raised a brow at the answer. Yellow? He never met someone who liked yellow before. Roman took in his explanation and nodded. "I wouldn't have expected you to like yellow but.. it suits you. Maybe you can spice up your atire once in awhile and wear a yellow tie one day," he mused as he thought of the concept. It looked nice in his imagination so perhaps it would look just a lovely in real life.

    "Yeah, I do," Roman admitted when asked if he felt cooped up in a car. He laughed as he tried to imagine Atticus trying to work a motorcycle. It was cute. "Falling off sucks, I've done it too many times. But I would love to take you for a ride one day and I promise that I won't let you fall off," he assured sweetly. The last thing he wanted was Atticus to get hurt. Roman made a silent promise to himself to never let the older man get hurt as long as he was still able to move. Oh? Were they here? He unbuckled his seatbelt as his date climbed out of the car and was about to get the door but he was beaten to it.

    He climbed out and noticed the light rain falling. "Hey, it's raining," Roman chirped in excitement. Rain always felt nice. The racer took Atticus's hand and looked up to sky. "We should probably get inside for the reservation, though, I doubt you wanna sit out here while I stare at the sky," he admitted with a shy laugh before walking across the parking lot with Atticus. They still had a date and he was much more excited about that.

    Felix smiled as he admired him through the thin veil of steam. "What's that suppose to mean? I could get you to do whatever I wanted with a pair of big eyes and some sweet talk," he pointed out confidently. He gasped as he was pinned back to the wall and enjoyed the gentle nip at his ear. The young man couldn't help but laugh at his words and snuck a kiss on the tip of his nose. "I think kissing in the shower is more fun," Felix decided as he ran his hands along Ethan's scratched up back. His hands wandered to his abdomen soon enough and rubbed over the small cuts from last night and their more recent encounters. "You're so handsome.." he breathed before pullinh him in for a loving kiss

    The young man listened to him explain where they would be going for the night. He tried to think of where it would be and searched through his memories. "I think I might have spraypainted something near that place," Roman hummed. Well, maybe when the got there it would jog his memory. "But I do like spaghetti," he smiled brightly. The racer blushed deeply as his hand was kissed. Awwww. Atticus was so sweet. Roman got in the car and allowed Atticus to shut the door. Okay, Jessica said that he needed to make sure the older man was nice and opened doors for him and... pull out chair and give him his jacket if he was cold? Roman doubted that he'd get cold tonight so that seemed like it was off the table. He shook the thought away to listen to the older man. "It's been awhile since someone wanted to get to me," he admitted in a soft whisper.

    Roman glanced around the car before noticing the seatbelt. Oh yeah, he forgot about these things. Motorcycles didn't have them but he faintly remembered using one when he was younger and lived with his parents. He quietly pulled it over and buckled himself in while Atticus got in the car. The young man admired him and smiled to him. "Well if you want to get to know me then I want to get to know you, too," he explained. Hmm... what could he ask Atticus? "What's your favorite color? I've been wondering that for awhile now?" Roman always wanted to know people's favorite colors. He knew that Travis liked neon green. Tristan liked dark purple. Some men he had been with liked the color blue, a few liked orange. Now he wanted to know Atticus's favorite color.

    Roman glanced out the window when the other man started driving. "Damn.. this is way different than riding a motorcycle," he hummed. He was definitely use to the bike versus a car. There was no wind or having to lean to turn. Huh. He wasn't sure if he liked it but he could tolerate it in the mean time. His hazel eyes drifted to Atticus to admire him while he drove.

    Roman took the time the rake his eyes along the other man's body. Mmm. Atticus looked really good tonight. "You look pretty good yourself, hot stuff," he whispered before reaching up to press a brief kiss to his lips. A quiet laugh escaped him at the mention of bringing him flowers. "It's a little cheesy," he agreed. Roman thought about if he was ready for the date, trying to remember what he would need tonight. He paused and glanced over his shoulder, spotting his jacket. He tapped the door quietly as he considered it. The racer would be safe without it for one night, right? It was a comfort thing but he had Atticus tonight, who Roman was starting to associate with comfort. Roman made the tough decision that he could leave it for the night. His attention returned to Atticus and he offered a smile. "Yeah, I'm ready to go," the racer agreed before stepping out and locking his door.

    Roman looked up to Atticus before taking his hand. He laced their fingers together before giving a loving squeeze. "So, where will we be going tonight, Mr. Jones," he asked, deciding to tease and say the other's name in a breathy tone. He stepped out into the parking lot and allowed Articus to take the lead to his car. Roman made sure to keep up with him as they walked. "Um.. thank you again for taking me out on a date. I really appreciate it," he spoke up. His words were much quieter and held a more serious tone. He liked that this probably wasn't going to be some one-night stand and Atticus was actually interested in him for more than just his body. It made him feel like he was worth something. Roman stepped closer to Atticus and smiled to himself.

    "Then I'll trust you and get some pasta," Sammy grinned. He watched Phil call over a waitress then order before offering to order for him. He quietly showed Philip whst he wanyed to get and listened to him order. God, he loved it when the other spoke different languages. Sam had always found it attractive. After the waitress left, the blond checked to see what Troy was up to. He seemed busy with the two strangers so Sammy took the opportunity to take Philip's hand into his own. He wanted to hold his hand even if it were only for a few moments.

    //okay, I was planning on doing that ^^

    Roman was anxious. He had gone back to his apartment after work and all he could think about was the date. He decided it would probably be best to dress casually but still acceptable as a first date outfit so he dressed himself in a bit of a more formfitting black sweater and kept the pants he wore to work. While he waited, the young man took a hairbrush through his hair so it looked... well, not as messy as it usually was. His hair often did its own thing and he couldn't do much to tame it. He sighed and checked himself in the mirror, just a little worried. Hopefully he looked good enough. What was he thinking? Atticus thought he was attractive and told him that multiple times today.

    He groaned softly. First dates were frustrating but it was going to be completely worth it. Atticus was a spectacular guy. Roman looked around for something to distract himself with while he waited. He could change his piercing? Yeah, that sounded fine. It could maje him calm down before the date since it required him to be relaxed. So the racer walked to his bathroom and found his piercing container. Black would work for tonight. He did his best to relax and swapped them out. He briefly sucked his teeth and held his breath as he put the new one in. There we go. Some stress was gone.

    He pulled his phone from his pocket. Okay, it was almost six thirty. Deep breath, Roman, this was going to be okay. He wasn't going to get beat up or just be used tonight. Atticus was a nice guy and cared for him. Roman checked himself in the mirror and walked out to his living room. Deciding it would be best to see what the weather was up to, he peered out his window. The sky was growing dark and had become rather cloudy since he got home. Roman personally loved the rain. It was nice to watch and fall asleep to at night. He flinched as he heard a knock on his door. That must be Atticus.

    The young man ran over and unlocked the door to see it was the tall, handsome man he was with earlier. "Hi, Atticus.."

    Roman nodded at the explanation, understanding his perspective on the situation. He had his fair share of accidents with weather being the major factor. A soft squeak escaped him as he was lovingly squeezed. That definitely made him laugh. "That'll be okay with me," he assured with a big smile. He made a mental note to send his address to Atticus when he got the chance. It would probably be best to send it to him after this interaction so he was sure the older gentleman got it. The racer perked as Atticus admitted to liking the placement of the kiss. Ooh. "Really? So you wouldn't mind if I do it again," he teased before kissing the area once more. Roman had to keep this in mind for future purposes and interactions he had with the man. He didn't mind the extra weight of Atticus leaning against him, in fact, it was rather comforting. It reminded him how his jacket felt and the constant pressure on his body from it.

    Roman listened to him repeat what he had said earlier and grinned. "I love this, too," he agreed. Then came the compliment. Atticus thought he was beautiful? A soft 'aww' escaped him. "Thank you," he whispered. "You're really handsome." Then, of coursw, he was reminded thst he needed to get back to work and helping Jessica. He enjoyed the forehead kiss, eyes fluttering shut for a few seconds. Roman was about to step away until another kiss was planted on his lips. Of course, the racer was eager to kiss back until Atticus pulled back. He nodded quickly at his words and held his gaze until he left. Then of course, he was in a fit of excitement. That was really something, wasn't it? He licked his lower lip. Huh. Tasted like tea? Well, it tasted good. He took a few seconds to send Atticus his address before deciding to step out of the breakroom.

    Roman shyly trailed out of the breakroom a few moments after Atticus. He sat down and looked to Jessica only to offer her a big smile. "The tea you made tasted pretty good," the racer pointed out as he ran a hand through his hair.

    "I don't wanna leave Jessica to do all the work by herself.." Roman explained with a small frown. He didn't want to stick her with all that work so he could just go and hang around Atticus. Though he couldn't help but smirk at his words. "I mean, not a lot of people can get the one and only, Roman White, off their mind," he teased in an affectionate manner. He tilted his head at the mention of possible storms and how Atticus didn't want him riding out in it. "Are you sure? I don't mind riding in a bit of rain," he asked but fell silent as the other brushed strands of his hair back. Awww. How sweet.

    Roman shook his head and laughed quietly. "No, no, they're happy tears, it's okay," he giggled but allowed Atticus to brush them away. His hands moved to rest upon the older man's hands. He traced along them lovingly and sighed, admiring the man before him. He raised a brow at the question and surpressed a shy laugh. "Yeah, yeah, I get it, I'm short." But Roman pressed a kiss under his ear before whispering, "But I'm glad you think it's cute." A lot of guys commented on his height and how it made it easier to be rough with but Atticus simply thought it was an adorable trait. He purred lowly as he felt a kiss on top of his head.

    Roman closed his eyes and stayed pressed up against his boss. He really just wanted to stay there until the end of the day. "Hmm? Did you say something, Atticus," he breathed as he looked up to the dark haired man. He must've been lost in thought while cuddling with Atticus so he didn't really catch what he said. Roman traced the back of his neck before slowly massaging the area for him. "I wanna stay in your arms forever. You give really nice hugs," the racer mumbled out. He liked feeling safe in Atticus's arms. The first time he hugged the tall man, he just got addicted to the feeling. It could've been that it was a new feeling and Roman was just craving it now.

    Casper barely qualified as awake when morning rolled around. He was walking the fine line of being aware of what was going on but not wanting to wake up yet. The young man heard shuffling and cracked his eyes open to see it was just Azrael. Hmm. It was still a little early, wasn't it? Probably. Azrael seemed to be the early-bird type. "Good morning," he spoke from his bed as he propped himself on his elbows. Might as well get up and ready for the day ahead, right? So the human pulled himself from under the warm covers and stretched a bit, causing a groan to sound from him. Casper sighed and fixed his bed before looking over to Azrael.

    "How'd you sleep, Az," the human inquired in an attempt to make conversation while they got ready. Casper grabbed a clean uniform shirt and pulled his own oversized tshirt off. He was always a little shy with his body since most of it was covered in freckles and he wasn't the most built guy. So he was quick to pull the clean shirt on so he didn't have to deal with it. Casper focused on the buttons and hummed softly. Maybe he could go check around the campsite while Azrael handled morning announcements? Yeah. That sounded like a good idea. Casper changed his gym shorts to a pair of khaki shorts before pulling his belt on. "You excited for today? It's a swimming day," he chimed as he put on his deodorant and quickly fixed his hair.

    Roman grinned up to him, just excited to be around him again. He admired him as Atticus made his way over before cornering his against the counter. He took the opportunity to reach up and loosely wrap his arms around the tall man's neck. This was nice. The shorter man nodded slowly as the other asked about how Roman couldn't stop thinking about him. "Yeah.. I kept thinking about kissing you and holding you close and how excited I am for our date," he explained. He blushed as Atticus mentioned he was also thinking about him. Awwww. That was nice. "You were thinking of me," Roman asked. It was nice to know that he was thought of. Yeah, Atticus was definitely different from the guys in the past.

    When his forehead was kissed, he felt tears well in his eyes. Roman looked up to Atticus and smiled. "Wait, that was really sweet. I liked that," he spoke before cuddling up to his boss. He wanted to return the feeling in someway. So he carefully cupped the other man's face and reached up on his toes to press a kiss to his forehead in return, well, it was more so between his eyebrows but it was the thought that counted. "Sorry, I'm not tall enough but I wanted to do it in return for you because that was cute," the racer explained shyly before hugging close to him. He buried his face in the crook of Atticus's neck and relaxed there. It was safe here. Roman took in his scent and smiled. He couldn't exactly place his finger on it, something woodsy was the closest he could pinpoint it as. Either way, Atticus smelled great and he couldn't get enough of it. Part of him wondered if his bed or house smelled like this. Hopefully he'd find out one day but he was content with cuddling up to his boss to smell it for now.

    Felix gasped as his rear was slapped, playfully glaring towards his lover. He went into the bathroom with him. When Ethan started removing his own clothes, Felix followed suit. He giggled at the sweet kisses the other assassin would sneak. Felix sat his clothes aside and yelped as he was pulled back against his boyfriend. He closed his eyes, moaning quietly as he felt the loving bite."Mm, I dunno, any ideas on who did such a thing," the pierced man asked innocently.

    Felix followed him inside the shower and laughed a little. "I was thinking the same thing, pretty boy," he teased before biting Ethan's neck and slowly licking up to his jawline. "All the things I could do to you," he whispered lowly before kissing his cheek. He relaxed under the warm water and hummed. This felt nice. He decided that he liked taking showers with Ethan.

    Roman listened and obediently nodded. Right, yeah, he should stay on his toes just in case. They still had the date. The tips of his ears burned and he looked over to Jessica. "I-I would never do that! I know to make sure that no one else would be here if we just so happened to do that, but we wouldn't," he defended quickly. He took a deep breath and quietly worked on the logging the information. He clicked away at the keyboard as he slowly got into the rhythm of things. Okay, this was getting slightly easier. The young man quietly logged another one and hummed to himself for a few moments. He only broke his concentration when the door creaked open. Roman looked over and blushed as soon as he saw Atticus. Right then, he felt his heart speed up.

    His hazel eyes followed Atticus as he walked, hearing him and Jessica exchange greetings. He then felt the lightest of touches on his arm when the tall man passed by. Roman visibly shivered and he cast a glance to Jessica, giving a bright smile before following after Atticus into the breakroom.

    Roman peered in and bit his lower lip. He admired Atticus before walking over to the older man as he got his tea, waiting until he poured it before hugging him from behind. "Hi, Mr. Jones," the racer teased against his back. He pressed a few kisses to his shoulder and sighed. "I couldn't stop thinking about you," he admitted as his fingers wandered along the older man's stomach. He didn't unbutton anything or sneak his fingers under his shirt. Nah, that would be too predictable. So Roman tapped the buttons of his shirt a few times before pulling away from Atticus. The racer leaned back against the table in the breakroom. He squeezed his red sleeves again.

    He laughed as he recalled how Atticus looked when smiling. "Yeah, he has the cutest dimples. I hope he comes out and you can see them," Roman explained. Now when she pointed that it was obvious he was falling hard and fast for his boss, he couldn't help but shrug. "I mean.. he's so nice to me, I can't help it. And yeah, he's absolutely gorgeous." The racer listened to her explain that he came out of his office around two'o'clock to get tea in the fridge. Now he couldn't wait for that. "Mmm, well I probably will follow him, if you don't mind," Roman admitted, grinning as sge wiggled a finger at him.

    Okay. Work time. He nodded in understanding and quietly started on the logging he was previously working. Roman propped his cheek up as he worked on the logging. He would have to squint at the computer from time to time in order to read. Dyslexia was a pain sometimes. But he tried his best and typed out the numbers. Roman chewed his lower lip and would squeeze his red sleeve on occasion. It was just to try and focus on the work. He typed in a few more numbers and double-checked himself. He didn't want to make Jessica have any more work because of a careless mistake he made.

    Roman would take a few seconds to sip from his drink before getting back to work. Though he would steal a glance to the clock then to Atticus's office. He was excited for him to come out again so they could sneak off to have a minute or two of privacy. He found himself slowly loving this job. It was definitely a lot nicer than he initially thought, he had a friend and he was going to go on a date with his boss.

    Casper was just getting out of the shower when his coworker returned. He poked his head out of the bathroom, his curls still dripping. He smiled towards Azrael, "Thank you again." Then he ducked back in to dress himself. He didn't take long and stepped back out as he ruffled his hair with a towel. His cheery gaze fell on Azrael as climbed into bed. "D'you wanna do morning announcements tomorrow or should I," he inquired as he hung the towel up. Tomorrow would be a swimming day if weather allowed it.

    Casper walked to his own bed and sat down on the edge as he retrieved his sleeping pills. It was just a little something to help him get some rest in, goodness knows he would be up tossing and turning the entire night. He dumped his dose out on his hand and quietly popped it in his mouth. "Good night, Az, wake me up if you need me," Casper whispered, stealing one last glance towards the other counselor. Even if he was a little weird, Azrael was awfully attractive. The young man enjoyed admiring him from time to time. Casper was comfortable with his sexuality so he wasn't exactly ashamed when he was caught admiring him.

    But the human tugged his covers back and tucked himself in. He stretched a little and groaned. Being tired wasn't something he felt but today had worn him out. Casper shut his eyes and just tried to get some rest so he would be in a good mood for tomorrow.

    The freckled man nodded at the explanation. Alright. That sounded fair enough. He did something similar from time to time. Casper smiled as his offer was accepted and started walking back to the smoldering campfire. "I just heard something in the woods, I guess it spooked me," he informed softly, feeling his cheeks warm up due to the embarrassment of it all. Yeah.. he may have overreacted. So he walked to the campfire quietly with the other man.

    When they arrived to the fire, Casper dumped the water on the remaining fire. He looked up to Azrael when he offered to take the bucket back for him. While the other man was a bit strange in his opinion, Azrael was still very nice. He sighed in relief and smiled up to him. "I would really appreciate that, thank you," he hummed as he packed up his bag. Casper slung it over his shoulder and offered the bucket to Azrael. "You got your keys, right," the freckled man inquired as he looked up to the other counselor. Once he got an answer, he waved goodbye and started back to their cabin.

    Casper didn't bother going slow, he just wanted to he in the safety of his own cabin. Azrael didn't seem that scared, though. Huh, tough guy, wasn't he? The young man found the familar cabin and unlocked the door before stepping inside.

    He kicked off his boots and sighed. He felt much safer here. Casper hauled himself to his small room and dropped his bag at the end of his twin-sized bed. The young man unbuttoned his uniform shirt and hung it up. Maybe he could grab a quick shower before bed? Yeah.. he liked that idea. He gathered his sleepwear, which consisted of gym shorts and an oversized camp tshirt. It was comfortable and appropriate to wear if he happened to be waken up to an emergency.

    Casper watched the woods with wide eyes, finally finding the smooth fabric of the lanyard. He picked it up quickly and fumbled with the keys. Where was it? The young man flinched as he heard someone speak, looking over to see... the new camper counselor. "Oh, hey, Azrael. I was just gonna get the water bucket and out the fire out. I think all the kids are in bed," he explained as he warily eyed where the sound of cracking twigs came from. He took a deep breath and finally looked away to unlock the maintenance shed.

    Casper opened the door and reached in the turn on the dim light. He found the old plastic bucket and picked it up before stepping out to see Azrael. The other counselor always made the young man feel on edge. He couldn't really pinpoint it, though. "What are you still doing up? I thought you went to the cabin awhile ago," the human finally asked. Two counselors often shared a cabin and Casper had been paired with Azrael when he started. He took the bucket to the water spicket outside and started filling the bucket up. He wouldn't need a lot of water to put the fire out. So he filled it up a bit and turned the water off before picking it up. "Wanna walk over and put the fire out with me? We can head back to our cabin afterwards," Casper offered as he grabbed his keys. He decided that it was best to lock up the shed and take the bucket to their cabin. He would just take it back in the morning. The young man didn't like the idea of coming back here again tonight.

    Roman watched her, excited that she was happy for him. "I definitely feel special, no one has ever made me feel the way he made me feel," he explained before grinning. "I know, I thought he was gonna be the kinda guy to wait until after the first date but I guess not," the young man spoke softly. It still surprised him that Atticus wanted to kiss so soon but Roman didn't mind it one bit. He had loved it. He looked up to watch her and laughed quietly. "I hope so, he looks really cute when he smiles! Like, you can see his dimples better and he just looks so nice, like some you would actually approach," Roman smiled as he recalled the time they shared in the office. Ugh. He wanted that back. It had only been a few minutes but the racer missed being in Atticus's strong arms.

    But he came back to reality and grew more excited. He giggled at the mention of the contrasting attitude that Atticus had a few days ago compared to now. "Perhaps I'm just that cute that he just couldn't resist," he joked. Roman perked up at the mention of a double date. That's when two couples went om a date together, right? That sounded really fun! "I think that would be really fun. Maybe I can bring it up to Atticus soon," the racer offered.

    He picked up his cup again and sipped from it. "Where'd you go again? This is really good lemonade," he inquired. Roman always liked lemonade but he preferred it to be a bit sweeter than normal. But this stuff was certainly good. He took another sip and glanced to the computer. Hmm. He wondered what else they'd be doing today? "What do we have to do now? More stuff on the computers," the young man spoke.

    //all I can imagine is Casper watching Azrael eat something unbelievably spicy just sitting there like πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘ but I can start us off ^^ and I had the potential idea of Azrael having to pretend to be a new camp counselor during the day so no one suspects he's a demon?

    The night had been going relatively well, so far. Most of the campers had turned in for the night or getting close to doing so. They were younger kids so they often went to bed early. That left Casper up by himself. He was currently sitting by the crackling camp fire. It was against camp rules to leave the fire unattended at night unless it was completely out. So the young camp counselor would patiently sit up and enjoy the quiet night until there was nothing left to burn. Plus there was always the chance of a camper sleep walking or attempting to sneak around past curfew.

    Casper dug around in the plastic bag of marshmallows to draw one out. He popped it in his mouth to absentmindedly eat. He was a little worm out. Maybe he could grab a bucket of water and dump it on the fire so he could turn in early? Hmm, it was an awfully tempting idea. The young man grabbed his backpack and unzipped it to put all the s'mores supplies away before he walked off to get that waterbucket. Casper really wanted to go to bed.

    The camp counselor walked off to the maintenance shed to acquire a bucket from inside. He took his lanyard off to use the key to unlock it, pausing when he heard a rustling in the woods. Casper tensed, immediately looking over to locate the source. He reached to wear he usually kept his flashlight on his belt only to find nothing. Darn, he left it by his bag. Maybe he was overreacting? Yeah... that sounded about right. It was late and he told the kids the urban legend of a deer demon wandering the woods. Besides, he was horrible at scary stories so it wasn't believable.

    A soft clink! sounded and he realized he had dropped his lanyard. "Yikes.. where is it?" Casper crouched down and felt along the ground. He would have looked down to find it but, to be honest, he was scared to look away from the woods. It felt like something was... watching him.

    Roman fell silent as the other covered up the little burns, finding himself unable to meet his gaze during that. It wasn't a big deal, right? He bit his lip as he thought over his past experiences, most of it did involve some sort of pain. Atticus made it seem like it wasn't a normal occurrence for those situations. "But.. that's how it goes, right? It hurts sometimes," he asked with obvious confusion dripping from his words. But he listened and nodded at the promise.

    When he finally went back to his desk, he settled and pulled his red jacket as he waited for Jessica to return. Despite his cheery mood, Roman couldn't help but think about what Atticus said. He rubbed his chest slowly and bit his lip. It didn't seem wrong in the moment but Atticus said that it wasn't worth getting hurt for it. Roman looked up as Jessica eventually came in and smiled to her. He blinked as he was presented with lemonade but gratefully took it. "Thank you." He took a sip as she looked him over before swallowing his drink.

    "I did... and I got a date tonight," the racer informed with a shy smile. Ugh. Just saying that was enough to excite him. Roman sat the beverage aside and turned to face Jessica fully. "We immediately went back to what we were doing before and we got to talking. Lots of touchy-feely things during that, y'know? But we told each other that we liked one another and I invited him to my next race and he asked me out on a date," he started, playing with the sleeves of his jacket. "I obviously accepted and um... I was in his lap and... we kissed a few times," Roman added in a much more quiet tone. There was that hot blush that he had in Atticus's office returning.

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