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    I'm totally down for that! I'm glad to get Osage's first crush underway so this will be cute! Relationships with clan cats are also not forbidden by Tribe cats so he'd have no problem with it haha

    I can make if you prefer, or you can! It's whatever you want!

    Given RiverClan's positioning on the trad. map, I have three characters I could offer up for plots!

    Frogchirp: My RiverClan warrior, is she very poised and focused, devout StarClan follower that could try and teach Lemonpaw and in the end just get frustrated that she is unteachable? Lmao

    Osage: My Tribe boy, a cave-guard to-be, since the Tribe and RiverClan are neighbors they could potentially meet at the lakeshore. He is 6 moons old and is a big flirt, tries to impress the ladies whenever he can. He would probably crush on her and it could result in a short term puppy crush thing? Where they just meet up and do kid things like tussle and stuff?

    Gaia: Since BloodClan is RiverClan's other neighbor, I could offer up my sweetheart. She is nearly 12 moons old but is not vicious by any means. She was trained to be a trapper and is totally peaceful and kind! I don't know what their interactions could be, but if Lemonpaw maybe tried trespassing on BloodClan territory Gaia could try (and fail) to intimidate her?

    There are some WindClan adopts that I could ask about if you wanted! The first that comes to mind would be an apprentice-aged litter about 9-10 moons old I think?

    Also in the Tribe, we are rehoming lots of characters from a family soon that I could also message you about if you were interested!

    I would have to second WindClan and the Tribe! The communities are awesome and super friendly and I'd love to see a new face in either of them!! WindClan is more moderate-to-fast paced and Tribe is on the slower side depending on what your preferences are!

    Hey there!! Welcome to the site!!

    You'll see me exclusively roleplaying in trad. and I honestly love all of the groups, you can't go wrong! If I had to recommend one though, it would be WindClan <3 I love the ooc and ic community and we're pretty moderately paced! Hope to see you around!!

    commission type: Icon

    character: Osage Clinging to Crag

    reference: Reference, Tags if necessary!

    expression: Either a smirk, goofy smile, or determined expression!

    background: Maybe a muted blue? His aesthetics are blue, white and grey

    other: He is based off of Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender if that helps with expressions!

    Ah you know I can't stay away for long so here's another character of mine!

    × name of your character: Brightstar

    × tags/brief personality: Literally Pinkie Pie; optimistic, childish, naive, always giggling

    × appearance: ref, a slender, short-furred calico she-cat with scars across her flanks, green eyes, typical WindClan build

    × species of character & any special notes on them: domestic cat

    × scars/most noticeable things of the character: most notable trait is her vibrant green eyes; she has matching scars on her flanks as seen in her ref

    × expression/general mood of drawing: happy!

    × what sort of drawing you would want: whatever you're feeling up to!

    × would you want a background? again, it's whatever you wanna do!

    Character Appearance: Moosepaw is a hefty tom with a stocky, thick-boned build. He has a solid chocolate pelt with white chin, chest, belly, and paws. His right eye is amber, but his left eye bears something called sectoral heterochromia, causing the inner half of his iris to be blue while the outer half remains amber. He has a gentle, easy-going aura about him, akin to a harmless teddybear.

    headshot ref, marking ref

    Character Personality/Aesthetics: Over-enthusiastic, eager, amiable, friendly, naive, oblivious to most things, chivalrous, honest

    Headshot/fullbody?: Fullbody please!

    Pose/Emotion: Up to you!

    Scars/Accessories: A few scars scattered around his body

    Anything else??: Now that he's 12 moons old, what used to be a super chunky guy is now more matured and proportioned, but still appears heftier and thicker than the average cat, almost looking big-boneD? He has the dad bod of the warrior's world!

    Hehe I couldn't stay away from your art

    Character name: Shellfire

    Species: Domestic Cat

    Appearance: realistic ref, artistic ref 1, artistic ref 2

    Pretty much:

    - grey tabby

    - hazel eyes

    - ears stand further upright on her head than average

    - you can mainly see this in her realistic ref, but the white on the left side of her face stretches higher than the other side. I'd definitely want that to be shown in the icon!

    Personality: Shellfire is energetic and tomboyish, always ready to get into scuffles and never afraid to dirty herself. Although brash and spunky, she is skittish and carries a lot of insecurity over her kittypet roots and her partial deafness, and covers it up by acting like a jerk. As a result, she gets in a lot of arguments. She tends to idolize strong, respected cats and strives to be just like them. Competitive and athletic, she excels in hunting, but when it comes to battle training, she is unable to strategize and resorts to charging straight in. She is very impatient and hates sitting around listening to stories when she'd rather be doing something exciting.

    Interesting fact about character: She is deaf in her left ears and has a bent leg; she was found on the RiverClan border as a two-month-old kit and taken in by Flameseeker.

    BG color: Orange or pink maybe? Honestly whatever looks best!

    Other: If possible, I'd love for the entire front of her face to be showing to show off the asymmetrical white on her face

    Welcome to FeralFront!! If you find yourself roleplaying in the traditional board, let me know! I'd love to plot or help out however I can; you'll mainly find me in WindClan! :)

    OMGGG I'd love to order a headshot from you for my OC's icon!! I've been looking to get her a new one <3

    This is Shellfire, my ThunderClan gal!

    realistic ref

    ref 1

    ref 2

    ref 3

    Some special notes:

    - short-haired grey tabby with high white

    - the white on her face stretches higher on the left side of her face, as seen in the realistic ref!

    - hazel eyes

    - ears sit up very high on her head

    - pink nose

    - black whiskers

    Her tags are here if you need them!


    - lead a border patrol to one of the neighboring clans

    - host a hunting competition

    - decorate camp

    - clean up camp

    - reinforce a den

    - help medicine cat(s) collect herbs

    - learn basic medicine from medicine cat(s)

    - host a mass apprentice training session

    - babysit kits to give queens a break

    - keep elders company

    - tell a story

    - tasks that have to do with that clan's specific skillset (Ex: RiverClanner hosts swimming lesson, WindClan holds a race, SkyClan hosts climbing lessons for apprentices, etc)

    sorry these are basic lol but figured they'd make a nice start!