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Please see this announcement HERE for the rules and information on new regulations and additions!

    FeralFront is run by volunteers and loses money each month. It exists solely for the people who want to be here and enjoy it. If FeralFront isn't the place for someone, that's absolutely fine. The internet is filled with forums, chat rooms, and all sorts of places to interact with others that folks can go and act in whatever fashion that community finds appropriate. Here, just being chill, being kind, and interacting in good faith with others is appropriate.

    The staff have no time or effort to expend on people who want to be passive aggressive, stir up drama, or otherwise make things less enjoyable for others. Call me terrible, call me great, it's irrelevant. Folks can either just chill on FeralFront and enjoy the community, or they can leave.

    I appreciate your calm reaction and understanding.

    I’m also very confident that 5 years ago or so, under a previous staff team, you’d have been permanently banned, probably before now.

    I do think a few members have engaged with the staff team in (at least mostly) good faith. A few others have very much not done so.

    I ask that people note the continued lack of bans of folks who have very clearly frustrated multiple members of the staff team, and are probably worthy of at least cool down bans, if not permanent bans.

    We don’t ban willy nilly, and the staff team as a whole works to make FeralFront as fun as possible for as many people as possible.

    As a note on bans, everyone will receive at least one response to their inquiry into why they were banned. It sometimes takes a few days, but I’m pretty sure we’re currently all caught up.


    Unless you're the one banned, you don't need to worry about contacting staff, as you won't be provided with any information. The methods of contacting the admins are Facebook and email. An email is already required to signup for FeralFront, so there's no additional information being provided if contacting the admins via email.

    As was mentioned, staff sometimes get busy with things, such as dealing with drama, and responses take more time than would be preferred. When prioritizing where to invest time related to FeralFront tasks, responding to permanently banned members that aren't going to be unbanned in the near future gets prioritized below things that need more immediate attention.

    Whether a ban is deserved or not is a decision made by the staff team. It's not a debate, or a site wide decision. It's not something we justify via a rubric or trial. When someone is toxic or regularly causes drama, they're banned.

    If you continue to act passively aggressively under the guise of seeking answers about bans or otherwise (again, bans are only discussed with the banned party), you will be banned.

    I intentionally skipped several of your questions, as they've been answered many times in many places.

    was this decision to add a rules thread made after that post, or is there a lack of communication between staff members? when did you let us know that a rules thread was in discussion?
    The rules thread in question is not a code of conduct, but for rules related to Agrelos and Traditional Warriors RP.

    why hasn't this person gotten an email explaining in further detail why they were banned, despite having emailed staff multiple times, and despite email being the preferred way for people to appeal bans?

    As has been mentioned, staff sometimes get busy with things, such as dealing with drama, and responses take more time than would be preferred. When prioritizing where to invest time related to FeralFront tasks, responding to permanently banned members that aren't going to be unbanned in the near future gets prioritized below things that need more immediate attention.

    why were they permabanned without any warning? why is a permaban without warnings even allowed for something that appears to be relatively trivial?
    What's trivial or not is a decision staff makes. These situations weren't trivial.

    why are some people banned, and others (known bandodgers, as i mentioned in my previous post) are allowed to roam free on the site?
    Staff can only moderate what staff can see. If someone's being toxic, causing drama, or doing anything else that causes concern, report them to staff. When we get reports, we act on them.

    This conversation has gone as far as it's going to. If you're still not satisfied with the answers that you've been provided with multiple times, find a new site, as you clearly won't be satisfied with any of the answers the admins provide. Continuing to act passively aggressively and being snide under the guise of wanting various answers will lead to a ban. Hate me if you like, but, like you, I have a finite amount of time in my life, and I'm not going to spend all of it trying to convince a hand full or two of FeralFront's thousand active members to continue RPing on a forum moderated and paid for by volunteers.

    I mentioned in the other thread you mentioned, but I'll put it here as well since you referenced it above. While I'm pretty against adding anything that equates to "here's how not to be a jerk", I am about getting some Agrelos and Trad rules up in a proper place to convey the rules that are related to what's "allowed" in the respective places. We want to do it well, and all the staffers have work or full time school, so I don't expect it'll be finished right quick, but we are talking about it, and will get something up.

    I deleted a few posts from, and related to, a troll.

    For better or worse, it's unlikely that a significant amount of request for comment will occur for most rule changes. Most rule changes are subjective, and discussion on subjective topics generally turns into a bit of a kerfuffle. In this case, staff did make a misstep in disallowing Discords in signatures. We were trying to act quickly to protect the FeralFront community and didn't really consider that particular piece enough (the situation as a whole was broader than a Discord server or two; Discord is just the piece that garnered the most attention).

    The switch to Agrelos was something of a unique situation. We did try to gather what people would most enjoy, and how to allow people to keep as much of their characters as possible, but we couldn't design a universe by committee of several hundred members, and some of the choices were going to be unpopular regardless, but needed to be made. As that particular situation isn't going to occur again, it's probably not worth figuring out how we could do something like it again.

    As one might see by the number of banned members who are asking questions in good faith, staff don't ban people "just because". Given that we, as referenced above, don't discuss member bans, there isn't much reasoning we can provide. People who cause drama or act like jerks get banned. That's it. Staff aren't going to default to putting banned members on blast, nor are we going to spend a lot of time being coy, trying to explain the bans in some vague fashion (which wouldn't likely change anything about the concern mentioned anyway).

    I won't lie and say we're going to make large changes related to rule updates, but we can perhaps do a better job of explaining the rational, at least in some instances. Whether someone accepts that rational is still a choice they make, but it'd provide a bit more insight (transparency) into the reason behind certain things.

    We're generally looking for member input on more RP related things, like clan wide, or even Agrelos/Traditional wide, plots. They're a fair bit of work to manage, though, and we've historically not received enough interest in them to justify the effort (or the strife that they can cause because not everyone agrees with every plot, as one might imagine).

    No FeralFront doesn't have a code of conduct, or anything similar, and it won't. No one has ever been banned for one instance of inadvertently being rude, or being a bit of a jerk. The 'code of conduct' mentioned before was used by a previous staff team and was inconsistently applied. I personally perceived it as a way to have the appearance of structure and fairness without actually having such. It also allowed toxic people to remain on FeralFront because they weren't "technically" breaking the rules.

    In general, FeralFront will not describe, in detail, how people should behave and treat one another. Nor will the staff team ban people for getting a bit heated or being a bit jerkish once or twice. If "be nice" isn't clear to someone, and they don't act more kindly towards others after a message from staff, no list in the world is going to help them understand how to be nice.

    Also, it's correct that bans aren't discussed on site, as it can only lead to drama, but we won't ban someone for merely mentioning a ban. Perhaps to staff's own detriment, though, we don't discuss the particulars of someone's ban unless they actively start discussing it themselves, on FeralFront. Generally speaking, it's a private matter, and the admins are of the opinion that we'd rather have people dislike us a little more and allow the banned member to save face with their friend group.

    Yes, we are indeed aware of this thread and have been discussing the best way to get people up to speed in Agrelos without overwhelming them. It definitely involves more than throwing a thread at someone and hoping they read it. Admittedly, it also definitely involves more than hoping they read through the Codex.

    I'm adamantly against any set of rules that describe how one should behave on FeralFront. If "don't be a jerk" isn't a clear enough instruction for someone, FeralFront isn't the place for them.

    That said, most of what I saw was actually related to Agrelos. While Traditional Warriors RP should be pretty clear, we do have a few restrictions in place to make the RP fun for as many people as possible. Agrelos, on the other hand, is a custom universe, wherein we do have quite a few rules intended to make the RP fun for as many people as possible. In both cases, we're discussing how we could make the rules as easy as possible to find, understand, and navigate.

    This isn't a time for philosophical discussions around what a forum is, how it works, what makes it successful, etc. Perhaps an interesting topic for another day.

    As was mentioned, FeralFront won't be voting on changes. I appreciate those of you who have acknowledged that. The past has shown it leads to far more trouble than it's worth (endless debate, fighting, and a general shift of focus away from RP, which is the point of FeralFront). Again, not a matter of debate, not something to attempt to convince anyone of, just a flat no. Of the many things the admins would consider, or are considering, this isn't on the list

    FeralFront isn't currently for sale, but if someone asks for a number that'd convince the admins to sell it anyway, here's a number. Things aren't for sale just because someone wants them to be, nor do they necessarily cost what someone wants them to. That aside, in the particular case of FeralFront (and essentially any website), the various websites that "determine the value of a website" do so poorly. The metrics used are questionable at best, and objectively wrong at worst. They can be a fun way to measure a site, but are essentially without value when determining the worth of a business or website. As a fun, if entirely irrelevant, example, a couple of these websites peg Facebook's worth at eight billion dollars or so, which is laughably undervalued (overvaluation happens plenty often as well, and occasionally even an accurate valuation). But I digress.

    As for FeralFront's stats, they are indeed pretty consistent, and have been for awhile (~a million page views per month, and ~a thousand weekly active users), but that's not really relevant, nor is it something that needs to be delved into. Whatever FeralFront's stats are, that doesn't really change much about the current situation.

    As previously discussed, staff demotions and promotions are entirely the prerogative of the admins. Bans are entirely up to the staff team. In both cases, staff don't make a habit of discussing them with anyone who happens to ask. Since neither are up for debate, making a public show of them really only leads to drama.

    As to the ban referenced above by the originally banned member whom appears comfortable discussing the ban publically, the ban wasn't determined to be wrong. When someone consistently acts in a way that's ruining the experience for others, and fails to correct that when messaged by staff, a ban is put in place. Even so, we'll reconsider bans if an appeal is sent to

    In the particular situation referenced above, the staff team decided to reduce the length of cooldown bans as a whole from one week to three days after a refreshingly pleasant and civil conversation with a different member. The original ban wasn't incorrect or retaliatory, as agreed by the staff team as a whole. The communication with those in that situation very clearly stated as such, as well as how we investigated the accusation.

    The thing that'll really get you banned permanently from FeralFront is drama. Staff make decisions that, by and large, the thousand active FeralFront users take no issue with; we end up banning a couple users per month on average (that aren't obvious spammers or trolls).

    No one on the staff team gets paid, and none of us have time for drama (I.E. clear misrepresentation of facts, or outright lies). We aren't going to invest a bunch of our time in placating the small minority of users that cause drama. We're going to invest our time in either enjoying FeralFront ourselves, or working on plots or features that'll bring more happiness to the vast majority of users who don't bring drama to the table.

    With the current Discord changes, we saw what people were saying about disallowing Discord servers in signatures, and agreed. Even if those Discords were causing a fair bit of drama that was carrying over to FeralFront, it really wasn't consistent to disallow external Discord servers but not external sites, and we surely weren't going to disallow external sites. So we walked that back. Though you still can't reference an external Discord server as "the official something or other" since FeralFront staff don't monitor or endorse it.

    So, at this point, the official FeralFront Discord now has more channels and some roles to make sure you aren't inundated with messages from a dozen channels you don't care about. Members can still have their own Discords, and they can still reference them in your signature.

    As sometimes happens with these types of threads, the conversation is moving towards going in circles. I'm not going to lock it, but if someone doesn't have anything new to add, their time would be better spent on a different activity. FeralFront is a place for relaxing and RP, and that'll continue to be the focus. No voting, no tolerance for drama. Those things can found in bulk in plenty of other places.

    Hello FeralFronters!

    We're going to institute a per roleplayer leadership limit in Agrelos. Starting October 1st, each roleplayer will be restricted to having 1 leader and 1 second in command. Note this limit is based on the roleplayer themselves, not each character. This limit applies across boarded and unboarded groups.

    This means that you, as a roleplayer, can have 1 character leading 1 group, and 1 character that's second in command of 1 group. Any other positions will remain as they've always been.

    This limit is being added to address some concerns that have been brought to staff, as well as some concerning things staff have noticed. These reasons primarily revolve around Agrelos being fun for fewer people than it could be.

    The crux of the issue is individual roleplayers gaining control of multiple groups, and (probably unintentionally) creating cliques that span large swathes of the Agrelos boards, closing those boards off from many roleplayers who aren't part of the clique. Cliques aside, it also creates a similar "feel" to much of Agrelos, which doesn't really match with the diverse group of people that make up FeralFront.

    While distributing leadership among a greater number of roleplayers isn't a silver bullet, it'll provide opportunity for more types of people to have more influence over the Agrelos boards. At the very least, everyone will have more choice and a higher probability to find an area where they feel comfortable.

    Staff may not see every occurrence of a roleplayer having multiple leaders; we'll (as always) depend on members anonymously reporting issues to staff so we can handle them appropriately. ;D

    This is only one step in staff's efforts to help FeralFront be as welcoming as possible to the greatest number of people, and we'll forever continue working on it.

    Hello FeralFronters!

    I'm excited to announce that FeralFront has been given some spiffy new "artificial intelligence" features to help the staff team combat art theft and better monitor for inappropriate posts. Within the staff team, we call it Auto Mod. It won't, and can't, make automatic decisions, or catch every bad thing. It'll simply flag public things that it finds a bit suspect for review by a member of the staff team.

    Art Theft

    The Auto Mod will look at all the images that are uploaded and compare them against a list of images artists have given us that should not be used on FeralFront. If you're an artist who's had your art used without permission, contact a member of the staff team and we'll get the image taken down. While you're at it, feel free to provide us with URLs to other artwork you don't want used on FeralFront and we'll get them all loaded into the Auto Mod to help us prevent their future use.

    Inappropriate Posts

    The Auto Mod will check every new post made to help find overly sexual or rude and aggressive posts. Just like with the images, it won't make any decisions on its own. It'll simply flag any potentially inappropriate posts for review by a member of the staff team.

    While the Auto Mod isn't fool proof, staff are excited to have it's help in keeping FeralFront a place where everyone can feel happy and welcome. :D

    Hello FeralFronters!

    We know you've all long wanted to be able to remove powers without admin assistance. We've been resistant to allow such a thing for the same reason we didn't allow it at the beginning: we want to strongly encourage character development and planning.

    That said, staff surely understand that sometimes things change (or develop ;D) and being able to switch out a character's powers could be quite helpful, even in a situation where the character is planned out and developed well.

    To allow some power recombobulating while also maintaining the original intent of not being able to remove powers at all, we've added a Power Reset item to the Inventory Store for 10 Credits. However, since we're not out to strongarm the kind people of FeralFront into buying Credits, we also gave every account 50 Credits, and all new accounts will be created with 50 Credits.

    As always, thanks for being a FeralFronter!

    We allow difficult topics when they have a compelling narrative. The issue with many threads where someone has to ask is the reason behind wanting the topic. Whether they admit it or not, it's sexual more often than not.

    If you have a great story to tell, the admins would probably allow it. If you just "think it's interesting", you should probably steer away.

    Apologies, looks like I lost track of this. I'm assuming you're still having the problem?

    I'm definitely not sure why. It sounds like issues related to JavaScript loading or your session expiring, neither of which should be happening consistently on anything approaching a good. :(

    Rest assured that any crazy important information living in your Conversations isn't permanently lost; we regularly backup FeralFront to an offsite location.

    • Does it do the same thing after logging out and back in?
    • Does it does the same thing in multiple browsers/on multiple devices?
    • Does it do the same thing whether you're using the 'quick access' in the bottom right, or going to the dedicated Conversations page?