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An announcement concerning sensitive clan-wide plots has been released! You can view it HERE!
Check out Ivoria in Agrelos! They are an evil backboard group situated on the waterway. Successful completion of a trial is required in order to join. We have a great OOC community and would love to have you!

    Hello FeralFronters!

    We're going to institute a per roleplayer leadership limit in Agrelos. Starting October 1st, each roleplayer will be restricted to having 1 leader and 1 second in command. Note this limit is based on the roleplayer themselves, not each character. This limit applies across boarded and unboarded groups.

    This means that you, as a roleplayer, can have 1 character leading 1 group, and 1 character that's second in command of 1 group. Any other positions will remain as they've always been.

    This limit is being added to address some concerns that have been brought to staff, as well as some concerning things staff have noticed. These reasons primarily revolve around Agrelos being fun for fewer people than it could be.

    The crux of the issue is individual roleplayers gaining control of multiple groups, and (probably unintentionally) creating cliques that span large swathes of the Agrelos boards, closing those boards off from many roleplayers who aren't part of the clique. Cliques aside, it also creates a similar "feel" to much of Agrelos, which doesn't really match with the diverse group of people that make up FeralFront.

    While distributing leadership among a greater number of roleplayers isn't a silver bullet, it'll provide opportunity for more types of people to have more influence over the Agrelos boards. At the very least, everyone will have more choice and a higher probability to find an area where they feel comfortable.

    Staff may not see every occurrence of a roleplayer having multiple leaders; we'll (as always) depend on members anonymously reporting issues to staff so we can handle them appropriately. ;D

    This is only one step in staff's efforts to help FeralFront be as welcoming as possible to the greatest number of people, and we'll forever continue working on it.

    Hello FeralFronters!

    I'm excited to announce that FeralFront has been given some spiffy new "artificial intelligence" features to help the staff team combat art theft and better monitor for inappropriate posts. Within the staff team, we call it Auto Mod. It won't, and can't, make automatic decisions, or catch every bad thing. It'll simply flag public things that it finds a bit suspect for review by a member of the staff team.

    Art Theft

    The Auto Mod will look at all the images that are uploaded and compare them against a list of images artists have given us that should not be used on FeralFront. If you're an artist who's had your art used without permission, contact a member of the staff team and we'll get the image taken down. While you're at it, feel free to provide us with URLs to other artwork you don't want used on FeralFront and we'll get them all loaded into the Auto Mod to help us prevent their future use.

    Inappropriate Posts

    The Auto Mod will check every new post made to help find overly sexual or rude and aggressive posts. Just like with the images, it won't make any decisions on its own. It'll simply flag any potentially inappropriate posts for review by a member of the staff team.

    While the Auto Mod isn't fool proof, staff are excited to have it's help in keeping FeralFront a place where everyone can feel happy and welcome. :D

    Hello FeralFronters!

    We know you've all long wanted to be able to remove powers without admin assistance. We've been resistant to allow such a thing for the same reason we didn't allow it at the beginning: we want to strongly encourage character development and planning.

    That said, staff surely understand that sometimes things change (or develop ;D) and being able to switch out a character's powers could be quite helpful, even in a situation where the character is planned out and developed well.

    To allow some power recombobulating while also maintaining the original intent of not being able to remove powers at all, we've added a Power Reset item to the Inventory Store for 10 Credits. However, since we're not out to strongarm the kind people of FeralFront into buying Credits, we also gave every account 50 Credits, and all new accounts will be created with 50 Credits.

    As always, thanks for being a FeralFronter!

    We allow difficult topics when they have a compelling narrative. The issue with many threads where someone has to ask is the reason behind wanting the topic. Whether they admit it or not, it's sexual more often than not.

    If you have a great story to tell, the admins would probably allow it. If you just "think it's interesting", you should probably steer away.

    Apologies, looks like I lost track of this. I'm assuming you're still having the problem?

    I'm definitely not sure why. It sounds like issues related to JavaScript loading or your session expiring, neither of which should be happening consistently on anything approaching a good. :(

    Rest assured that any crazy important information living in your Conversations isn't permanently lost; we regularly backup FeralFront to an offsite location.

    • Does it do the same thing after logging out and back in?
    • Does it does the same thing in multiple browsers/on multiple devices?
    • Does it do the same thing whether you're using the 'quick access' in the bottom right, or going to the dedicated Conversations page?

    This is the last warning. Stop with the human curse words. This isn't a debate, a question, or otherwise optional.

    Ignoring direction instructions from staff is reason for permanent ban. Multiple staffers in multiple threads have warned members present in this thread, and instructed them to stop. Anyone who continues to use human curse words will be permanently banned.

    When staff come into a thread and give an instruction or provide information based on guidelines being broken, the appropriate response is to follow the instructions/guidelines.

    It was quite clear that Valkyrie, a member of staff, was providing an instruction (in the form of a reminder of a guideline). Baelfire, you in particular have been reminded of this particular guideline on more than one occasion, both publicly and privately. Your reactions have ranged from petulance to simply ignoring the instruction.

    This is your very last warning. Any further petulance, rule breaking, or guideline breaking by you will result in your permanent ban.

    It's difficult to 'disable' templates because they may completely change the way a post looks.

    When it comes to text that's difficult to read, that's something that the creator of the template *needs* to consider. We've got some enforced rules to help make things readable (such as only allowing percentage widths) but other things can't really be reasonably enforced (the contract between a text color and a background color having a particular amount of contrast).

    Sorry D:

    The boards are based on geography. The locations are the basis for the boards. The groups will come and go, but the locations will remain, even from one group to the next. They go first. If you want to see the group names, you can rotate your phone.

    This is a simple situation that has no more unique input to be provided. This thread is being closed. You, in particular, Bravo, need to focus more on actually RPing and less on consistently complaining about things.

    The layout is quite mobile friendly already. The creators put a good deal of care into it. The issue is that you can only fit so much text on the screen of a mobile device, especially one in portrait mode. This is pretty universal across the internet. You're just not going to get that much text jammed into a small space and have it be nice and readable.

    As Ripped Pants has shared, though, you can see more of everything if your rotate your phone into landscape mode. :)

    Spero looked around the camp slowly, taking in the large tree, it's branches intertwining creating paths to travel through the air and little hideaways to live in. He wasn't aware any of the creatures inhabiting this world had both the magic and the knowledge of how to use it to create something like this. Maybe it came from something else? Maybe it was natural? The latter was quite unlikely, but it was a question for another time.

    The fluffastic gray feline nodded towards Eiva, acknowledging both the statements she made, then turned towards Jinx. "Do you want to leave right after we're done eating?" The idea that they were going to be part of the same patrol was a foregone conclusion to Spero. "Speaking of eating..." the lion trailed off. "What you're doing right now is disgusting." He may impassively rip limbs off his enemies and watch languidly as their blood spurts all around, but the idea of eating the raw flesh of most creatures, even these creatures of lesser intelligence, made his stomach queasy.

    Turning back towards Eiva, the scarred protector inquired "I apologize for being ungracious, but do you have anything to eat that isn't filled with blood? Something cooked, or some fruit? Fruit especially." He almost shared his fondness for fish as well, but he knew Jinx would latch onto that and he'd never hear the end of her jokes about 'domesticated kitties' or some other equally inane thing.

    For all the reasons I mentioned above, threads to discuss upcoming potential changes would cause more trouble than just polls. While most of us can probably be reasonable, a minority will always act like shitheads, and get everyone (including the normally-not-shitheads) into a flame war.

    In the case of Traditional, though, 'changes' are few and far between. It is what it is, and not changing it is the whole goal. In the case of Agrelos, having the world live and breath with the community is a big part of the point. Members throwing out different ideas is built right in.

    Moving forward, if someone wants to open a thread and rationally discuss something, they've always been able to. The trouble is that so many of the people who claim to do that just act like obstinate, petulant children. Even so, we do regularly get threads with reasonable people making reasonable suggestions and having (obviously) valid concerns. We've had things come from these types of threads many times. For example, today when accents were brought up and it was discovered that the Erins said that accents (at least one accent for one cat, anyway) existed in the world of Warriors. With that, we went ahead and allowed accents. :D